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Title: Frau Faust 1, Author: Kore Yamazaki Pre-Order Now
Title: Batman Vol. 3: I Am Bane (Rebirth), Author: Tom King
Title: Batman: The Dark Knight: Master Race, Author: Frank Miller
Title: All-Star Batman Vol. 2: Ends of the Earth (Rebirth), Author: Scott Snyder
Title: The Adventure Zone: Here There Be Gerblins, Author: Clint McElroy Pre-Order Now
Title: Frankenstein (Barnes & Noble Classics Series), Author: Mary Shelley Read an excerpt of this book!
Title: The Seven Deadly Sins 22, Author: Nakaba Suzuki
Title: How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend, Vol. 7, Author: Takeshi Moriki Pre-Order Now
Title: Superman Vol. 2: Trials of the Super Son (Rebirth), Author: Peter J. Tomasi
Title: Nightwing Vol. 1: Better Than Batman (Rebirth), Author: Tim Seeley
Title: Rick and Morty, Book 1, Author: Zac Gorman
Title: Monster Girl Encyclopedia Vol. 2, Author: Kenkou Cross Pre-Order Now
Title: Batman: Year One Deluxe Edition, Author: Frank Miller
Title: The Flash Vol. 3: Rogues Reloaded (Rebirth), Author: Joshua Williamson
Title: Red Hood and the Outlaws Vol. 1: Dark Trinity (Rebirth), Author: Scott Lobdell
Title: Watchmen, Author: Alan Moore
Title: Batman: Knightfall Vol. 1, Author: Various
Title: Kamisama Kiss Limited Edition, Vol. 25, Author: Julietta Suzuki Pre-Order Now
Title: Batman Vol. 2: I Am Suicide (Rebirth), Author: Tom King
Title: John Constantine, Hellblazer Volume 6: Bloodlines, Author: Garth Ennis

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