The Four Eternities

The Four Eternities

by B. R. Hicks

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This booklet explores the use of eternity throughout the Old Testament, using an analysis of four Hebrew words for eternity.

To some people, Eternity is a place of shadows, clouds, darkness, and uncertainty. However, Eternity actually is the Infinity of God’s Love, Life, and Light that shall swallow up all Creation and ultimately bring it back into Unity and Harmony with Himself.

The word eternal means without beginning or end, existing through all time, everlasting. Eternal means timeless, forever the same, always true and valid. The immutable Principles of Eternity remain forever unchangeable or eternal. Eternity never stops; it always goes on or comes back perpetually. God is an Eternal and Continual God. God’s Power, Presence, and Knowledge continuously go on uninterruptedly.

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Publisher: Christ Gospel Press
Publication date: 08/15/2012
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About the Author

Rev. Bernice R. Hicks directs a worldwide ministry, whose headquarters are located located in Jeffersonville, Indiana, USA. Affiliated churches are located in twenty-seven states and sixty-six foreign countries. The organization supports orphanages in Mexico and broadcasts into all major areas of the world via radio and the Internet.

Before the Christian world commonly accepted women ministers, Rev. Hicks felt called to preach, a call she resisted because in her day, women were not supposed to be leaders. She persevered past many obstacles to share a love for studying the Bible.

Six decades of Rev. Hicks' life have been spent studying the Bible and Hebrew. A prolific writer, she has more than 100 books in print, several of which have been translated into foreign languages.

Her works contain brilliant insights into Scripture that other Biblical scholars miss. Her emphasis is on a personal journey of growth toward spiritual enlightenment, as one develops a personal relationship with Christ that transforms the inner self to conform to Christ's nature.

The church in Jeffersonville has 1,000 members, and in addition to a sanctuary seating 2,800 people, there are several more buildings, including a modern building for international and national offices, a facility for recording and publishing, a prayer chapel, a fellowship hall, educational buildings and a gymnasium. Twice a year, the international conventions that are held in Jeffersonville draw over 2,000 attendees.

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The Four Eternities 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
sarahbw1983 More than 1 year ago
Wrapping Your Head Around Eternity Hicks does an amazing job of taking massive theoretical concepts (like eternity and infinity) and summing them up in ways that everyone can understand. So in this book, readers can really begin to get an idea of what eternity is and what it means for Christians. I am someone that likes to plan everything. I plan around what has happened, what is happening, and to the best of my knowledge and capabilities, what will happen. When I think of the word eternity, that sends me, a planner, into a tizzy as I try to wrap my brain around something I can’t see. Through the information presented in this book, I was able to see that Eternity is not something to be terrified or uncertain of. In fact, it is something that I can be absolutely confident in. The author presents eternity in a positive, uplifting manner, and utilizes scriptures throughout her entire text to prove her statements as biblically founded.
KnightLight More than 1 year ago
This brilliant analysis of eternity has opened my eyes and allowed both my love for God and intrigue for theology to be unified. The Four Eternities helps you look deeper at time and eternity and how God views “forever”. The writer’s insight compels and challenges the normal realm of thinking, and draws you to place where traditional mundane thoughts are a thing of the past. I implore and encourage all to exercise your intellectual muscle and read this book!
JulyRuby0717 More than 1 year ago
Understanding God's Eternities -- The author in this booklet clarifies God's four eternities in relation to the past, the present, and the future.  Through her unique interpretation of Scripture, the author explains how eternity is actually God's infinite love, light and life, and how He will ultimately bring all of His creation into harmony with Him.  This book gave me a much clearer picture of how God's plan affects my life and how Jesus Christ as a major figure in these eternities will help me be victorious in my Christian life.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago