The Classroom Management Book

The Classroom Management Book


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This is a solutions book that shows how to organize and structure a classroom to create a safe and positive environment for student learning and achievement to take place. It offers 50 procedures that can be applied, changed, adapted, and incorporated into any classroom management plan. Each procedure is presented with a consistent format that breaks it down and tells how to teach it and what the outcome of teaching it will be. While all of the work and preparation behind a well-managed classroom are rarely observed, the dividends are evident in a classroom that is less stressful for all and one that hums with learning.

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ISBN-13: 9780976423331
Publisher: Wong, Harry K. Publications
Publication date: 05/01/2014
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 83,314
Product dimensions: 8.70(w) x 9.90(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

They Quietly Walked in and Got to Workii
Everything Is in Place Right at the Beginning of the School Yeariii
The Authorsvi
The Greatest Giftvii
Getting Ready for the Most Important Career You Could Ever Haveviii
Prologue: Classroom Management Defined 
The Effective and Successful Teacher2
Get It Right from the Start 4
Definition of Classroom Management5
I Can't Wait to Start School Every Year7
Difference Between Classroom Management and Discipline8
The Worst Four-Letter Word10
The Key to Success Is Consistency11
Special Needs Students Thrive on Consistency12
The Need for a Trusting Environment13
Every Student Made Progress. Every. Single. One. 14
Preparat ion: Before the First Day of School 
Prepare Before School Begins16
A Complete First-Day Script Checklist22
The Need for a Classroom Management Plan24
Creating a Classroom Management Plan26
Thanks for the Peace29
Presenting Your Classroom Management Plan30
Creating a Plan in PowerPoint37
From Warrior to Effective Teacher46
How to Teach a Procedure47
The Class Proceeded Without Me52
How to Start the First Day and Every Day53
It's in the Bag57
Procedures : For the First Day of School 
1 - The Start of Class Routine60
2 - The Agenda64
The Freedom to Produce Results69
3 - An Opening Assignment70
Bellringer Times Three75
4 - Taking Attendance76
130 Students and No Time Wasted81
5 - Dismissing the Class82
A Safe Dismissal or a Tragic One?86
THE Classroom Management Book: xi 
Procedures : For Students 
6 - Collecting Notes and Forms88
Clean Up the Classroom Clutter90
7 - Classroom Tardiness92
8 - Absent Folder96
9 - Organizing Homework100
10 - Paper Headings104
District-Wide Consistency107
11 - Unfinished Class Assignments108
Procedures : For the Classroom 
12 - Emergency Preparedness112
Successfully Saving Lives116
13 - Getting Students' Attention118
Your Attention, Please121
14 - Classroom Jobs122
15 - Classroom Phone Ringing126
Teaching Procedures Becomes Routine129
16 - Bathroom Breaks130
17 - Replacing Dull or Broken Pencils134
18 - Keeping Desks Orderly138
Everything Has a Place and a Purpose141
19 - Collecting and Returning Papers142
20 - Classroom Transitions146
21 - Keeping Students on Task150
Tone Is the Key152
22 - Finishing Work Early154
Creating a Learning Zone157
23 - Missing Assignment Slip158
24 - Daily Closing Message162
Communication on a Weekly Basis165
25 - Guideline Infraction Notice166
26 - Morning Meetings170
Procedures : For Instruction 
27 - Class Discussions174
I Know the Answer!179
28 - Working in Groups180
29 - Note Taking184
30 - Reading a Textbook188
31 - Read Any Place Time192
Classroom and School Libraries194
32 - Taking a Test196
33 - Students Correcting Work200
34 - Cultivating Social Skills204
Simple Procedures, Plus Courtesy207
xii : THE Classroom Management Book 
Procedures : For the Special Needs Classroom 
The Special Needs Classroom208
35 - Hand Washing214
36 - Snack Time216
37 - Walking to Another Location220
Everything in Its Place223
38 - Handling Student Anxiety224
Effective Behavior Management Strategies227
Procedures : For Teachers 
39 - New Student Orientation228
40 - The Angry Student232
41 - The Death of a Student236
In Tears the Class Proceeded239
42 - The Death of a Parent240
43 - Substitute Teacher Handbook242
The Substitute Teacher247
44 - A Teacher Aide248
45 - Parent Volunteers250
The Foundation of Effective Teaching253
46 - Classroom Visitors254
47 - Parent-Teacher Conferences256
48 - Back-to-School Night260
Job Sharing—The Best of Both Worlds263
49 - Home and School Connection264
50 - Technology in the Classroom268
Plans: For the First Days of School 
My Personal First Day of School Script272
A Partial Script for the First Day of School277
A Middle School First-Day Plan281
A High School First-Week Plan284
An Elementary First-Ten-Days Plan287
A Principal's Guide for a Teacher's First-Day Script291
Epilogue: A Call to Action 
Execute and Follow Through296
A Last-Day Letter299
QR Code Summary300

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