The Craving Cure: Identify Your Craving Type to Activate Your Natural Appetite Control

The Craving Cure: Identify Your Craving Type to Activate Your Natural Appetite Control

by Julia Ross
The Craving Cure: Identify Your Craving Type to Activate Your Natural Appetite Control

The Craving Cure: Identify Your Craving Type to Activate Your Natural Appetite Control

by Julia Ross


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Drop Addictive Sweets and Starches—and Stop Weight Gain—in 24 Hours

Featuring a 5-part questionnaire to help you identify your personal craving profile

Julia Ross, best-selling author and expert in nutrition and overeating, exposes the real reason so many of us can’t stick to a healthy diet: our favorite foods are engineered to be addictive. At her clinic in California, Ross and her colleagues treat food addiction where it starts—in the brain—by triggering our natural appetite-regulating neurotransmitters with nutrients called amino acids. It turns out that these protein concentrates boost our neurotransmitters, which broadcast sensations of satisfaction that no food, including chocolate, can override. Thousands of Ross’ clients have abolished their cravings for high-calorie confections using this simple nutritional strategy.

With The Craving Cure, Ross grants all of us access to this revolutionary approach. The process begins with a five-part questionnaire that helps you identify your unique craving profile and specifies the amino acid supplements you need to curb your specific cravings. Ross’ clear explanations of why and how to use the aminos empower you to reclaim your natural appetite control, and her anti-craving eating guidelines will permanently strengthen your dietary defenses. A well-researched and clinically-tested rejection of low-calorie, low-saturated fat, and low-protein diets, The Craving Cure reveals how we can effortlessly and permanently eradicate our cravings to lose weight, rediscover our nutritional heritage, and regain optimal mood, energy, and health.

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ISBN-13: 9781250063199
Publisher: Flatiron Books
Publication date: 12/12/2017
Pages: 432
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 8.70(h) x 1.50(d)

About the Author

Julia Ross is a pioneer in the field of Nutritional Therapy and in the treatment of mood problems, eating disorders, and addictions. As founder and director of the Nutritional Therapy Institute Clinic in Mill Valley, California, she frequently lectures on the benefits of nutritional therapy. She is the author of the bestselling book, The Mood Cureand The Diet Cure. Her work has been featured in Vogue, the Journal of the American Psychological Association, and on many radio and TV programs.

Table of Contents

Introducing the Craving Cure 1

Are You a Craver? The Craving-Type Questionnaire 7

Part I How We Got Here 21

1 Your Favorite Carbohydrates: Twice as Addictive as Cocaine 23

2 The Invasion of the Techno-Karbz: 3,000 Years of Bliss-Point Technology 39

3 The Craving Generations: Reshaped by Three Dietary Trends of the 1970s 57

4 The Weight-Gain Pandemic: Uncovering the True Causes and How the Craving Cure Can Help 79

Part II Understanding Your Craving Type 91

5 Your Brain: Craving Control Central 93

6 Are You a Type 1 Depressed Craver? 107

7 Are You a Type 2 Crashed Craver? 116

8 Are You a Type 3 Comfort Craver? 126

9 Are You a Type 4 Stressed Craver? 133

10 Are You a Type 5 Fatigued Craver? 140

Part III The Amino Breakthrough 149

11 Cracking the Craving Code: Prep Steps for All Craving Types 151

12 Your Personal Breakthrough: Specific Directions for Each Craving Type 169

Type 1 Craving Elimination for the Depressed Craver 170

Type 2 Craving Elimination for the Crashed Craver (Including any Diabetics) 177

Type 3 Craving Elimination for the Comfort Craver 181

Type 4 Craving Elimination for the Stressed Craver 184

Type 5 Craving Elimination for the Fatigued Craver 188

Part IV Craving-Free Eating 199

13 Finding Your Way Back to the Primal Plate: What, When, and How Much to Eat 201

14 Traditional Cuisines: Choosing What Works Best for You 224

15 Personalizing Your Plate; Food-Reintroduction Testing 242

16 Dodging Slips and Shooting Trouble 253

Part V Vital Resources 265

Tracking and Testing Tools 267

Recipes and Menus 295

Acknowledgments 373

Notes: References and Author Comments for Each Chapter 375

Index 403

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