The High Duties of Pacia: The Complete Saga

The High Duties of Pacia: The Complete Saga

by Bob Craton

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Imagine a world populated with the entire spectrum of humanity. Good people – ordinary citizens of small cities – fear attack from brutal and powerful men called the Zafiri. Great Cities are divided between the decadence and splendor of the wealthy and the deprivation and squalor of the poor. An organization of women known as the Sistéria is widely known but little understood. Its members have the talent to use ‘effect,’ the ability the read and control the emotions of others, and sometimes to have prescient visions of the future. And people in Pàçia, a land with an ancient history set apart from the rest of the world, were once gentle, kind and peaceful. Their leaders did not have the power to rule or command; they had duties to fulfill – High Duties which for millennia helped make the world a better place. That is, until twelve years earlier when the Zafiri invaded Pàçia with a massive army, capturing the beautiful city Abbelôn and crushing the gentle people. Now the rest of the world is threatened by more war and destruction.

Then an extraordinary young woman named Sistére Graice crosses paths with a man unlike any she has met before. Her ‘effect,’ her ability to control everyone else, has no power over him. Known only as Holder, the man has no memory and doesn’t know his own identity. Along with Graice’s mentor Sybille, they begin a journey – and only Sybille knows the destination.

Elsewhere, a boy age thirteen travels with his aunt (his sole surviving relative) hiding from enemy spies by moving constantly and using false names and disguises. He can’t remember his parents and doesn’t even know his own name.

A girl named Caelia, also thirteen, hides from the same enemy. She lives with many other refugees in a cavern where her father searches for secrets of the Anziên people, a civilization which collapsed 3,500 years earlier. She knows nothing of the outside world until she insists on joining a trade expedition to acquire the food they need to survive.

Clearly all four have a destiny to fulfill although they do not yet know what it is. Gradually they realize it must involve freeing Abbelôn from the Zafiri, but the four are all dedicated pacifists. How can they expel the vicious enemy without resorting to violence themselves?

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BN ID: 2940045558631
Publisher: Bob Craton
Publication date: 01/02/2014
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About the Author

Fantasy & Sci-Fi Fans: I actually would rather have people enjoy my stories than make money. That is why I write. Therefore, you can get "The High Duties of Pacia," "A Princess of Fae," and "Jesika's Angel" all for 'reader sets the price.' Naturally, I would love reviews but you have no obligation to write one if you don't want to. --- When he was a child, Bob Craton’s teachers often remarked (not always favorably) about his day-dreaming. He spent much of his time lost in his own imagination, often creating elaborate elementary school tall-tales, and the habit never went away as he grew up. Coming of age in the 1960s filled his head with dreams of saving the world and having a career in academia. Then the real world closed in. With a family to support, he took a job at the corporate grindstone, just temporarily until he could get back to grad school and earn the PhD he desired. Somehow ‘temporarily’ turned into thirty-three years of stress and boredom but he kept entertaining himself by creating stories inside his head. Interestingly (well, he hopes it’s interesting anyway), his best ideas came to him while he was stuck in rush-hour traffic during his daily commute. At age fifty-seven, he retired early (a euphemism for ‘got laid off') and had time to put his tales on ‘paper’ (an ancient product now replaced by digital electronics). The ideas in his head were all visual, like scenes from a movie, and as he began writing, he learned to translate visual into verbal and improve his skills. Or at least, that’s what he says. He admits that sometimes minor characters – or some who weren’t included in the original plan at all – demand attention. Frequently, he agrees with them and expands their roles. Many people believe he is bonkers for believing that fictional characters talk to him, but he calls it creativity and remains unrepentant.

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The High Duties of Pacia: The Complete Saga 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
toni-michelle More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. Like any other review I post, I refuse to offer up spoilers. I do not like those kinds of reviews. It ruins the surprise, I think. I was captivated right away and curious as to what the characters were hiding. Once I found out I couldn’t stand the thought of having to stop reading it. I am not saying that this book has been the best I have ever read, but it is certainly up there in the books I loved reading. I think many would enjoy this story, especially boys between 10-15 as they like to be rowdy and rambunctious in a different way than when they were younger. I would definitely suggest this to my nephews and brothers as well as anyone that enjoys a good book lost in a world of imagination.