The Golden Vial (Legends of the Realm Book #3)

The Golden Vial (Legends of the Realm Book #3)

by Thomas Locke

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Lady Shona, the newly crowned queen of the realm, is a leader without a throne. Pursued relentlessly by a dark force, her small contingent of loyal followers must make a difficult choice--flee or fight. Determined to save her land from nefarious threats, Lady Shona decides that she must seek out the enemy and attack them head on--a strategy that leads back to the region of the Three Valleys where Hyam was born.

Alas, Hyam has been struck by a mysterious illness that is silently sweeping through the realm. Known as the wasting disease, the sickness has no cure. But there is one shred of hope for Lady Shona and the realm--and it comes in the most unlikely of forms. A young orphan, untested and untrained, could well mean the difference between victory and total defeat.

Thomas Locke concludes his epic trilogy with a gripping tale of courage that will inspire readers to persevere even when all seems lost.

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ISBN-13: 9781493410972
Publisher: Baker Publishing Group
Publication date: 03/20/2018
Series: Legends of the Realm , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 298
Sales rank: 82,270
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About the Author

Thomas Locke is a pseudonym for Davis Bunn, an award-winning novelist with worldwide sales of seven million copies in 25 languages. Davis divides his time between Oxford and Florida and holds a lifelong passion for speculative stories. He is the author of Emissary and Merchant of Alyss in the Legends of the Realm series; Fault Lines, Trial Run, and Flash Point in the Fault Lines series; and Recruits and Renegades in the Recruits series. Learn more at
Thomas Locke is a pseudonym for Davis Bunn, an award-winning novelist with worldwide sales of seven million copies in twenty languages. Davis divides his time between Oxford and Florida and holds a lifelong passion for speculative stories. He is the author of Emissary and Merchant of Alyss in the Legends of the Realm series, as well as Trial Run and Flash Point in the Fault Lines series. Learn more at

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The Golden Vial 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 17 reviews.
StudentofParables More than 1 year ago
Legends of the Realm is a series I have enjoyed immensely and even purchased as gifts for others. When this, the third installment was published earlier this year, I was counting down the days until I could get my own copy. And all I can say is I want more, more! I love Locke’s writing style. His depth of scene pulls the reader headlong into the book, allowing them to experience the story right next to the characters. His pacing when it comes to dialogue is also very well done, allowing for more natural-feeling conversation than I usually find in other works. Mysteries and riddles that were introduced in the first two books are explored more in “The Golden Vial”, but there are still answers to be had, and a final victory to be won. I look forward to the next installment, whenever and however it comes! I received a review copy of this work from the publisher through NetGalley
Toria94 More than 1 year ago
The Golden Vial is the third installment to the Legends of the Realm series by Thomas Locke. It continues the quest of Hyam and company to rid their land of the evil that has come upon it by adding new characters and letting go of others. While I don’t want to say who, for fear of giving too much of the story away, one main character in particular will be greatly missed, not only by Hyam but by those of us who have read the other two books in this series. I was not expecting this turn of events and would much rather have had a happier outcome than the one given. As it is, Locke’s writing is such that I was able to identify with Hyam and others as they grieved for the physical loss of this significant character. Thankfully, however, the spirit of this character has been found and will no doubt continue on in the fourth book, of which there absolutely must be one. The newest character presented to us, and the one who will play a vital role in combating the evil that has come upon the land, is Dally. She is also the one who is the focus of this book. Dally is an orphan, just shy of 18, when we are introduced to her. As expected, she has unusual and significant powers that will aid her in her part to rid the world of evil, but oddly enough, she is human. That’s right…just a plain, ordinary human being. The fact that she is human makes her powers even more special. Her young life has been very hard, but it has prepared her for her future role and the difficulties ahead. Because she has grown up humbly, she is initially overwhelmed by the attention given to her as well as the understanding and acceptance of the strangers who have come into her life. Rather than go into all the details of battles, either physical, emotional, and/or magical, I will leave that to you to discover and enjoy reading. The journey is a quick one and one that I did feel ended much too soon, but that was because I became so involved with the characters and all that was going on in the story. A story so enjoyable and gripping that I didn’t want it to end knowing I’d have to wait another year for the next installment to share in the lives of these new found “friends.” While the book could have been made longer by the addition of more in depth landscape descriptions, descriptions of clothing, houses, villages, trials, etc., I have a very well-developed imagination, so I am not in need of all that filler. I had no problem identifying with and understanding Dally, or any of the other characters for that matter. I found her to be a hard working, honest, and humble young woman. I highly recommend this book to readers of all ages. Those who wish to escape from the troubles of every day life will enter a world that, though imaginary, can teach them so much. They will experience joy through the acceptance found by Dally, grief through the loss of one much respected and loved, frustration due to the stubbornness and narrow mindedness of older folks who should have been wiser, adventure as the story unfolds and risks must be taken, intrigue as stealth is required, and recognition of the need for those who may have once been sworn enemies to lay aside past grievances and come together for the good of the whole. While the book is a work of fiction, it has much to teach those who will take the time and make the effort to learn. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell and the author. No request for a review was made nor was one expected.
