The Face of the Father

The Face of the Father

by Joan Clarke


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ISBN-13: 9781452566139
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 02/25/2013
Pages: 400
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The Face of the Father


Balboa Press

Copyright © 2013 Joan Clarke
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-6613-9




The Edgar Cayce Readings describe God as Spirit, as Mind, as "creative energy." God is the First Cause, which is the energy source of all creation. The characteristics of the spiritual nature of God are Light, Law, Love, Truth, Peace, Harmony, Goodness, Mercy and Individuality. The nature of God is always constructive, purposeful and motivated by Wisdom and Love. The "creative force" of God is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient.

God, the First Cause, the First Principle, the First Movement, IS! That's the beginning! That is, that was, that ever shall be! (262-52)

Truth is the unalterable, unchangeable Law, ever. What is Truth? Law! Love. What is Love? What is God? Law and Love. (3574-2)

For the Universal Consciousness IS constructive, not destructive in ANY manner ... (792-2)

There is very little information about the nature of God BEFORE the creation of Christ as the Only Begotten Son.

Tom Sugrue wrote a detailed account about what God was like before this creation in the philosophy section of There Is A River. It is a very interesting and unique viewpoint which is well worth reading.

"Man demands a beginning and a boundary, so in the beginning there was a sea of Spirit, and it filled all space. It was static, content, aware of itself, a giant resting on the bosom of its thought, contemplating what it was. Then it moved. It withdrew into itself, until all space was empty, and that which had filled it was shining from its center, a restless, seething Mind. This was the individuality of the Spirit; this was what it discovered itself to be when it awakened; this was God. God desired to express Himself, and He desired companionship. Therefore, He projected from Himself the cosmos and souls. The cosmos was built with the tools which man calls music, arithmetic, and geometry: Harmony, system, and balance. The building blocks were all the same material, which man calls the "Life essence." It was a Power sent out from God, a primary ray, which by changing the length of its wave and rate of its vibration became a pattern of differing forms, substance and movement. This created the Law of Diversity which supplied endless designs for the pattern. God played on this Law of Diversity as a person plays on a piano, producing melodies and arranging them in a "symphony.'"

Eula Allen wrote in her book, Before The Beginning:

"All images were first created in spirit, but God is not a worshipper of images. God is love, and the law of love is giving and sharing. God desired companionship. This outpouring of love was the dividing of Himself to create this companionship. This companion was none other than His firstborn, the Christ, His first begotten in Spirit, the Word."

Eula Allen said that God had to divide Himself to create Christ. (Tom Sugrue skipped over the creation of Christ as the Only Begotten Son and jumped right into the creation of souls.)

To understand the whole picture, first, it is important to include the creation of Christ, as the Only Begotten Son.

Edgar Cayce in his Bible class said:

"The First Principle was that God moved out of Himself."

This was the FIRST CAUSE.

Why did God desire companionship?

God is Spirit.

The "I Am that I Am."

God is eternal.

God is creative energy.

God is self-sufficient.

God is the First Cause or First Impulse.

My thought is that it might be very boring to be ALL that is or ever will be even if One is Truth and Light and contains infinite energy and Power.

I would not want to be it all. Who wants to be everything?

All that is?

To know only One's self?

Only me?

To be all-alone with only One's self?

There would be a void.

There would be an emptiness.

It would be infinitely deep.

Did God have to give up a part of Himself to allow an expression of another being beside Himself?

Did God have to divide Himself?

Was there a SEPARATION of the self?

Did God lose a part of Himself in that division?

Or perhaps, He became more of Himself.

Did the Spirit of God in moving out of Himself create a separate vibration apart from His ALLNESS? Or a separateness IN/OF the ALLNESS?

Is there only One God who by dividing Himself makes of Himself two? Or two in One? Another One in the Oneness?

Stillness becomes motion.

Silence gives birth to sound.

The invisible is made visible.

God remains motionless while seemingly dividing Himself by the motion created in the act of His imaging.

How can this be?

How does One give One's Love or "self," if there is no one else to receive it?

A person, a place must exist.

Or be created, "Begotten."

Before the First Creation of the Christ, everything was the same.

The same Oneness.

The only "self."


God desired companionship and expression.

Q: The reason for creation ...?

A: God's desire for companionship and expression. (5749-14)

Love gives without thought of self.

The Cayce Readings tell us that desire as will is a part of creation.

Desire and will are part of the fabric of every soul and they become as Law.

Desire, as will, is a portion then of the spiritual self. (1597-1)

God desired companionship and gave Himself.

In that outpouring of Love, a Son was born.

The Only Begotten Son.


But in His Love, in what we call infinite Love, boundless, the unbounding Grace and Mercy and patience and Love and long-suffering, these have brought to the Father the thought of the lack of the WONDERMENT of, COMPANIONSHIP. (262-115)

The thought of companionship, the thought of the lack of a companion, the wonderment of having a companion to share all with; that is an amazing concept. The sharing of one's self in consciousness, communication, and memory as a co-creator. Companionship is so important to us, and we all treasure the wonderment of it. Without companionship there is a deep void. I can understand why God desired companionship.

God created His Firstborn Son from Himself. The Spirit moved and by moving itself out of itself, a separate vibration was manifested. To do this required a loss or a division of the self. What that may mean we cannot comprehend with human Minds.

This concept must be spiritually perceived as a mystical experience or a knowing that bypasses cognizable reason.

The birth was a replica of Himself in Spirit, born from the Body of God, in the Body of God, of the Body of God. SELF BEGOTTEN!

The Son contains the essence of that which the entire Creator is but having free will to experience separate awareness.

The ability to create and to manifest thoughts, purposes, and dreams into tangible realities.

The Only Begotten Son is Christ.

Christ is Mind.

Christ is consciousness.

Christ is God externalized.

Christ is God crystallized.

Christ is the reflection of God.

Christ is the Spirit of God in action.

Christ is the Light.

Christ is at One with God.

Christ is the Word.

Christ is the Logos.

Christ is the invisible made visible.

Christ is the sound of God.

Christ is God made audible.

Christ is in the Holy Trinity.

Christ is the Holy Trinity.

Christ is the Creator of the universe.

Christ is the Creator of all souls.

Christ is the Creator of all that manifests.

Christ is the name of God.

Christ is the nature of God.

Christ is God.

No man has seen God at any time.

We have only seen the manifestations of Him.

Christ is the mirror that reflects the Father image.

No man hath seen God at any time; the Only Begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, He hath declared Him. John 1:18

No man, no physical matter, has ever seen GOD at any time; only the MANIFESTATIONS of Him. (707-1)

Did the Spirit of God have to divide to see "itself?"

Did that which was the deep, dark, void in unconsciousness become conscious, bringing forth Light?

God said, "Let there be Light and there was Light." This was not as an activity from the sun, or Light shed from any radial influence, but it was the ability of consciousness coming into growth from the First Cause. (2528-2)

In the manifestation of all Power, force, motion, vibration, that which impels, that which detracts, is in its essence of the One force, One source, in its elemental form. (262-52)

Spirit is the FIRST CAUSE, the essence of creative Power, the source of Light, and the motivating influence of all Life. It is God.

Spirit is the First Cause, the primary beginning, the motivative influence, as God is Spirit. (262-123)

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1

The First Existence ... was in the MIND of the Creator ... (2925-1)

Consciousness came into GROWTH from the First Cause. The "Begotten" self unfolds itself into Light.

According to the Readings, there are only three creations, which are "matter", "force", and Mind. Matter, force, and Mind are the ESSENCE of the nature of the Creator. Matter is substance, which is Body. Force is creative energy or Spirit. Mind is consciousness, which is intelligence and memory.

There was, there is, as we find, only three of the creations as is given, matter, force and Mind. (3744-5)


Matter is supreme substance, form, the Body, which is OMNIPRESENT. It is ALL present, everywhere at once, limitless and without beginning or ending. It is timeless. This is the Body or form in which all creation, the Whole universe is contained. This is the First Cause which is from everlasting to everlasting. Matter in some form is necessary for energy and Mind to manifest itself. The Body (matter) is representative of the Father-Mother or God-Parents. Matter or Body is the Father aspect of the Holy Trinity.


Force is SPIRIT. The ALL mighty, ALL powerful, creative energy of God. Spirit or force is OMNIPOTENT. Force is representative of the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost aspect of the Holy Trinity. It is the "anointed presence" of God. It is "sacred energy" and "creative holiness." The essence of this "creative force" is like electricity, but the energy is always purposeful and creative. The Spirit is not neutral, it is Goodness, Life, Love, Law.


Mind is the ALL-knowing, ALL-wise, infinite knowledge and Wisdom of God. Mind is awareness, consciousness, and intelligence and memory.


Mind is representative of the Christ, the Light, the Word. Mind is the Son aspect of the Holy Trinity.

It is also the aspect of God that manifests all that is created.

All souls, the universe(s) came from and passed through this Mind.

God as the Father, Creator, Maker; the Son as the Way, the Mind, the activity, the preserver; the Holy Spirit as the motivative force ... (2420-1)

According to the Readings, we can best comprehend the nature of God through an understanding of the Holy Trinity.

In the Earth, we function from a three dimensional viewpoint. We ourselves are also of Body, Mind, and Spirit; therefore we need to identify with the threefold aspect of the Trinity to understand God and our own selves.

What is the Godhead? Father, Son and Holy Spirit. (3188-1)

Father-God is as the Body or Whole. Mind is as the Christ, which is the Way. The Holy Spirit is as the soul, or in material interpretation, purposes, hopes, desires. (1747-5)

God is the ALL-wise, ALL inclusive, ALL manifesting force in the experience of man.

The Holy Trinity aspect of the Godhead does not in any way indicate that God is plural, but rather stresses the ONENESS of all force.

Know that the Lord thy God is One, and that the Law of the Lord is perfect ... (3651-1)

... the Lord thy God is One! He is NOT divided but One ... (1456-1)

For the Lord, thy God, is One. Don't forget it! He's not multiple ... (3481-2)

For ye are made Body, Mind, soul. They each have their part in thy Oneness, or they are One; as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is One. (3051-3)

The Word, the Christ, the Only Begotten Son, God's Spirit made audible moved ...

Sounding, "I Am that I Am" ...

And portions of Himself, souls, came into being.

All of the other souls (sons/daughters as companions) were created in that movement.

They were sparks of divine Light with the Power of Mind and free will to use their Life force to develop into individual souls.

... In the beginning was the Word. The Word was God. The Word was with God. He MOVED! Hence, as He moved, souls – portions of Himself - came into being. (263-13)

The eternal, absolute, Father of Light created one and only one Son. The First Born, the Only Begotten Son, the Christ, who is God in manifestation. The Son is not made, He is begotten. Through the Christ all other souls were created and are contained therein.

God the Father and God the Son and God the Holy Spirit or Holy Ghost are co-existent, co–Creators, co-joined in Oneness. All three aspects are co-equal and co-eternal.

There are three individual aspects of God in One person. OR three persons in One collective consciousness and Body. Christ is God's revelation of Himself in expression. God divided Himself propagating the Only Begotten Son, thus becoming the Holy Trinity. Once the Holy Trinity manifested, it is eternal and forever unchangeable.

Q: Please explain what is meant by the Godhead?

A: That as from which the impulse flows, or returns to. The beginning-the end-of all. (262-12)

I wrote a little story in 1967 about my interpretation of the mystery of the Holy Trinity.

The gist of it condensed is this:

Once upon a time which was way before time existed, there was a Father who was ALL and everything beautiful, and Good that could ever exist. For since there was no before of His existence, there could be no end of it either. The name of this Father was and still is called Love. For there is no time when He was not. There was only one desire within Him and that was to give all and everything which is beautiful and Good. Since He was all and everything Good, His desire was to give Himself.

The Father gave all and everything that He was, and Love moved all and everything beautiful out of Himself. In the Giving there is no thought of self, just the outpouring of the Love which when given separated Himself from Himself.

The Father was complete and therefore, gave Himself completely.

Once He had given everything, which He was, the Gift of Giving was completed.

This complete Gift of Giving became the Only Begotten Son of the Father.

For in the Giving, the Father gave all of Himself that He was and is and will be forever more.

The Only Begotten Son is God's Gift of Love.

The Gift contained the entire Giver, for the Giver was all and everything Good that could ever be given.

There is only One Son for all and everything that can ever be given was given when He was born and there is nothing else to be added for all and everything beautiful was contained in the outpouring of that total Giving.

Giving never subtracts, it always adds, thus instead of less the Father became more.

Instead of being the only One, He was now TWO instead of One. Two Ones in the Oneness.

Now and forever more, we have God the Father and God the Son.

God the Father is the Giver, the Body in which all that is beautiful and Good that can ever exist is contained.

The Only Begotten Son is within the bosom of the Father.

Like a wheel within a wheel, vibrating, moving, pulsating, overflowing with Life, Love, and energy, He creates thoughts which take shape and which form patterns.

The Son has all the attributes of His Father with the desire to create and the free will to choose His expressions. The Son is the Mind of the Father.

Christ is the First Light of consciousness.

Consciousness is God awakened in Light.

The Son is God in consciousness or God "awareness."

The Christ Mind is the intellect in which everything that is Good and beautiful that can ever be THOUGHT is contained. Now in the Godhead of the Father and the Son, there is also Spirit. The Spirit is the Holy, creative energy of God. It is the essence of God in motion.

Thus, we have the Father who is the Giver and the Body in which all is contained, and then we have the Son, who is the Gift and the Mind in which all consciousness is contained, and we have the Spirit, which is the creative energy and movement of God in action, which is always purposeful and creative in motivation.

The Holy Spirit is the third person in the Holy Trinity of God.

It is the Giving. The threefold nature of God is Body, Mind, and Spirit. The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, is Giver, Gift and Giving or Body, Mind and Spirit.

In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. The Word is Christ, the Only Begotten Son of the Father. Now the Gift spoke to the Giver, the Son spoke to the Father saying, "Let us make souls in our likeness after our image."

The Son like His Father desired companionship and expression. God the Son, the Christ, the Word, MOVED and as He moved, the Gift of Giving gave of Himself ...

SOULS ... portions of Himself came into being. The Giver is the Father, the Gift is the Son, and the Giving is the Holy Spirit. Together they are THREE Ones in the Oneness. (End of story)

For Life is the manifestation of that force ye call God, in whatever form it may appear; and is ONE! (2505-1)

In the Godhead there is found still the three-dimensional concept, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. (1747-5)

Then, the Christ Consciousness is the Holy Spirit, or that as the promise of His presence made aware of His activity in the Earth. The Spirit is as the Christ in action with the Spirit of the Father. (262-29)

Excerpted from The Face of the Father by JOAN CLARKE. Copyright © 2013 by Joan Clarke. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 The Nature of God....................     1     

Chapter 2 Creation of Souls....................     16     

Chapter 3 The Fall of Celestial Beings....................     29     

Chapter 4 Creation of the Heavens & the Earth....................     61     

Chapter 5 The Amilius Era in Atlantis (Pre-Adamic)....................     105     

Chapter 6 Creation of Adam....................     147     

Chapter 7 After the Fall of Adam....................     213     

Chapter 8 The Incarnations of the Soul Who Became Jesus, the Master........     254     

Chapter 9 The Lifetime of Jesus....................     275     

Chapter 10 The Second Coming of Jesus....................     323     

Chapter 11 The Anti-Christ....................     342     

About the Author....................     381     

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