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The Drunk Diet: How I Lost 40 Pounds . . . Wasted: A Memoir

The Drunk Diet: How I Lost 40 Pounds . . . Wasted: A Memoir

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by Lüc Carl

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With his trademark Rock 'N Roll hair and snakeskin spandex pants, plus a hot rod and a Harley, Lüc Carl fit the part as a bar manager based in New York City's gritty Lower East Side. And life was good for this Omaha, Nebraska, transplant—a talented drummer who originally moved to the big city to pursue his Rock 'N Roll dreams—until, suddenly, it


With his trademark Rock 'N Roll hair and snakeskin spandex pants, plus a hot rod and a Harley, Lüc Carl fit the part as a bar manager based in New York City's gritty Lower East Side. And life was good for this Omaha, Nebraska, transplant—a talented drummer who originally moved to the big city to pursue his Rock 'N Roll dreams—until, suddenly, it wasn't. Fast forward through seven years of working long hours, bingeing on late-night Chinese food, and drinking excessively; life had found Lüc forty pounds overweight and completely out of shape. But when he turned to the "experts" for advice—reading countless fitness and weight-loss books in the process—he discovered that they all made the same claim: "You can't drink alcohol if you want to lose weight." Lüc decided to take matters into his own hands to transform his body and his life his way—a sort of "f*ck you" to all those so-called experts.

Full of charismatic wit and raucous stories about his life, The Drunk Diet will inspire and challenge you to become fitter, healthier, and happier. Lüc's fitness philosophy isn't about following a list of rigid rules or traditional "do this, not that" charts, but gaining a better understanding of how the body works and discovering what you're personally willing to change about your lifestyle in order to reach your goals. For him, that meant trading in the crap he was eating for unprocessed, natural foods and embracing a newfound love for exercise, but never sacrificing his social life (or his love for cold beer).

This is the story of how one chain-smoking, cheeseburger-eating, hard-partying Rock 'N Roller—a self-proclaimed "out-of-shape, bloated asshole"—grew into an avid runner and cyclist and, ultimately, a happier version of himself. He will be the first to tell you: If he could do it, so can you.

Editorial Reviews

Publishers Weekly
This memoir of a drunken overweight metalhead’s transformation into a drunken healthy-eating metalhead is sometimes so funny that you forget how average it is overall. Carl is a self-described “Whiskey Rock-a-Roller” who colorfully describes a life equally divided between managing a New York City bar, drinking, and eating cheeseburgers before passing out. But after he has a Spinal Tap–style epiphany (“It’s when you don’t remember things like throwing up—on a regular basis—that you realize, maybe it’s time to reevaluate my life”), Carl develops his own weight-loss plan after deciding that “diet books are really a whole bunch of crap written by a whole bunch of assholes who think they know more about your body than you do.” But before a reader can shout, “Fuck, yeah!” in expectation of some rocking new idea, Carl turns into Rachael Ray. The bulk of the book basically provides good but unoriginal basic diet and health information: “I quickly learned that salads are key for weight loss—leafy greens, aside from being very low in calories, are packed with vitamins and energy that keep your metabolism running at full speed.” Even his various sidebars (“What the fuck is aspartame?”) read like notes from a health nut. (Mar.)

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Meet the Author

Lüc Carl is an author, the voice of rock 'n roll on SiriusXM satellite radio, long-distance runner, semi-professional bowler, drummer, party maker, and running coach having multiple certifications in track&field and endurance. After moving to the big city at a young age, he worked is way up, managing his own rock 'n roll bar by the age of 25. After years of hard living his quest to become the sexiest man in the world has been chronicled on his wildly successful blog. He is originally from Omaha, NE. Go Big Red.
LÜC CARL, author of The Drunk Diet, is a bar manager, author, long-distance runner, musician, personal trainer, semiprofessional bowler, and SiriusXM Radio DJ based in New York City. Since the age of fourteen, he has played countless shows and has toured the country with Rock 'N Roll bands that you've never heard of. His quest to become healthier and sexier has been chronicled on his wildly successful blog. He is originally from Omaha, Nebraska.