centraleast22 More than 1 year ago
This book is the conclusion in the Legends of the Realm trilogy. I liked seeing the story line wrapped up and how Lady Shona worked at leading her people even with everything that was against her. I liked seeing how she had to put her reliance in someone that she did not know and did not know if they could get the job done, but had to trust that they could. I received a copy of the book from the publisher, the review is my own.
Phyllis_H More than 1 year ago
Legends of the Realm by Thomas Locke My rating is 4.5 Stars This was my favorite book of the trilogy and had my favorite characters, Dally and Connell. Dally has a way of communicating with the wolfhounds that her master, the Mayor raises. She also has giftings of magery and “seeing” that have been hidden to those around her. The villagers have always shunned and feared her. Never having seen herself in a mirror and only judging her appearance by the reactions of those around her, she assumes she is homely. Her humility and yet willingness to do whatever she needs to is endearing. I was captivated by Connell in his cameo in The Merchant of Alyss and had high hopes that he would return. He is a master mage and a favorite instructor among the apprentices. In The Golden Vial, he is a pillar of strength despite the queen passing him over for a great role in the Realm. "The chief wizard of Emporis was tall and handsome, with the clear blue eyes of a midsummer dawn. He wore his blond hair standing straight up, like a yellow brush. His blond goatee ended in a woven strand as long as his thumb. He did his best to provoke—outrage, humor, attraction—any response would do, Hyam suspected, so long as it was robust. Connell was everything Hyam was not and never would be. Hyam already liked the young man immensely." From The Merchant of Alyss While I normally don’t like to read stories that contain witches (shudder!), the ones in this story are more sirens than typical Halloween witches, and though they are by no means nice, it didn’t bother me that they made an appearance. There were a myriad of creatures I’ve never heard of before, and each one was creatively described in such a way that I could picture it well. Despite the fact that there was a full cast of important characters to keep track of, they were introduced in such a way that when they appeared later, I was not too overwhelmed to be able to know who each one was. Though the description of this book declares it to be the last of the trilogy, there is unfinished business and hints of more to come. According to author Thomas Locke’s blog, there is a possibility of this series becoming a major motion picture, and if so, there could be more to the stories. I can only hope that is the case. This review was originally posted on Get a Preview of Legends of the Realm at I would like to thank Netgalley, Revell for giving me this copy of the book. This gift did not influence my opinion or review.
Maryar39 More than 1 year ago
“The Golden Vial,” by Thomas Locke, is a book of fantasy and fiction. This is book three in Legend of the Realms. The good guys are very good, although we don’t know a whole lot about the bad guys, they are very bad! Dally, an abused orphan, is our star. Her only friends are the dogs she seems to share quarters with. She has some “strange” powers that she doesn’t understand and she certainly doesn’t want anyone to know about! Why can she “see” what the dogs see? When Queen Shona arrives in town several things are suddenly making sense. Can Dally learn more about wizardry and save her village? As you read this book you will learn about Dally’s life, her magic and the world she lives in. Come along and travel into this fantasy adventure to see what happens! This is a clean, easy to read book that is enjoyable for all ages.
