The Chris Letters: From the Source

The Chris Letters: From the Source

by Craig Gutchow


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ISBN-13: 9781452558721
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 09/18/2012
Pages: 48
Product dimensions: 8.25(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.10(d)

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The Chris Letters

From The Source
By Craig Gutchow

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2012 Craig Gutchow
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4525-5872-1

Chapter One

Chris letter 8

In the softness of night, or perhaps in the crispness of the morning early on – when the heavy thrust of man's world begins to ebb, or has not yet started its engines. Perhaps as little ones, we may take a quiet moment to peer deep within ourselves and ask what it is that we truly want.

Is it just things of the Earth? Is it recognition from our fellow man, or is it a special favor from one who holds our passion? Are not all these things transient and temporary? As we acquire them all in our own accordance, does not their luster dim? Why is this? Why, if the Earth contains not that of satisfaction to me, then what else may I look to?

The answer lies deep within little one, for, indeed, the Earth should lose its brilliance. For all of its measure that you acquire is represented only by the feeling that is generated within you. Yet, that which sustains you is the universal energy and force of Supreme Love. It courses through all in the sustaining of all life. It is not a split second passion or grinding emotion to acquire and accumulate. One's Soul need not rush to accumulate from another that which it already has to give. All the love you have to give is not temporary, nor is it dependent on any social restriction. All the love you have to give shall not lower your own fill and measure within as you so dole it out. For, remember the Law of Cause and Effect. It says: "as you so give, so you shall receive". It matters not whether another is deserved in the eyes of society. The law takes care of them as well as you.

Thus, you may give freely in your own measure of love – to ALL those you pass, and to all those with whom you deal. For even if they are not outwardly responsive and understanding, it matters not; their Soul knows and the Law knows and most importantly and crucially, YOU KNOW.

Yours, Chris

Chris letter 9

Indeed little one, a Soul need not purchase its own love in the stalls of man's social market. That which is inherently you, cannot be lost to any sad occasion, nor may another's be kept and saved in a bottle. No need; and there is no need for the mixing of hostility and anger in the blame of love. For one is an emotion born of the physical influence, and the latter equals the constant pulse of the very core of your being.

No need, little one to blame ones own pain and sorrow on another, for at one time or another their suffering shall be your equal. Truly, there is no useful solace in the pain of another for ANY reason of man. The quality of revenge and spite shall only serve as a breeding ground for same.

Why is this? It is because it is the Law. All things, all life of earth, and all life not of earth must and do adhere to the Law of Cause and Effect.

Though you may see your world as imbalanced, it is only to the extent of your own world and not that of others. Why does man continue to add to his own world of imbalance? It is because his insight is clouded by what he sees, hears, smells, touches, and tastes. It is these five senses that place him into a de-orientation away from his own vibrational sense of on going, operational love force.

In the five sense realm of the physical, man has observed for eons of time the way of the animal and its potentials. In so doing he has misconstrued Cause and Effect to operate only in the immediate and near term; but such is actually not the case. Because of the mechanics of the energy you cannot see, man, in choice, triggers deep down line effects in his causative choices. Thus, the old saying: That, which goes around, comes around; and vastly more-so than man in his earth born society could ever imagine.

Any thought or act of love shall be returned to you in appropriate form and time. Any thought or act of hate, anger or violence shall also return to you in its full measure.

Since the Law itself and the order of carrying out the Law is based and processed in the unseen non-physical dimension, you give it little credence. Man goes willy nilly in his attempt to produce peace, justice and restitution out of anger and self justified value judgments. The Law cares not if you are Christian, Judean, Islamic, American, Russian, etc; if you do anything at all in hate or self righteous anger, no matter how justified you are in the eyes of self and society, then like thought and action shall find its way back to you fully. THIS is why history constantly repeats itself. THIS is why lessons are not learned.

Make no mistake; the lesson does NOT end with the passing of your biology into the ground. The Soul remains intact in Limbo with its lesson attached to it until another return is made. This is the way of it for all. Indeed ALL – King, Queen, Baker, Butcher, Priest. It matters not your earthly societal position. For ALL such positions are appointments by man, and NOT the One Soul. So, you see, all of mankind already has his ultimate judicial system. It is recorded within and there is no shading of the facts with self. For within, there lies the mechanism to change wrong to right. How? Only in love, kindness, compassion and forgiveness may resolution be made. When all such resolution is made, then you shall not return again to the trapped state you now know. You shall indeed be free in the ultimate sense of the word.

