The Grieving Heart Journal: A Collection of Poetry and Prose

The Grieving Heart Journal: A Collection of Poetry and Prose

The Grieving Heart Journal: A Collection of Poetry and Prose

The Grieving Heart Journal: A Collection of Poetry and Prose


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This book is dedicated to anyone who has ever experienced grief, so basically it is dedicated to everyone. By allowing yourself time to grieve properly you can then become free to move on and embrace all that is life. I found that journaling was very cathartic and helped me along my personal processes. I’m including pages for you to record thoughts and feelings with each piece as well as additional journal pages in the back. It can be therapeutic to write down emotions that overwhelm and in doing so allow the healing. May you find comfort and know that you are not alone in this process.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781087801506
Publisher: Debra a Rosman
Publication date: 11/01/2019
Pages: 122
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.26(d)

About the Author

I am a writer, a seeker of joy and a change agent I can only speak from my own experiences and observations in life. This book, The Grieving Heart, was written because it is critical to grieve. It is my firm belief that, only after you have grieved completely, can you turn around and embrace life fully again. Change is the only constant in life so accepting that truth sets you free to live. My life has been rich and full of love. I am blessed, but like everyone else, I have known loss and will continue to do so. Within a ten-year period, I lost my father, a sister and a close family friend followed by my beloved mother; and for what it's worth, my condo from fire. During that decade, I began writing to help understand my losses as well as the losses of others' around me. When first my father died, I wore my grief for him like a badge honor. I felt that if I wasn't in anguish each day, I was somehow dishonoring his memory. One day, out of nowhere, I realized that my father would not want this despair for his daughter; and so, I began to honor his memory in other ways. It is my sincere hope that one of pieces in this book will resonate within you, Dear Reader, and help you on your journey to peace. Understand that it is critical to grieve when you experience loss so that you can fully embrace life again.

Table of Contents

I Am Not Gone


Momma’s Keepsakes

When Night Does Fall

Life’s Seasons

There Are No Cards for Suicide

Until We Meet Again

The Loss of Your Grandfather

Adrift-The Loss of a Parent

A Tribute

Gary Indiana, a Grand Ghost Town

Master Painter

A Prayer in Honor of All Who Have Perished in Service

Happy Birthday to My Sister - My Hero

When Do You Stop Counting?

A Gift


110 Days

Mama, It’s Spring

Imperfect Stitches


Twistems aka Twist Ties

Where Did He Go To?

Master Gardener

Legion of Ladies

The Meeting of Joyce and Josiah

Greetings from The Other Side

Brown Sugar Pies

A Note to Those I Left Behind

Pink Pens Make Me Happy

When I Am Gone


The Passing of Chicken Delicious

Love Letter to my Humans

The Grieving Heart

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