debhgrty More than 1 year ago
Deb’s Dozen: An untested mage, a new queen, an old evil. Survival in jeopardy. The Golden Vial, the third book in Thomas Locke’s Legends of the Realm fantasy series demonstrates Locke has his groove back. The first book, Emissary, I loved; the second book, Merchant of Alyss, I hated; this third book, I love. Evil is still abroad in the land. Hyam is mourning the death of his wife, Noelle, and seems to be afflicted with a wasting sickness. The new queen, Shona, has arrived at the Three Valleys where a dog whisperer, Dally, lives. But Dally is more than that—she is a far-seerer and has spoken with Shona several times in her dreams. In fact, Dally is a powerful mage—but woefully untrained. In this epic fantasy, book three, Dally and her dogs are able to draw out the beasts of evil, and Shona’s army with the aid of the dogs is able to combat them—this time. How Dally is freed from her servitude with the mayor of Honor and his termagant of a wife is the stuff that keeps me reading fantasy. Locke’s wonderful fantasy world and adventures come alive in The Golden Vial. Jump from one to three—you’ll catch up quickly and be entranced by Dally’s adventures as I was. Five stars. Thomas Locke is the pseudonym for Davis Bunn, a much-celebrated and much-awarded author. Name the prize in Christian literature and Davis has won it or finaled. He is the writer in residence at Oxford University in England six months of the year and lives in Florida the balance of the time. He is a frequent and edifying speaker at many writers’ conferences. Revell, a division of Baker Books, gave me a copy of The Golden Vial, but I was in no way obligated to write a review
MarB1 More than 1 year ago
The Golden Vial is the third volume in The Legends of the Realm series. It is a very nice read, although I found some things a little bit strange. The main character of the previous books has been pushed to the background to make place for an entirely new main character, Dally. I had not expected this, but it was not a bad move. Dally flows in nice and naturally and turns out to be a very powerful ally. The enemy is more powerful than ever, but there is little action and even less resistance, which is completely out of line with the previous books. Left with the feeling that The Golden Vial is an interlude, I wonder if there will be a next volume. This book could be the end, but it is not really the end. All in all, this is a pleasant story to read. The characters are nice and the storyline flows well.
Sydney More than 1 year ago
I was very ready for a story that takes place somewhere “other than Earth”, and this was just the ticket. Again, I have come in on the third book of a trilogy, and this trilogy is one I’ll soon be purchasing the first two books in! It’s a wonderful tale of the eternal struggle between good and evil, light and dark, and how every one of us can be a boon to the light side, or aid the dark side by choosing simply to do nothing and ignore its presence. (Sounds a bit like modern times here on Earth, doesn’t it?) An orphaned girl who has held secret the special powers she has is the one person who might be able to turn the tide of things and bring victory to the light. Yes, this is the third book in the series, but I found it easy to follow the story since it is crafted more like a stand-alone than one in a serial. Would I recommend it to friends? Yes, definitely! Although maybe we should all begin at the beginning, with “Emissary” and read the books in order. **I was sent this copy from Revell Books in exchange for my fair and honest opinion.**
Virginiaw More than 1 year ago
If you enjoy fantasies with elves, humans and dragons you will so enjoy this book. This is Book three in the Legends of the Realm series. You don’t have to read books 1 and 2 to understand this one but if they are as good as this one then you should read them. Dally is a wonderful character who is full of magic that she doesn’t understand. She helps to save this world. I received a copy of this book from Revell for a fair and honest opinion that I gave of my own free will.
ARS8 More than 1 year ago
I am not really much of a fantasy reader. But I have been reading the Legends of the Realm from the first book, so I was interested in how the series would end, especially since the second book left off with a lot unresolved and beloved characters’ lives hanging in the balance. We do get a glimpse of what had happened to Hiram and Shona is communicating with a young orphan girl by the name of Dally. Dally is a special person who lives a sort of Cinderella life, but she keeps her spirits up by remembering the love her family had for her and knowing that she is meant for more. There are plenty of battles, magic, and character growth as we get to know new and secondary characters. One important lesson I gleamed was how the village people ignored the darkness and danger that was encroaching ever further into their town. They did not want to acknowledge it nor did they want to deal with it so they pretended it did not exist. I thought that was a great lesson for today’s day and age. I often times get lost in fantasy stories but this one was engaging and simply enough told that it held my interest. I would recommend for older teens and up. I received a complimentary copy of this novel. I was not required to post a positive review and all views and opinions are my own.
Blooming-with-Books More than 1 year ago
Love this series... The Golden Vial Legends of the Realm #3 By Thomas Locke Something is coming to the Three Valleys and Dally is able to sense it. Orphaned when the fiends attacked her home killing her parents and brothers, Dally has always been isolated in her home village. But her long-held secret gift is what may save the realm from the ancient evil that has decided to return. Hyam has succumbed to an illness that none knows how to treat or even slow. And unless action is soon undertaken Hyam will soon die and the realm will fall. Hoping to stem this tide Queen Shona is lead to travel to the Three Valleys in an attempt to halt the enemies progress. It is for this time that Dally's gifts are needed and in her untrained state, she needs all the help she can get especially when her gifts seem to be draining her and her own life is in danger. The Golden Vial is a book one is drawn into from the opening line. Though it is the third book in the series one can easily follow it as this time Dally is the main focus of the story. Hyam is not the main character though his presence is a motivating factor that helps propel the story along. One can easily identify with Dally from the beginning. There are characters from the previous two books who take an active role throughout and it is interesting to see the interaction between them and Dally. I for one personally hope for many more books in this series that can capture one attention from cover to cover. The Golden Vial most definitely leaves this reader in hope of another book and it can't come too soon. I was provided a review copy of this book by the publisher with no expectations of a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.
joyful334209 More than 1 year ago
The Golden Vial Is a wild child. It is a great book if you couldn't tell. It was about freedom, gifts and abilities and now they were going to use them. There was bravery and the want of healing. There is fight or flight for you and your Kingdom or them and theirs. The imagery is unreal. The story telling is off the charts - though this is the 3rd book in a series and I wish I had read the 1st two but I don't think totally needed, but maybe it might help a lot. I received a copy of this book from the Publisher and Netgalley; all of the opinions expressed in this review are all my own. if you would like to read more of my Christian book reviews go to
benhli38 More than 1 year ago
The Golden Vial is the latest in the Thomas Locke series Legends of the Realm. Where book one, The Emissary, introduces us to Hyam and his company of friends including his wife, and weaves a continuing story of friendship, loyalty, and sacrifice in book two--Merchant of Alyss--we see that book three, Golden Vial focuses solely on a new character. I may not have said it about book two, Merchant of Alyss, but Lady Shona makes an appearance and she's not yet a queen. But in this latest installment she is "the newly crowned queen of the realm...without a throne." I think the book is an amazing read, one that takes the reader on an amazing journey, and when read with both Emissary, first, and then Merchant, secondly, you'll see what I mean. It tells all of Hyam and Joelle's story. What I'm not going to do here is to burst the bubble of anticipation for Thomas Locke's latest book. You'll have to pick it up and read that for yourselves. For me, I loved the book, and I'm sorry I waited so long to even post this review up. Suffice it to say that this latest book will either make you want to re-read the whole series over again, or maybe not at all. What I can tell you is that overall I absolutely love the way Thomas Locke writes. So, who is Thomas Locke? Thomas Locke is the pseudonym for bestselling author T. Davis Bunn who has written books exceeding seven million copies in over twenty languages. He divides his time between Oxford and Florida, holding a lifetime passion for speculative stories. In terms of the stories he writes and tells under Thomas Locke, he has also authored the books Fault Lines, Trial Run and Flash Point; and Recruits and Renegades in the Recruits series. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Revell for my honest opinion and feedback.
Steve_Doc_Hilton More than 1 year ago
“What's in a name? that which we call a rose By any other name would smell as sweet;”. William Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet Perhaps that’s a question that one should ask of Dally . . . orphaned by a fire that had robbed her of father, mother, and three brothers; serving in the kitchen of the Mayor of Honor under the cruel ministrations of Krim, his wife; and yet possessed of gifts far beyond the scope of normal humans. Magic came naturally to Dally, and her abilities in far-seeing were kept to herself, for fear of superstitious reprisal. Until the fate of the realm was suddenly laid upon her small soldiers. Hyam, The Emissary, lay in the elven realm, stricken by a strange malady that threatens to claim his life. In an effort to bring healing to Hyam – and to the realm – Queen Shona risks both life and crown and travels to Honor, Hyam’s hometown. Here, plans will be made that, if successful, will bring hope and healing to The Realm. If they fail . . . The Realm will be no more. This is book three in Thomas Locke’s THE LEGENDS OF THE REALM series . . . and one that I felt in my bones must be “just around the corner,” I’ve been waiting for it so long. In fact, 2 days before I received the invitation to review The Golden Vial, I had just finished re-reading both Emissary and The Merchant Of Alyss, so I was more than prepared to “jump in” and finish this series. But . . . it’s not finished, is it, Mr. Locke? Rich in stunning visual images, full of complex, well-rounded characters that grow before your very eyes . . .and so full of suspense, intrigue, heart-stopping action and heart-breaking emotion that you will feel as if you are just one more traveller on a journey of a lifetime. You will find yourself “Rejoicing with them that do rejoice, and weeping with them that weep.” Romans 12:15 (KJV)
theskett More than 1 year ago
The Golden Vial, the latest in Thomas Locke’s Legends of the Realm series, is another enchanting tale. I was immediately drawn into Dally’s gripping story, as we follow her journey out of her past into an unknown, exciting future. I was happy to meet and get to know Dally and Edlyn. The story is enchanting, yet down to earth. It was delightful to see the dragon (Trace) again. I look forward to hearing more of Connell’s story. The end leaves me certain there will be another chapter in the Legends of the Realm. Battles and floods and magic – it’s all here, but even more importantly, this is a story of deep bonds of friendship forged in the quest for peace. I received a copy of the book from the publisher. This is my honest review. All opinions are strictly my own.
