The Ground Zero Model

The Ground Zero Model

The Ground Zero Model

The Ground Zero Model


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This book is an invitation to uncover and decode the lies of 9/11, both the physics and the demonic conceptions and machinations behind it which led to the crime of the century.

The Ground Zero Model (GZM) presented here assumes a nuclear destruction process of the World Trade Center. Hitherto any nuclear hypothesis on 9/11 has been violently attacked by state agents and the "public common sense" (which we call "the trained mind" in this book).

However, the authors provide not only a hypothesis, a model, but they also reveal the "9/11 Nuclear Fingerprint" left behind by the perpetrators, likely to their horror: an electromagnetic signal readable like a barcode scan to those who understand the physics behind it.

We wrote this book with the intention of providing the broad public with the basic knowledge for understanding the true monstrosity of the 9/11 war-crime against America.

However, as simple as the physics might turn out to be, more puzzling and complex is the mindset of the perpetrators, which we must also grasp and recognize.

So, in addition to the physical theories and basic mathematical equations for understanding the destructive mechanisms of the World Trade Center (both the Twin Towers and Building 7) we touch upon the most forbidden topics with this book: the combination of supreme intelligence and the infantile belief in the all-powerful conception of evil as a legitimate force.

The reader will understand that the worship of evil and the worship of Mammon is not only a the­oretical and figurative conception for some, but in fact real for the powerful. We do not provide names, but we are confident that when arriving at the end of this book any reader will know which group it is that bows to and leads the death cult of Money.

Thinking positively, this book is a step towards liberty, starting playfully with a hypothesis. In the long run – should this hyothesis turn out to be true – it will create an outcry for justice. Nonethe­less, as important as justice might be, the author's intention is not to "bring" justice or to identify the perpetrators, but rather to help [to] free the human mind.

At first, this easy-to-read book might seem a challenge to American physicists, researchers and investigators. We point out that the "challenge" here is the mere thought of the crimes' enormous scale. The physics behind it is simple.

This book must also be understood as a call for the universities to prove or disprove the Ground Zero Model (GZM). On the university level, this future task should be simple. The underlaying dynamics can be solved by either using differential equations or by building a model based on finite element analysis (FEA), which is good for solving any given physical phenomenon.

We are confident that step by step – and with the help of the still to be liberated universities – we can collectively break the spell and leave the lie behind, throwing it finally on the dungheap of follies of human history.

The old and still deeply rooted public belief in the 9/11 state lie is a prison in itself. Layer by layer, this book reveals the structure of the lie, its method and character. And so cautiously – again step by step – the reader is invited to leave the prison cell. He or she will then soon recognize that this is only the beginning.

In finishing we would like to point out that the real journey to truth must be undertaken by the reader himself. We invite and encourage everyone to do so.

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ISBN-13: 9781663537676
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 07/01/2020
Pages: 194
Sales rank: 842,252
Product dimensions: 8.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.53(d)

About the Author

Heinz Pommer studied physics in Germany and France. After his degree he re-trained as a technical writer, documenting complex machinery. He is now CEO in his small enterprise for Automated Technical Documentation. Mr. Pommer is a passionate hiker and oberserver of things, not making for speed, but endurance in the sense of patience. For Mr. Pommer, connecting to nature doesn't only mean to observe, but rather to feel being a part of the energy flow of nature. It's important to feel nature's energies correctly. In respect to September 11th, 2001, many walks and hikes were needed to get closer to the truth.

"Still water will never flows upwards. Except in trees, being invited to do so. The earth will never speak to you unless you start speaking to it. The stars will never shine for those who search for them with a spotlight. A fight with a dragon is no fight, unless there is the risk to get killed."

Dr. François Roby is an associate professor in physics at the Université de Pau et des Pays de l’Adour in France. In February 2019 he released a preliminary physics paper on the HAL scientific archive website, demonstrating the use of nuclear energy at Ground Zero.

Dr. David Madlener studied at Cologne university both Mathematics and Physics. He graduated in 2008 on Numerical Simulations in Astrophysics with software to simulate hydrodynamics and gravitation. He worked at the German Center for Aerospace (DLR) on software and electronics of the Mars rover for Beagle 2 and later on SESAME, an experiment for Philae, the probe that made the first soft landing on a comet in 2014. He earned a PhD at Kiel university in 2013 researching Young Stellar Objects (YSOs) with an emphasis on Radiative Transfer and Optimization with Monte Carlo methods. As a Postdoc he worked at the Max Planck Society observing YSOs with IR interferometry. He's now a system architect for digital designs and develops optical sensor technology for autonomous systems.

Andreas Pieper (MSc) studied physics in Greifswald / Germany. During his time as a doctoral student, he dealt with graphene, a novel two-dimensional, solid-state made of carbo, and numerical algorithms for matrix solvers on supercomputers. Mr. Pieper wrote the Introduction to this book.

Jeff Prager is the founder & publisher of an award winning magazine, investigative journalist and author of over 100 free eBooks. Mr. Prager wrote Chapter 2.
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