The Constitutional Convention of 2022

The Constitutional Convention of 2022

by Kevin O'Kane

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The Constitutional Convention of 2022 by Kevin O'Kane

The Constitutional Convention of 2022

The Whig Party was once the majority party in this country but disintegrated in 1854. That year, in its place, the Republican party was founded. It quickly grew and took the White House in 1860.

In 2016, after eight years of health care and immigration debacles, epidemics and lawlessness, the Democrat Party imploded. But from its ruins, a new, authoritarian Progressive Party rapidly rose on a sea of billionaire funding.

The Progressive political philosophy was simple: representative democracy is an obsolete and outdated concept from another era. In the modern world, governments should be run by experts and charismatic leaders, not 18th century debating societies.

Through clever changes to the voting laws, a few well chosen dossiers supplied by the NSA, and a general amnesty, the Progressives seize control in the election of 2020. They quickly consolidate their power by means of the endless alphabet soup of Federal agencies to which lazy Congresses, over many years, have delegated vast regulatory and rule making authority. Congress, shirking its duty, made itself irrelevant. The new Progressive executive knows this. Overnight, the nation slips into dictatorship.

But things do not go well. Laws and policies once hammered out by political compromise are replaced by an endless stream of ill-thought-out central government executive decrees. The economy, now micro-managed from Washington, spirals into depression. The government, struggling to pay its debts and its hordes of EBT clients, prints ever more money to survive.

The economy is so weakened that the Chinese decide the time is right to strike. Realizing they will never be repaid, they dump their trillions in Treasury bonds onto the world markets. The dollar collapses. Overnight, the Renminbi becomes the new global reserve currency. America is bankrupt.

By 2022, all is chaos. The money is debased. The supply chain for food and fuel shipments grinds to a halt and the riots erupt. The large cities are soon charred ruins. Midwestern states begin seceding and printing their own money, backed by gold. Emboldened Mexican armies recapture large areas of the southwest. Russian and Chinese armies are also on the move. A desperate, enfeebled Federal government begins confiscating gold, silver, anything of value, and scrambles to sell overseas assets to buy foreign exchange. The nation is paralyzed.

But when all seems lost, a brave governor in the Midwest organizes the opposition and calls for a Constitutional Convention to smash the Washington leviathan. But the federal beast, though wounded, fights back.

Read it while it's still fiction!

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About the Author

O'Kane is a reasonably presentable (most days) computer science professor with long experience dealing with computer technology and the college scene. Author has published numerous scientific journal articles and technical books which, he asserts, are mainly non-fiction but of no immediate relevance to the work at hand. He can be contacted via

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