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The Drunk Diet: How I Lost 40 Pounds . . . Wasted 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Read this book! I recommend it to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their life. Luc is a very real, down to earth rocker from Nebraska that everyone can relate to. He's a very great writer too... never have I felt insulted, humored, and inspired from just a single sentence! He'll get straight to the point and tell you like it is, then inspire you to do something about it. I found myself laughing out loud MANY times throughout this book. He has a great personality and stays genuine to that in his writing.
Diana-Rebornmom More than 1 year ago
I'm an avid reader of Lüc Carl's blog and had read the book teaser, Tales from the Drunk Diet, so I'm quite familiar with the writer's style and amazing sense of humor. Even so, I was totally surprised by this book, it's even better than I thought it would be. I guess Lüc never ceases to amaze me, and all his readers. The title may make some people shy away from the book, but it's part of the author's delightful persona. Due to health issues, I can't really drink alcohol, and that didn't prevent me from loving this book from cover to cover (yes, even the cover is awesome!). This is not a story of a drunk guy who is always wasted and happens to, even so, lose weight and do some exercise. It's infinitely more than that. Lüc shares all his struggles with us: his frustrations, achievements, grief, pain, victories, sweat. Everything is there for all to see. He's very candid when he shares his life with us and he does that in a very humorous and, also, charming way. I've always avoided diet books and the sorts, as I hate people telling me what I should or should not do. Also, they are full of technicalities that don't really appeal to me and make me believe that only a super human would be able to achieve their goals. Well, this book is nothing like that. The author shares his life with us, what worked for him, what didn't work, and we can apply that to our own life the way we find fit. It's not just for men either, any person can enjoy and be inspired by it. He tells us the story of his life, simple as that, from his birth town in Nebraska to his battle to succeed in the Big Apple. I have a very soft spot for New York City, and Lüc shares this love with me, better saying, with all of us. I was there with him, in my mind, working at those bars, waking on those streets and running on that bridge. And all that combined with Rock 'N' Roll and long hair, a taste of the 80's and 70's that I miss so much, all that was a recipe for a book I'd surely fall in love with. Speaking of recipes, Lüc shares quite a few with us, they're awesome and very easy to prepare. The book is hilarious (I was already laughing hard just by reading his "Medical Disclaimer"). People say that we only start to change what we think is wrong in our life when we start to laugh at our own misery. Lüc does that very well and makes us laugh with him, as we can relate to so many of his feelings (if not all of them). He falls in love with his body, and struggle to make it better looking and healthier. That leads him to falling in love with running and dieting. His love is contagious, we fall in love too. After reading his book, I gave up drinking soda and I'm eating salads almost every day (and I always hated them). Lüc makes it all have a different and better meaning. I'd also say that his enthusiasm (by the way, the word enthusiasm comes from the Greek and means "being full of god", very meaningful....) is very contagious, making us all want to change our lives and become better persons for our own sake. Love for oneself, for music, for drinking, dieting, reading, as he says (lesson taken from his parents), "all good things in life - including love - are worth fighting for". He's totally right. So if you want to change something you're not happy with in your life, or just change from your usual estate of inertia, this is the book for you. And who doesn't want to be better? Life is a struggle, and Lüc teaches us that we can fight, even if it's not easy. He doesn't fool us by saying it's going to be easy... Things won't change from one day to the other... we need to take baby steps.. But we'll reach the top of the hill if we really want to. He did. Thanks for sharing it all with us, Lüc Carl. I highly recommend this book, a real life changer. Now, every time that I have a project and think of starting it tomorrow or next week, I remember Lüc and can almost hear him telling me not to be a p***y and start doing it NOW.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Luc does a great job helping people that want a change. Its cool how simple and fun all of the changes seem. The best part is that Luc helps you understand that all of these little changes will add up to the big change you are looking for. Great read, super funny, and inspiring. Turning life into what you want it to be always seems like a daunting task. It can be, but make the solid changes and you can overcome. That's what I got from The Drunk Diet. Oh, and that Luc is one heck of a party. Check it out!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good sense of humor and fun to read.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago