The Fathers of the Church: An Introduction to the First Christian Teachers

The Fathers of the Church: An Introduction to the First Christian Teachers

by Mike Aquilina


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We hear the voices of the early Church Fathers even today. Their teachings, their guidance, their insights, and their sacrifice shaped the Catholic Church. They defined the canon of Scripture. They developed our creeds and forms of worship. They defined Christianity's distinctive moral sense. But who were they? What can we learn from their ancient teachings? What can the Fathers teach us in the 21st century - about holiness, culture, faith, and the Gospel? This is the definitive resource for anyone interested in learning about the Church Fathers and their legacy. Ideal for RCIA, catechists, and clergy as well as lay Catholics who want to learn more about the great teachers of early Christianity. In this new and extensively updated The Fathers of the Church, 3rd Edition, you will find: New: twenty Church Fathers never before covered in this series, New: many poets of ancient Christianity, whose hymns we still sing today, An extensively revised introduction, Nearly seventy-five more pages of information on the early Church, The Mothers of the Church and their impact, Research-friendly references and citations, topical index, timeline, and detailed bibliography

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ISBN-13: 9781612785615
Publisher: Our Sunday Visitor, Publishing Division
Publication date: 08/31/2013
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 138,976
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

Abbreviations 12

Acknowledgments 13

Preface 15

The World of the Fathers: Introduction 17

The Apostolic Fathers: The Gospel's First Echo 55

St. Clement of Rome 56

To the Corinthians 57

St. Ignatius of Antioch 61

The Effects of Heresy 63

The Desire for Martyrdom 64

St. Polycarp of Smyrna 68

The Martyrdom of Polycarp 70

Hermas 73

Hennas Tells His Story 76

The Ante-Nicene Fathers: The Church Finds a Voice 81

St. Aristides of Athens 82

From Creation to Creator 83

St. Justin Martyr 86

To the Emperor Antoninus Pius 88

To the Roman Senate 89

St. Melito of Sardis 90

The Old Passover and the New 92

St. Theophilus of Antioch 95

The Blindness of Sin 96

St. Athenagoras of Athens 97

Arguments for the Defense 98

Consistent Ethic of Life 100

St. Irenaeus of Lyons 101

Union with God 102

Against the Heretics: A Satire of Gnosticism 105

Mary, the New Eve 107

The Eucharist, Pledge of Our Resurrection 107

Tertuliian 108

The Love of Christians 109

Athens and Jerusalem 112

St. Hippolytus of Rome 114

Milk and Honey 115

Wisdom's House and Wisdom's Banquet 116

St. Cyprian of Carthage 117

To Pope Cornelius 119

On the Unity of the Church 120

St. Clement of Alexandria 122

True Gnostics and False Gnostics 123

A Hymn to Christ the Savior 125

Origen 127

To a Young Christian Intellectual 129

The Senses of Scripture 131

A Snippet of Allegory 133

When It's Tough to Read the Bible 133

St. Gregory of Pontus: On Origen, My Teacher 134

St. Dionysius the Great 135

The Christian Difference 137

The Courage of the Martyrs 139

St. Methodius of Olympus 140

The Church Prefigured and Fulfilled 142

Lactantius 143

just Deserts 144

The Fourth Century: The Golden Age of Doctrine 147

Eusebius of Caesarea 148

In Praise of Constantine 150

On Church History 151

St. Athanasius 152

We Worship the Word Made Flesh 154

On the Death of Arius 157

St. Aphrahat the Sage 159

On Persecution 161

St. Ephrem of Syria 164

A Song for Christmas 165

St. Basil the Great 167

On His Conversion 169

A Plea to the Pope 170

On the Holy Spirit 171

St. Gregory of Nazianzus 173

Why I Fled 174

Soul and Body 175

St. Gregory of Nyssa 178

Why Do Infants Die? 179

The Mystical Death 180

On the Building of a Church 182

St. Asterius of Amasea 184

Against Divorce 184

St. Cyril of Jerusalem 187

On Confession 188

On the Eucharist 189

On Reverence at Liturgy 190

St. Pacian of Barcelona 191

On the Name Catholic 192

St. Ambrose of Milan 193

To the Emperor Valentinian 195

To the Catechumens 197

On True Fortitude 199

The Hymns of the Little Hours 201

The Later Fathers: The Church and the Changing World 205

St. Epiphanius of Salamis 206

Against Origen 208

St. John Chrysostom 209

On Riches 211

On Luxury 212

Husbands, Love Your Wives 214

To Parents 217

St. John Cassian 218

The Athlete of Christ 219

Begin with an End in Mind 220

Theodore of Mopsuestia 222

The Meaning of "Consubstantial" 224

St. Cyril of Alexandria 226

Reaching Out to Nestorius 227

Trinity, Incarnation, Eucharist: Unity 231

St. Jerome 234

On Mary's Virginity 236

On Lust 241

On Old Age 242

St. Chromatius of Aquileia 243

Baptism, the Great Mystery 244

St. Augustine of Hippo 245

On His Mother, Monica 248

On Morals 251

On the Trinity 255

Letter to Januarius 257

Prudentius 258

The Story of His Life 259

A Christmas Carol 261

St. Paulinus of Nola 263

The Company of God's Servants 264

Poem on the Annunciation 265

St. Vincent of Lérins 266

How to Study the Fathers 267

St. Leo the Great 268

On Jesus Christ 270

On Rome 271

St. Peter Chrysologus 274

Our Daily, Eucharistic Bread 275

Praying the "Hail Mary" 276

St. Jacob of Serugh 277

On Time for the Lord 278

Homily on Habib the Martyr 279

St. Romanus the Singer 281

Sung Sermon at Christmas 282

St. Benedict of Nursia 283

To Work and to Pray 285

St. Venantius Fortunatus 285

Good Friday Hymn 286

Hymn to the Cross 288

St. Gregory the Great 290

On Bashing the Clergy 291

On the Rights of Jews 293

Dionysius the (Pseudo-) Areopagitc 293

Prayer before Theology 295

Hierarchy: The Ladder of Light 296

St. Maximus the Confessor 298

When Someone Gossips about You 300

The Ultimate Authority on Earth 300

St. Isidore of Seville 302

A Census of the Angels 303

St. John of Damascus 305

On the Veneration of Saints 307

On Images 310

The Mothers 313

St. Perpetua 314

The Passion of St. Perpetua 315

St. Syncletica 317

The Sayings 318

Egeria the Pilgrim 318

Climbing Mount Sinai 319

Postscript 323

About the Author 323

Appendix: For Further Study 325

The Times of the Fathers: Timeline of Events 337

Notes 341

Index 345

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