Dewey Color System for Relationships: The Ultimate Compatibility Test for Love, Friendship, and Career Success

Dewey Color System for Relationships: The Ultimate Compatibility Test for Love, Friendship, and Career Success

by Dewey Sadka

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More than 70 million people have discovered hidden truths about their personality using the Dewey Color System®, a highly accurate self-test that shows what the colors you like and dislike reveal about you. Now, The Dewey Color System for Relationships helps you determine your compatibility with other color types in romantic, platonic, and professional relationships. Using this innovative yet surprisingly simple system, you can easily discover whose true colors are the best match for yours.

• Are you always attracted to adventurous blue-oranges?

• Will a friend who loves yellow calm you down or drive you crazy?

• Do you work best with the colleague who’s a take-charge red-green?

With The Dewey Color System for Relationships, you can discover the secrets of successfully communicating with your romantic partner, friends, family, and even your coworkers and boss. Just choose your colors and have the other person do the same. Then compare personalized profiles to gain insight into why you interact the way you do. The Dewey Color System for Relationships is your key to a life full of colorful characters.

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ISBN-13: 9780307421968
Publisher: Potter/Ten Speed/Harmony/Rodale
Publication date: 12/18/2007
Sold by: Random House
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 240
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About the Author

Dewey Sadka is the founder of one of the largest employment agencies in the country. The world’s first scientifically validated color-based personality test, the Dewey Color System® has been featured on iVillage and the Discovery Channel and in Woman’s Day, Cosmopolitan, Better Homes and Gardens, and dozens of other publications. Sadka lives in Atlanta.

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The Dewey Color System for Relationships

By Dewey Sadka, author of The Dewey Color System

Random House

Dewey Sadka, author of The Dewey Color System
All right reserved.

ISBN: 1400050634

Chapter One

CHAPTER ONE: What Is the Dewey Color System®?

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters, compared to what lies within us. --Ralph Waldo Emerson

What if there was a personality test you could take in less than a minute? A test so easy even a child could understand it? And what if this test could teach you not only about yourself but also about how you interact in your relationships?

Well, now we have it! The Dewey Color System is the world's only validated personality-testing instrument that is based on color instead of language. It is the first system to scientifically predict the recognized major psychometric personality factors--your traits and motivators--without relying on lengthy, imprecise questionnaires. The Dewey Color System uses your color preferences to quickly reveal the real you--not who you believe yourself to be.


Since the beginning of civilization, we have labored to discover the hidden motivations behind our actions. Early attempts to categorize and uncover our real selves focused on external influences like the stars, fate, or the elements. This emphasis gave rise to folklore, witchcraft, astrology, and many other systems that are still popular today. In the modern era, investigators started to look at the individual and free will. Gradually, empiricism paved the way for psychology and the analysis of human behavior.

However, one thing has stymied all of these self-discovery systems--the imprecision of language. Consider how each person, asked a particular question, may interpret it differently. Or how stress, fatigue, environment, prejudice, bias, and education can skew test results. Many times people also deceive themselves and fail to answer questions with complete honesty. These are all reasons why experts have longed to create a language-free system to tell us about individual identity.


Working in the staffing-services business for more than twenty-four years, I learned how thousands of people react during periods of crisis. After many years of observing others, I found that often I could predict people's actions and the eventual outcome of particular situations. This inspired me to look for patterns of human behavior that would tend to repeat themselves. My goal was to gain a more objective view of the needs of others and myself.

Since I believe that people are successful when they do what they enjoy, I began searching for a simple key to better understand the desires, concerns, different perspectives, and passions of those individuals who would determine my future. My experiences with traditional personality evaluations, such as the well-known Myers-Briggs testing tool, led me to conclude that they only scratched the surface of understanding an individual. I knew that if I could invent an evaluation that revealed the motivating factors of each person, productivity, sales, and employee morale would surely soar.

With the help of leading academic scholars, I evaluated my concept using a rigorous test of well over five thousand color profiles that took eleven years to develop. Through extensive testing we have scientifically verified the link between color and emotion that many of us already knew existed.

Chemists and biologists use color to diagnose predictable occurrences. For example, biologists can analyze bacteria's red color growth to establish patterns that tend to repeat under certain conditions. Now the same color-based methodology can be used scientifically to identify patterns in human behavior.

The Dewey Color System allows you to learn about yourself without feeling the pain of personally invasive questions. Don't let the fact that it's so easy discount the truth of this new system. Visit to learn more about how it evolved.


The Dewey Color System is based on a ranking of your favorite and least favorite colors in four different color categories: primary, secondary, achromatic, and intermediate. Simply put, your subconscious mind is attracted to the colors that indicate your passionate pursuits and not attracted to colors that highlight issues you tend to avoid.

This test also indicates, using only color preference, your one-of-a-kind connection. In reading about your interpersonal chemistry, you will recognize the gifts that you give each other each day as well as where to best give support.

Why Vibrant Colors Are Best

In constructing the Dewey Color System, we used the spectrum's most brilliant colors, because studies have proved the more vibrant the color, the more distinct the response. This approach ensured a more accurate system that yielded easily measurable results. In fact, an additional scientific study proved that each hue in the Dewey Color System has a physical quality that both of you react to as a unique personal experience.

Color hue clarity was achieved by using pure shades of blue, red, and yellow. For example, our shade of blue contains no red or yellow. Other color blends were meticulously calculated to ensure hue distinction. Black, white, and brown were also added. This process was how we achieved distinctive, different responses to each color vibration in order to capture your core essence.

Proven Reliability

The Dewey Color System is now the world's first and only validated personality-testing instrument based on color. Sixteen personality factors, including the five global factors of Independence, Anxiety, Self-Control, Extraversion, and Tough-Mindedness, can now be statistically predicted by color preference.

The accuracy of my patented system has been validated against two of America's most respected testing instruments--the Strong Interest Inventory, which measures occupational and career interests, and the 16PF, which measures business and clinical aptitudes. Visit to read more about our landmark statistical correlations and to see scientific journal publications, all compiled by the internationally renowned psychologist Dr. Rense Lange, Dr. Michael McIntyre, research professor at the University of Tennessee, and Dr. Yu-sheng Hsu, professor of statistics at Georgia State University.


The Dewey Color System® reveals the chasm between your vision of yourself and others' vision of you. The results of a clinical comparison of my system with the Myers-Briggs, the 16PF, and the Strong Interest Inventory indicated the following:

•Two out of three participants believed that the Dewey Color System gave them a stronger awareness of themselves.

•Three out of four participants believed that the Dewey Color System better described how they live their lives.

Use The Dewey Color System® for Relationships to build profiles that you can share with your partner to understand why the two of you interact in a certain way. As you read about how your unique color pairings relate, you will recognize how you and your partner complement each other yet sometimes clash--those absurd attempts to rationalize or suppress the qualities that make you both so wonderful. And by accessing the other's core self, both of you will rise above preconceived notions to honor your own unique relationship.

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