Yours, Chris

Chris Letter 10

Indeed, what IS a Soul? Ah, the age old question. Is it something that exists only for consideration on a particular day designated by man as "holy"? Is it something to be considered only in the birthing of physical life and then in the termination of physical life? What then for goodness sakes?

Man addresses it in many a way. In one vein, he takes it upon himself to actually dictate to another their measure of Soul worth. In another, he would even go so far as to render judgment in determining the outcome of another's Soul in this world, and the next.

Mark well oh purveyors of doom and gloom, the only outcome of another you may determine in life or death is that of their physical body. For their Soul is as yours – inviolate, and absolutely and totally indestructible. No one on earth has spiritual license for condemnation of another that shall render them lifeless or invalidated as a Soul. If one attempts such, they only impede their own progress along the path towards re-perfection in all love, harmony, kindness and compassion towards self and his fellow man.

So, again, what actually is a Soul? A Soul is a non physical being, a person – the inner person that you cannot see with your own physical mental faculties or with any sort of physical device. All the same, it is the defining core of your being – that, which gives you life, even in the physical dimension, for through the Soul, comes the elemental life force of the Universe that sustains your being through birth and death of your biology. This elemental, source energy is at the core of ALL life. It has to come from somewhere, and the unseen, higher dimension is the generator of universal life everywhere – in all worlds including and even beyond your own. The Soul of mankind is the highest form of existence in the Universe, as it contains all the properties of the great One Soul from which it came. Do not mistake the regression of man in his earthly expressions of fear and hate as equating with the high principles and expressions of a pure Soul. Man, in his physical form, has fallen from grace through his mind, ego and intellect due to his exposure to the survival engines of the physical beings that he occupies in life after life. Yet, the Soul is not invaded. It simply retreats in non interference and non resistance – although still remaining as your source of life.

Take note: You always know yourself to be, as life progresses on and on through timeless passages and cycles of your spiritual and physical existence. The "you" that you know yourself to be in all moments of time never ceases. Events come and go. Lifetimes come and go. You regress and you advance until one day you shed the earthly existence altogether – returning to your original pure state of an unfettered Soul, but with all the events, lifetimes and experiences recorded within. You cannot escape your self – that which you truly are within, that is the "you" that lives on through eons of time, whether surrounded by physical existence, or as spirit alone, remains indestructible, and cannot be terminated by any force known to man OR spirit.

There are the Soul Laws of Choice, Communication, Faith, Cancellation and Love that comprise the "you" that are not of your world or body. There are vast ramifications and powers behind these Laws and are little understood by man on earth, yet render each greatly expanded abilities and potentials that are taken for granted in your world. In your higher states, you are gifted with the ability to travel whole Universes when not in your present trapped conditions. Such a thing is possible not by magic or miracle, but by the operation and function of laws that are quite alien to the limitations of the physical world. This is why they are not recognized – simply because you as a Soul have at one far time ago, chosen to enter a totally foreign environment; and in so doing you have lost knowledge and abilities of self that remain in waiting to be set free.

It is now time to apprise man of that which governs his many functions and actions. In so doing all of the confusions shall be brought to task.

Yours, Chris

Chris Letter 11

Why does one fear? Indeed it is for ones own person in all cases. For even if a loved one should depart our presence, is it not our own concern for self that we are left with after they have taken our leave. How can one possibly "feel" for another? They cannot. One may only "feel" for themselves in REGARDS to another.

We need not fear at all, for to fear is by teaching of man in his world. We are not OF that world. We are all infinite beings and we shall remain so. Is such not the very definition of infinity itself – to remain always ...

You see, we fear because we have taught ourselves to do so by observing the first potential of fear within the body and the animal. Such a potential is necessary for its survival, because they are not eternal beings in their given form at birth. They must drive to the instincts of immediate survival and procreation in order to sustain their species. Though Homo Sapiens is a species of the Earth, you are not. You are an infinite being temporarily trapped in the physical form.

Because man has choice, he has the ability to take the simple instinct of the animals fear and then intellectually expand upon it into concepts of war, hate, anger, frustration and condemnation. So as the animal, he hurls these concepts at one another in hopes of alleviating them. However, the animal only reacts to the moment. It does not expand its responses into revenge and contrived confrontations of whole populations. Indeed not. It cannot. It only reacts to the moment. Therefore Cause and Effect is limited in its down line results – balance is maintained.

Choice is an impartial Law; it allows for man to expand upon fear to suit his own immediate needs of earthly satisfaction; however, the Law of Cause and Effect does not allow man to escape the down line results.

