The Case of the Claw

The Case of the Claw

by Keith R a DeCandido


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ISBN-13: 9781948929479
Publisher: Mystique Press
Publication date: 08/14/2018
Series: Scpd , #1
Pages: 282
Product dimensions: 5.51(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.59(d)

About the Author

Keith R.A. DeCandido's first published fiction was a
Spider-Man short story in 1994 entitled "An Evening in the Bronx with Venom," which had the Marvel Comics hero working in tandem with the NYPD. He has returned to the theme of mixing police procedure with elements of the fantastic several times, including in two Spider-Man novels (Venom's Wrath and Down These Mean Streets), other licensed universes (Supernatural: Nevermore, Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Blackout), and in his other original fiction (the high-fantasy police procedural Dragon Precinct, which has spawned a half-dozen short stories and the sequel novels Unicorn Precinct and the forthcoming Goblin Precinct)-plus, of course, in the novel you're reading.
Keith has written more than forty-five novels, plus dozens of novellas, short stories, comic books, essays, and articles. When he isn't writing, he's editing (he has ten anthologies to his credit), practicing karate (he achieved his first-degree black belt in 2009), meandering around the Internet (his web site is, his blog is, and he is on Twitter and Facebook under the username KRADeC), and following his beloved New York Yankees. He lives in New York City with several humans and animals.

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The Case of the Claw 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Penelopecat More than 1 year ago
The Claw, a mysterious serial killer, is back on the streets of Super City. The superheroes who patrol and protect the city haven't been able to stop him. Neither have the officers and detectives of the S.C.P.D., who do their best to enforce the law and put criminals behind bars, despite the interference of superheroes who can't be bothered with due process or rules of evidence, or anything else that isn't expedient. Can the Claw be stopped, or will he disappear, only to kill again? And can a city truly be safe if it needs to be protected both from its criminals and its vigilante protectors? Keith R.A. DeCandido, veteran writer of TV and movie tie-in fiction, gives readers an all-too-rare original novel with this, the first in his S.C.P.D. series. It's an effective fusion of superhero story and police procedural, with a central mystery that couldn't be told without the superheroic elements, yet is solved through good old fashioned police work. DeCandido creates a well-thought-out world, where the common tropes of superhero comics butt heads with the legal realities of the real world. Stories featuring a real-world view of superheroes, particularly from the ground-level, non-powered residents of that world, are nothing new. DeCandido even mentions several as inspirations in his introduction. Superheroes in prose are also not particularly groundbreaking. What makes this novel work is the execution: DeCandido creates a thoroughly believable world and populates it with interesting characters and an intriguing story. He tells his story briskly and economically, giving us the information we need in order to flesh the characters and situations out, without overburdening us with exposition. He wisely keeps his focus on the normal cops. We learn the names and powers of some of the heroes, but he doesn't waste time filling us in on their origins or anything that doesn't concern the cases the police are investigating. And that's fine, because that's not the story he's telling. In places, DeCandido's writing reminded me of Ed McBain's 87th Precinct novels, which--to my mind--are the gold standard by which all other procedural fiction should be judged. I'm looking forward to future stories in this series, and learning more about the cops as we go. flag
Melhay More than 1 year ago
3.5 stars With The Claw back in town and killing, other bad guys active has increased as cops are thought to be out in waves looking for The Claw. The police have been working overtime and spread thin chasing villains. The cops are at their limits with the bad guys they are chasing, or having to let go as one of the 'costumes' brought in without evidence or witness. Tee Morris voices the characters in this book. When I saw that, I had to have it. Along with it being a superhero story with detectives. Yes! :D Tee Morris lives up to what I looked forward to. He does different accents for the characters to fit their feel in words. Even for the female characters he does different tones and softness to his voice to differentiate the large cast of characters found in this world. Tee has a bold voice that is clear in speaking, making every word easy to understand. The editing sounded seamless as I went through the story with a clean background. We dive in driving through town with two police on duty, learning that superheroes speeding around town and a quick intro as to what color each one wears. This sets the stage of who is present in the town. Then, Bruiser stops the cops, wanting them to see what he found. A dead mangled body with a post-it note on his forehead. The Claw is back. We see the case through the detectives eyes as they find the victims and the details of the cases. They struggle to solve the case, but the superheroes that pledged to help, don't seem to be doing that. This murderer needs to be found before he strikes again and they do what they can to get answers. We also see through a journalist and a few other powerful positions in the city that's involved with the case or the superheroes present in the city. We live through the police lives as they live with the 'costumes' who are 'helping' with dangers and bad guys in the Super City. The pairs are partnered up great to compliment or spark the characters thoughts and personalities. It's a rough way to make a living here in Super City though, the powerful 'costumes' makes it seem the police don't do anything, but the do. As much as the superpowers help, they also hurt. They bring in perps that have to be released back on the streets without the proper witness or information. Also, they don't share information about searching for The Claw, or the want-a-be's get in the way, causing the guilty to get away. The superpowers seem to be outside the law in their way of handling things, or so they think. There are times that this is not a good thing, and we see it. I've found this story is one about the people we see. There is more about them and other cases the police are on rather than The Claw. Though, with the information that's held from the police by the superpowers, I can see why. I was expecting a bit more about the mystery to find The Claw than what I got in the beginning. In the end, we got the case and the information the detectives needed. A character driven story with lives at stake. I'd be curious to try more books by Keith. He has a way of bringing all the characters to life as they are all different. He also makes a point in his stories that things are not all good or bad, there is a balance to the system, you just have to find it. Superheroes are good, yet there is something about the way they do things that can be not as helpful as people think.