The Influential Author: How and Why to Write, Publish, and Sell Nonfiction Books that Matter

The Influential Author: How and Why to Write, Publish, and Sell Nonfiction Books that Matter


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ISBN-13: 9781945884658
Publisher: Identity Publications
Publication date: 12/01/2018
Pages: 436
Sales rank: 471,254
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.89(d)

About the Author

Gregory Diehl is the author of multiple bestselling books on identity development for businesses and individuals. He is also the founder of Identity Publications, an organization that produces and publishes books containing ideas that matter. Diehl travels to more than 50 countries, enjoys homesteading in Ecuador and Armenia, and kidnaps felines from streets around the world. Connect with him at or

Table of Contents


Questions to Help You Get the Most from This Book

Introduction to This Book’s Structure and Purpose

Part 1 - Philosophy

Chapter 1: The Historical Influence of Writing

Chapter 2: Introspecting What to Write About

Part 2 - Strategy

Chapter 3: The Market Ecosystem around Your Book

Chapter 4: Designing the Meaning of Your Message

Part 3 - Creation

Chapter 5: The Qualities and Conditions of a Writer

Chapter 6: Writing Your First Draft

Part 4 - Refinement

Chapter 7: Effectively Editing Your Message

Chapter 8: Proofreading, Pedantry, and Punctuation

Part 5 - Presentation

Chapter 9: Book Appearance and First Impressions

Chapter 10: Preparing Each Format of Your Book

Part 6 - Promotion

Chapter 11: Setting Your Book for Launch

Chapter 12: Maintaining Book Traffic and Exposure

Part 7 - Reward

Chapter 13: What Happens When You Publish a Book

Chapter 14: Your Destiny as Author and Publisher for Life

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The Influential Author: How and Why to Write, Publish, and Sell Nonfiction Books that Matter 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
SheilaDeeth 8 days ago
Self-publishing isn’t just about books being sold; it’s also about words and writing. In The Influential Author, author Gregory Diehl, who may well be influential, draws readers in quickly with an overview of the history, importance, power and social dangers of words. As a Cambridge mathematician, I particularly love the reminder of the importance of, for examples, Newton’s Principia Mathematica, but readers from other fields will find much to intrigue them too, as the author explores censorship, science and even common sense in an overview of history and philosophy… in a book about writing! Of course, by modern times the philosophical questions just might devolve into self-publish or persist in seeking a publisher, and the author deals quickly and clearly with the timeline, royalty and creative control reasons for self-publishing. Then there are the reasons for writing. Writing a book is hard. It’s not for everyone. It will take lots of thought and lots of time. Gregory Diehl’s The Influential Author starts with philosophy, communication and purpose; moving on to the structures of a book’s communication—scope, length and focus—and what makes it unique; then there are the tasks of creation, word counts, outlines and other practicalities; followed by editing in all its various forms; the format and presentation of your book (helpfully including audio-narration); and finally how to promote and sell so as to feel you’ve achieved something at the end. It’s a huge scope for a book about writing, and there’s a lot to read. But the book presents a pleasingly different approach from the usual self-help, anyone-can-do-it approach. What matters more, the outcome (book) or the journey (writing the book); the focused thought or the rambling implication; who we are or who we’re seen to be? Such questions arise right at the start of this book, and the answers are argued eloquently and cogently, each chapter ending with a simple, straight-forward summary for those whose first inclination is to skim. But… do you write what you love or follow the author’s direction to find what will sell, and will Amazon’s ecosystem ever work in your favor. “By sticking to the book categories… and results will be more relevant to your goals as a bookseller…” but this reader’s losing sight of being a book-writer as she reads. “Sometimes an idea’s time just comes…” The author’s fascinating philosophical start devolves into lists and numbers and personal examples as the book progresses – more like what the reader expects from the title perhaps. The book covers everything from writing style to editing to marketing to fame (or influence). The structure of a non-fiction book is nicely described, including explanations of copyright pages and glossaries. The writing process includes outlining, perspective, self-plagiarism (e.g. from your blog), punctuation, and even “cognitive stress load.” Much of the information might be available elsewhere, but this book collects it all together in one large volume, illustrating, perhaps, the art of adding wordcount to your book. Trying to choose a title? Designing a cover? Formatting a hardback copy? Recording your own audio-book? Wondering how much your book will sell for? Yes, all these are covered too. The Influential Author collects lots of information on lots of topics into one large volume. A great resource for finding answers, a book that reads like listening to a series of lectures (and gives you the lecture notes in the chapter
Anonymous 3 months ago
Great educational approach to creating a non-fiction book. Way more comprehensive and complete than most of the other options.