Indeed, so as you expand in fear so shall you reap in fear on a later date. That date is not known, for the Law has no regard for the clock. It is the same with love. The Law will bear fruit as well. It must, for the Law is of the Universe, and not of man.

Yours, Chris

Chris letter 12

Perhaps, little one, you are now beginning to question the standard fare of worldly consumption to the mind. Perhaps you even ask: But what of the Bible? Does it not teach fear in that my very soul is in jeopardy? Indeed it does, and those passages therein that purvey such were placed into the original manuscripts of selection by the Church of Man. Indeed, there are those who know this, and upon their reading of this message, they shall fear for their very worldly position. For their position depends upon their holding the fear of man captive by these ancient alterations of that which was originally given to man by Christ. Only certain manuscripts of many were chosen to be entered into what is now known as the Bible. Then in the fourth century, the Church of Man altered these to inject raw fear into the mainstream of society.

The original manuscripts of Christ's teachings are presently held by this Church of Man and in due course these teachings shall surface to reveal the infinite quality of all Souls.

Indeed, who shall benefit from this revealing? All, yes ALL – even, and most of all, those who so finally choose to expose the ancient hoax of man. For these Souls who now occupy such seats of power are the one and the same who once chose and acted to remove the eternal teachings of Christ from public view. This statement shall ring out as a bell of antiquity to those who are of present. Indeed, all Souls are old Souls in that all here on this plane of Earth in the now have been here before – many times before.

Yours, Chris

Chris Letter 13

Indeed, who would so dare to question the Bible itself? It is man who has questioned it as it is man who originally sequestered, and then altered the manuscripts.

Even so, there was not a bolt of lightening that came forth from the sky in a manner of angry rebuke from the heavens.

Indeed, man supplies his own bolt of lightening in all cases of transgression. Consider: If the fear concept had not been injected into the manuscripts that were chosen, then perhaps all of mankind would have taken a different course. The Law of Cause and Effect does not cease its motion with time. So as fear has been bartered and sold upon the open market of mans choices for better than 2000 Earth years, so it is now manifesting in society and populations everywhere.

If it were allowed to be known that fear and the way of the animal would not produce love and peace as its effect, would not those concerned think twice before launching crusades against his fellow man? Were it allowed to be known early on that for each decision and choice made by each individual in the fear base of the animal – it would attach itself to that individual in Karma, thus requiring each to return to Earth in the resolving of it? Were it known that all extended acts and choices made in fear and anger, no matter what the earthly justification, would require restitution and that the greatest harm is not to the other, but SELF. Would you not think twice as a thinking individual before harming YOURSELF in such a way?

THIS is why it is best to turn away from the urge to seek revenge. Indeed, it is not out of weakness and shrinking, spineless fear that one is best advised to forgive. It is because as you so react in anger and fear, so shall a like reaction make its way to you bye and bye; and then in addition to finally resolving the incident of hurt and harm, one must have their own hurt and harm accepted and released in love, forgiveness and compassion for self and others. This accepting and releasing of self and others from the bond of hate and fear is called Cancellation. It is an actual Law of the Soul and as such it allows us to undo all the harm done in past and present. Well it is for man that such a Law exists.

Yours, Chris

Chris Letter 14

Perhaps now, little one, the order of man is beginning to peek through as a ray of light emits between the darkness of storm.

Indeed, it is not mans' regression and transgressions that mark his true heritage, but the knowledge that each little one on earth this day does indeed possess a Soul, and that such is the best news yet to come in 2000 years of man's time.

Why so? Because each possesses an infinite capacity to love self and others; and it is indeed alright for us to do so. For each time we do, and like, IMMEDIATE results do not follow, know and understand that the Law of Cause and Effect does not always unfold on man's perceived and presumed schedule. Still, you may have no doubt, the affect WILL manifest in its own proper order and time. Perhaps such delay is a part of the resolving and undoing of that which we have previously perpetrated upon others; and to make restitution, some further cancellation of Karma through additional measures of love and forgiveness must be attended to. Know full well that the day of full accounting will surely surface in due time and order. There is no side stepping the law for it is sure, impartial and constant in its affects, as is gravity upon a stone dropped from a cliff. You see, gravity is applied through physical law with its affects instantly visible and manifest. Whereas, Karma is a law of the non physical - given to its processing in non-time; unseen, but just as sure in its outcome Ah, but therein lies the good news, as no good deed or thought goes unrecorded; nor is it ever lost. From an understanding of the Law, faith may turn to knowing. Where there is knowing, doubt is dismissed and resolve holds fast and steady providing safe passage through rough Karmic seas.


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