The 'business' of Running a Business

The 'business' of Running a Business

by Tommy Bartshukoff

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Build that business! Take chances! Run. But run slowly! In an increasingly volatile business environment, managers must balance the need for speedy response to market opportunities with the need for a cool head and a steady hand. Not an easy task. Running a business is fraught with danger and expensive pitfalls, especially when operating in the full glare of social media. Today’s – and tomorrow’s – talented employees are adopting much more of a consumer mindset when targeting potential employers. The game has changed. Now, it is companies that must qualify to meet the needs of their employees, who expect the workplace to be a life-enhancing ‘experience’ rather than just the place they go to do a job. No doubt about it: the war for talent is about to ramp up to a fierce level. Are you ready to fight for your very survival? In light of the acceleration of change brought about by economic imperatives, populist-fueled expectations and the rise of the robots, there is an increasing need for those heading businesses to demonstrate clear leadership, develop a worthwhile purpose, communicate corporate strategy clearly and deploy resources fairly and appropriately to inspire - and challenge - employees. And they must do all this while steering the organization towards success. This book offers invaluable guidance on how to make this happen. In a clear and straightforward manner, it provides structure and direction to help managers achieve success in running an organization. The author shares his global experience in a highly visual manner, using well-crafted summaries and anecdotes to help managers navigate the increasingly choppy waters of running a business. Chock-full of good advice, it is full of wisdom and practical recommendations for anyone in a management position, to create focus and alignment within the team and most importantly, to foster engagement. It gets to the point quickly, with concrete suggestions to create a safety net and to accelerate successful execution. Overall, it takes the reader on a journey through all the vital areas of a typical organization and shares well-proven ways to handle many of the key situations managers will likely encounter along the way. It is particularly relevant today, when more and more people are starting their own businesses and have very little margin for error. With more than 30 years of experience as CEO in global companies across cultures, as well as an owner of SMEs, the author is direct and frank, although distinctly empathetic. Why make the same mistakes others have already made for you? Buy the book. Read it! And set yourself apart from the crowd.

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Publication date: 05/01/2017
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About the Author

Tommy Bartshukoff pursued an international senior management career with Volvo, Tetra Pak, Schindler and Korn/Ferry International. In the context of his career, he lived in 11 countries in Europe, Latin America and Asia. He is a currently co-owner of Avenir Holdings Pte Ltd and QQ-Assessments - international consultancies working with issues of intellectual and human capital and strategic potential. He sits on several boards of SMEs.He is a speaker at international events such as the World Economic Forum, Wharton International Forum, Chambers of Commerce and Stockholm School of Economics as well as at international company seminars / meetings (see full profile on LinkedIn)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Discovering the real value of your company

Valuing the company

The importance of intangibles

Chapter 2 Vision, Mission, Objectives and Strategy

Vision and Mission

Objectives and Strategy

Strategy and results - why things might not happen?

Diagnosing the optimal ambition level

And speed for an organization

Chapter 3 Strategic Planning - Risk (Cyber security) and Budgeting



Evaluating progress and performance-vs Budget

Taking decisions -the impact of personality and group think

Consensus and how to reach it

Chapter 4 Change and Initiatives

Some drivers of change

Starting something new

We tried it before! Did you really?

Creating a sense of urgency

The six stages of bold, new initiatives

Chapter 5 Intelligence, Experience, Mistakes and Asking for Advice

Fast versus slow decision making

How important is experience?

Making mistakes

Claims and good suggestions are free brainpower

Asking for help!

Chapter 6 Investments - deciding on what and when

Some important reasons for making investments


Investing in good tax advice

Technology: Software/AI investments

Equipment investments - lease - timing

Chapter 7 Waste: a cost and moral issue and enormously crucial factor.

Waste and complexity

Chapter 8 Leadership

Taking charge

Leadership focus - the future

Setting standards

Signal-to-noise ratio

Don't get stuck in your office. Get out more!

Widen your views - the internet effect

Positioning yourself-first impressions

Are you a Manager or a Damager?

Management style - attitude

For a start-up

For Growth/expansion/transition

For Consolidation/maturity

Crisis and tough empathy

Some of the worst ways of handling a crisis


Social Media and its effect

HQ and its location

Chapter 9 Do you deserve talented employees?

Are people really an organization's greatest asset?

Key HR issues


The cost of a wrong hire, promotion and replacement cost

Talent acquisition and the friction issues between top, mid-level managers and newcomers

Create a workable talent management plan

Promote 'too early'

Job rotation and its advantages

Succession-planning is planning for success!

Doubling the return of your investments in training


Giving employees ownership

When - and why - do talented people leave?

Performance appraisal

What other important 'people asset' do you have?

Other stakeholders - unions.

Chapter 10 Communication

Communicate clearly and effectively

Listening versus talking

Chapter 11 Organising and Workplace Relationship Management

Organizing resources - creating and managing teams

The effect of physical closeness of the team

Do you know the composition of the 'cocktail' of your people?

Creating a top-performing team

Alignment - is it necessary?

Setting up a project team and choosing the leader

Acknowledging efforts

The effect of engagement on profitability?

Chapter 12 Setting yourself up to succeed in the changing world of work


How will you interact with technology, Al and robots?

Chapter 13 Organizational effectiveness

Measuring effectiveness

Best practice

Creating and finding best practice

Finding 'gold' and inspiring people vertical and diagonal travel

Personal effectiveness

Meetings - the eternal time-waster or success-creator

Suggestion schemes and the Quality Circle attitude and tools

Competitiveness - are you NO. 1?

Fixing things that don't work!

Chapter 14 Customers and other stakeholders

Defining your 'ideal' client

Defining your product and service - your USP

Staying in touch with customers and prospects

Entertainment - and its pitfalls

Saying thank you

Chapter 15 Buying and Selling 'right'

Buying and selling - the same thing really

Perception of value - timing and place

Buying right

Always look at the whole picture

Fraud and bribery

Summary of insight

Customer Reviews