The Funniest People in Families, Volume 3: 250 Anecdotes

The Funniest People in Families, Volume 3: 250 Anecdotes

by David Bruce
The Funniest People in Families, Volume 3: 250 Anecdotes

The Funniest People in Families, Volume 3: 250 Anecdotes

by David Bruce


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This is a short, quick, and easy read.

Some sample anecdotes:

• In 1912, Margaret Higgins Sanger wrote about such topics as conception and sexually transmitted diseases in a series of articles titled "What Every Girl Should Know." These articles were published in the radical newspaper The Call. Unfortunately, the United States Postal Service confiscated the issue of The Call that included the article on sexually transmitted diseases. The next issue of The Call included another article on "What Every Girl Should Know." However, the text of that article stated, "NOTHING, by order of the Post-Office Department."

• Where some college athletes get their grades can be a mystery. Truett "Rip" Sewell, who later became a professional baseball pitcher, played sports at Vanderbilt, but the academics were too tough for him, and he dropped out. Two weeks later, he ran into English professor Dr. Eddie Mims, who asked how he was doing. Mr. Sewell explained that he had dropped out and hadn't been to class in two weeks. Dr. Mims said, "That's impossible! We had an exam yesterday, and I passed you!"

• At a hospital in England, nurses lent small children teddy bears for as long as they were in the hospital. However, the teddy bears tended to leave the hospital along with the children, although the teddy bears were supposed to stay behind so they could cheer up other ill children. The nurses found a creative way to keep the children from taking the teddy bears. They put a bandage on each teddy bear and convinced the children that the teddy bears had to stay in the hospital so they could get well.

• As a very young girl, modern dance pioneer May O'Donnell found confessing her sins a "trial." The problem was not that she had horrible sins to confess. Instead, the problem was that she couldn't think of any sins she needed to confess — so she used to make up sins to confess to the priest.

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It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly a cry rang out, and on a hot summer night in 1954, Josephine, wife of Carl Bruce, gave birth to a boy - me. Unfortunately, this young married couple allowed Reuben Saturday, Josephine's brother, to name their first-born. Reuben, aka "The Joker," decided that Bruce was a nice name, so he decided to name me Bruce Bruce. I have gone by my middle name — David — ever since.


Being named Bruce David Bruce hasn't been all bad. Bank tellers remember me very quickly, so I don’t often have to show an ID. It can be fun in charades, also. When I was a counselor as a teenager at Camp Echoing Hills in Warsaw, Ohio, a fellow counselor gave the signs for "sounds like" and “two words,” then she pointed to a bruise on her leg twice. Bruise Bruise?

Oh yeah, Bruce Bruce is the answer!


Uncle Reuben, by the way, gave me a haircut when I was in kindergarten. He cut my hair short and shaved a small bald spot on the back of my head. My mother wouldn't let me go to school until the bald spot grew out again.


Of all my brothers and sisters (six in all), I am the only transplant to Athens, Ohio. I was born in Newark, Ohio, and have lived all around Southeastern Ohio. However, I moved to Athens to go to Ohio University and have never left.


At Ohio U, I never could make up my mind whether to major in English or Philosophy, so I got a bachelor's degree with a double major in both areas, then I added a Master of Arts degree in English and a Master of Arts degree in Philosophy. Yes, I have my MAMA degree.


Currently, and for a long time to come (I eat fruits and veggies), I am spending my retirement writing books such as Nadia Comaneci: Perfect 10, The Funniest People in Comedy, Homer's Iliad: A Retelling in Prose, and William Shakespeare’s Hamlet: A Retelling in Prose


If all goes well, I will publish one or two books a year for the rest of my life. (On the other hand, a good way to make God laugh is to tell Her your plans.)

By the way, my sister Brenda Kennedy writes romances such as A New Beginning and Shattered Dreams.

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