The Caledonian Inheritance

The Caledonian Inheritance

by Derrolyn Anderson

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BN ID: 2940045442497
Publisher: Derrolyn Anderson
Publication date: 11/15/2013
Series: Athena Effect , #3
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 911,072
File size: 475 KB

About the Author

Derrolyn Anderson is a visual artist and writer of young adult fiction. She is the author of the four book "Marina's Tales" series and the four book "Athena Effect" series.

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The Caledonian Inheritance 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Fantasybkgirl More than 1 year ago
First off I have to say that this series just keeps getting better with each installment. The Caledonian Inheritance focuses mainly on Layla. We get some interaction with the others but the story is centered around Layla and what is going on with her. It was nice to learn more about her. All four, Caledonia, Calvin, Michael and Layla are living in a house together while they make plans to build a big house on their property where their parents lived. In the previous books I had mixed feelings about Layla. I didn't like the way that she manipulated people all the time. But at the same time I felt bad for her with her upbringing and all. In this book though she has really started to come into her own. She is living life and has a great new boyfriend, Ramon. I am happy with this because when the last book ended I was hoping that they would end up together. He is a great guy and a police officer in the town where Layla now lives. I found myself laughing at times when they are out somewhere. Things that are so common to Ramon like going to a fast food drive-thru are all new to Layla. Things are going great for Layla until she decides that she wants to see if she can find out who her father is. The one person that she thinks would know is Professor Reed. All he seems to do is cause more problems for Layla and her family and will do whatever it takes to finance his crazy projects. When he sets up a meeting with Layla this is where things go from bad to worse. Will Layla ever be able to get away from the Professor? What will happen when Ramon finds out about her powers? There is so much more great things that happen but I'm not going to give away any more. This is a great series that I highly recommend reading. I can't wait to start reading the final installment, The Redcastle Redemption. This e-book was provided to me for review. This did not affect my review in any way.
Chrissy_W More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars Did I enjoy this book: I was actually a bit worried I’d have to read a third book about Cal and Cal being in love. I enjoy them, but it’s true: the part that happens AFTER the Happily Ever After isn’t usually very interesting. I was, then, pleasantly surprised when Anderson shifted the focus of the third book in her Athena Effect series to a different character. Layla isn’t my favorite of the bunch, and I’m not exactly sure why we needed the not-really-a-love-triangle bit in the first half of the book, but I still enjoyed the read. Reading about Ramon helped too. Yum. Well, I’m on to the last book in the series. Wish me luck! Would I recommend it: Yep! If you enjoyed the first two books in the series, keep reading! As reviewed by Melissa at Every Free Chance Books.  Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange  for an honest review.
kookiekrysp More than 1 year ago
I received a free copy of this book from the author. every time I finish a book in this series, I have the hugest smile on my face! smile (3238) Animated Gif on Giphy I have to admit that I wasn't the biggest Layla fan before this book. She can be a little spoiled and childish, but now I like her almost as much as Cali! She is still childish at times, but that is really a part of her charm. She is so full of life and joy and she really just wants to be free to live her life with the people she loves. She and Cali, have a lot in common Like their shared ability to see and effect people's moods and the fact that are both have an endearing innocence about them, but I think that it is the differences between Layla nad Cali that I enjoy the most. Cali is more likely to be mature and realistic than Layla and she is a bit of a tomboy, but Layla is very spirited and 100% girly girl. Calie would be the woman you want to have your back in a fight, and layla is the girl you call up when you're in the mood to power shop. they are both very strong in different ways, and I like that the author managed to make two very different but equally likeable characters. Now, for the portion of the review that is always the easiest for me to write, the part where I talk about the romance. The relationship between Layla and Ramon was as well-developed and almost as enjoyable to read about as Cali and Cal's relationship. I say "almost" because no one can really top the two Cals. (I mean come one? they are so meant for each other that they share the same nickname!) Besides, I liked them first, and everyone knows that the first always holds a special place in your heart.  It didn't feel like the author was trying to top or copy the relationship that Cal and Cali have. Why would she? We already have their story. No, Layla and Ramon have their own brand of cuteness. One thing that really stood out for me with their relationship was how comfortable Layla was with her attraction for Ramon.I am all for the virginal heroine, but I feel like virgins get a bad rap in books. Just because a woman has never had sex, that doesn't mean she is afraid of it! Layla was neither a prude nor promiscuous, and I like that just fine.  And I don't blame her for wanting some kisses from Ramon. Not only is he a cop (I loves me a man in uniform!), but he was a reformed bad boy by the time she met him. Tha means that he is all the fun of the guy that you know you should stay away from and all the safety of the guy who you should marry. It's a win win situation, and Layla is a lucky girl. Even Cali wasn't luck enough to meet Cal after he decided to grow up and be a good man. She met him right when he was choosing what type of person he wanted to be and inspired him to become a great guy, but he was a bit of a dog when she met him. Ramon was all grown up before he knew Layla existed and chose to be a good man without any influence from her at all. Gotta love a reformed bad boy!  This book is my second favorite in the series, and I love the way this author writes about new love. She captures the intensity, nervousness, and passion so well, and she does it all without ever being crass. There was a cliffhanger at the end of this book, but the characters are all in a good place right now so I am happy. I think I can wait until the next one comes out, but you better bet that I will read it as soon as possible! Because of mild language, violence, and sexual content, I would recommend this book for ages 14 and up.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
So far the series has kept me interested but please finish the next book. I can barely wait
nicepuppy421 More than 1 year ago
The author has done a fantastic job with this book. Layla is the main focus in The Caledonian Inheritance and I have enjoyed watching her change into the woman she finally becomes. Cal and Cali are as much in love as ever and Michael, well Michael is feeling very badly about not believing Layla about Max and is feeling a bit guilty about that. The four of them have settled into their new lives but there are still obstacles in their way. I am happy the Layla found herself a love as true as Caledonia and Calvin's, she never expected that for herself. I am now very frustrated....I get to the end of the book and find out there is one more in the series....good grief!! Please don't do this to me, LOL. I can't wait to get my hands on the next book. I highly recommend the entire series for adults as well as YA readers.