The Caves of Buda

The Caves of Buda

by Leah Cutter


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The Caves of Buda by Leah Cutter

Zita made some bad choices during college. Now, she has a stable job, a stable relationship, but she isn't happy. Plus, her grandfather, Laci, is showing signs of dementia, complaining that demons are attacking him. He insists he must return to Budapest because demons don't die: They must be killed.

When Laci runs away to Hungary, Zita must follow him, striking out on a new path that will completely change her life.

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ISBN-13: 9780984779239
Publisher: Knotted Road Press
Publication date: 04/21/2012
Pages: 296
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.62(d)

About the Author

Leah Cutter's first novel, "Paper Mage" (Roc, 2003), is set in China, during the T'ang dynasty, around 837 A.D. Her second novel, "Caves of Buda" (Roc, 2004), is set in Budapest, with many different time periods, including pre-Christian Hungarian mythology, Roman magic, World War II, and 1957, when the Russians came back to Hungary. Her third novel, "The Jaguar and the Wolf" (Roc, 2005), is set in the Yucatan peninsula, around 1000 A.D., and explores what would have happened if the Vikings had met the Mayans. Her short fiction includes fantasy, science fiction, and horror, and has primarily been published in anthologies.

Praise for "Paper Mage":

-"An enchanting novel, skillfully rooted in Chinese history and myth...mythical, unusual, and thoroughly convincing." -Terri Windling, Editor of "The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror"

-"A magical world as solid and believable as our own." -Cecilia Dart-Thorton

-"An exceptional tale by an exceptional writer...It doesn't get any better than this." Dennis L. McKiernan

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Guest More than 1 year ago
In Hungary during the Nazi occupation, Laci and his friend Janos stumbled across a cave near Buda. Being scouts they were eager to explore but Jews were using a part of the isolated area to hide from the Nazis. The two boys became separated and Laci who had ¿the sight¿ saw the demon Belusz bound to his stone throne. After a magical alteration, the demon ripped away Laci¿s magical sight............................ Laci is old now, living in Arizona, but though he becomes forgetful he still vividly remembers the cave and the demon as they are bound together so that if one dies so does the other. However Belusz has found a way to break the binding spell and kill Laci without harming himself. Laci goes home to kill the demon before he wrecks havoc on the world. His granddaughter Zita loves him very much, but thinks he¿s senile and follows him to Hungary determined to bring him back to the States. In Hungary, Zitla discovers she has the sight as she ¿sees¿ the demon. She joins forces with the magician Ephraim Cohen and her grandfather to prepare for the biggest battle of their lives fought on the magical plane.................................... The demons in this novel are not biblical in any sense of the word but are evil entities that are a part of Hungarian mythology. Although Zita is initially a skeptic, when she believes she becomes a dynamo in action, determined to find a way to kill Belusz without getting Laci killed. Leah Cutter, (see PAPER MAGE), has written a horror novel that despite our rational belief system, feels very believable and though in Eastern Europe has no vampires............................ Harriet Klausner