GrandaddyA More than 1 year ago
Once again Thomas Locke has drawn me into fantasy land with his third book in the Legends of the Realm series. I find it interesting that I can get so caught up in a story like this even though I never recall going into a bookstore or library looking for a fantasy to read. Whether it is a diversion from my normal reading habits or something else altogether, I discover after starting that I don’t want to put the book down. In this case, something about an orphan girl who has a special bond with the wolfhounds bred and raised by her benefactor intrigued me. Dally was an unusual young woman who was human but had special powers. She did not understand them nor did she know how to control them. Within a short time, her life is turned upside down as she quickly advances from having visions in the night to having an audience with Queen Shona who has traveled to meet with her. As Queen Shona is seeking to save the realm, she has learned about Dally and her secret powers. Suddenly Dally is thrust into the limelight, what we would call being given a national platform today. Even though this book is written for a wide, general audience, I think it gives some insight into the effect of evil on modern society. Just as the people in the story who were basically good seemed to think evil would go away if they ignored it, we have many today who want to believe things will get better as long as we refuse to acknowledge that evil exists. But just like the story, we must take a stand against the evil and do our part to push back the darkness. I received a copy of the book from the publisher. This is my honest review. All opinions are strictly my own.
connywithay More than 1 year ago
Was this to be her destiny? To use a gift of such immense potential only to have it nibble at the very core of her being?” Dally questions in Thomas Locke’s novel, The Golden Vial. ~ What ~ Third in the Legends of the Realm series, this three-hundred-and-four-page paperback targets those who enjoy fictional fantasy involving magical lands of mages, acolytes, healers, dragons, wizards, and orbs. With no profanity, topics of casting spells, war, illness, and death may not be appropriate for immature readers. Beginning with a drawn map of the Realm, the book concludes with the author’s biography and advertisements. In this sequel that vaguely backtracks to the prior books, a young orphan servant girl who is almost eighteen years old realizes she has the special gift of far-seeing. With her wolfhounds and unusual ability to cast spells, she is called upon by Queen Shona and others in Three Valleys to search for the Golden Vial that holds the tears of Hyam’s deceased wife so that he and others can be healed. While villages are attacked, treaties are revoked, and friendships are formed to work together to get rid of the evil enemy. ~ Why ~ With a lot of spells, sorcery, and magic, the book will engage any lover of fantasy as it shows the inner torment of trying to find one’s potential and place in the world while building unity among a divergent of peoples. I found the inner turmoil of Dally’s emotional being engaging as she learns how to become an acolyte, even though she is sometimes opposed to the idea. Locke’s expressive and detailed writing lays out of the land of magic while expounding on spellcraft. ~ Why Not ~ Those who do not like fantasy that involves sorcery, magic, and wizardry set in a medieval era will pass on this read. Some may feel the book is tedious with its plethora of players. Others may not realize the book focuses on a young girl’s awakening to her inner powers while briefly trying to save Hyam. ~ Wish ~ Having a sister who once professed Christ and is now a teaching “white witch,” I do not think it is edifying promoting fantasy that deals with the occult, wizardry, and casting spells, especially if it may stimulate the interest of a young adult. A list of characters would be helpful at the beginning of the novel. ~ Want ~ If you like a book series about witchcraft, sorcery, and telepathy while trying to save the Realm, this may interest young adults, but after reading all three books by one of my favorite authors, I found it involved too much of the occult. Although this is the last in the trilogy, there is plenty of room for another sequel with more characters introduced. Thanks to Baker Publishing for this complimentary book that I am under no obligation to review.