The Kidult Handbook: From Blanket Forts to Capture the Flag, a Grownup's Guide to Playing Like a Kid

The Kidult Handbook: From Blanket Forts to Capture the Flag, a Grownup's Guide to Playing Like a Kid

by Nicole Booz
The Kidult Handbook: From Blanket Forts to Capture the Flag, a Grownup's Guide to Playing Like a Kid

The Kidult Handbook: From Blanket Forts to Capture the Flag, a Grownup's Guide to Playing Like a Kid

by Nicole Booz



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Adulting is hard! But “kidulting”— engaging in nostalgic childhood activities to relieve stress, like playing with your old favorite toys, participating in games and activities from your youth, and even snacking on the foods you enjoyed as a kid— isn’t. Let this book be your guide to indulging your inner child.

“Kidulting” is a thing, and it’s growing! Especially popular among millennials, the term “kidulting” refers to engaging in activities from your childhood, sometimes with a grown-up twist. Psychology Today points out that playing like a kid helps you look at the world with fresh eyesor “beginner’s mind”—which allows you to slow down and focus.

The Kidult Handbook is a fun and informative guide to healthy escapism through play. Much like adult coloring books, kidulting is a way of focusing your mind on something fun and creative to relieve stress. But this book goes way beyond just coloring—it includes 160 ideas for fun, from timeless classics like building blanket and pillow forts, to generation-specific ideas, from millennials to boomers. Interspersed throughout are fun facts and trivia about games through the ages. Most activities are unplugged and screen-free, and range from solitary pursuits to ones you can share with a friend or two. Feeling young again has never been so easy!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781507207598
Publisher: Adams Media
Publication date: 05/15/2018
Format: eBook
Pages: 192
File size: 3 MB

About the Author

Nicole Booz is the Editor-in-Chief of the online magazine GenTwenty, the twentysomething’s guide to life. After graduating from the University of Maryland with BS in Psychology and a minor in Human Development, she moved to Seattle where she currently lives with her husband. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s probably hiking, eating brunch, or planning her next great adventure.

Table of Contents

Introduction 9

Part 1 A Beginner's Mind 13

Act Out 14

Play with LEGOs 15

Do the Physics Egg Challenge 16

Do Some Deducing with Guess Who? 17

Make Paper Chains 18

Do the Marble Challenge 19

Shut Up and Dance with Me 20

Quick, Improv It 21

March Some Ants on a Log 22

Play Twenty Questions 23

Play Sudoku 24

Get Jiggy(saw) with It 25

Ask, "Would You Rather…?" 26

Whip Up a Chocolate Peanut Butter Breakfast Smoothie 27

Challenge Your Memory 28

Settle It with Rock, Paper, Scissors 29

Play Board Games 30

Part 2 Do with Friends (DWF) 31

Yell "Bingo!" 32

S-P-E-L-L-I-N-G B-E-E 33

Run with an Adult-Mixer Scavenger Hunt 34

Try the "Try Not to Laugh Challenge" 35

Dip Some Homemade Dunkaroos 36

Spread Out a DIY Sundae Bar 37

Hunt Down the Ice Cream Truck 38

Change Your Identity with Role-Playing Games (RPGs) 39

Bike It Out 40

Find the Best Playground on the Block 41

MASH Up Your Future 42

Try a Paint (and Wine) Night 43

Mix Up Some Homemade Play-Doh 44

Throw a Frisbee 45

Fly Through the Air 46

Play Ping-Pong 47

Race Go-Karts 48

Go on a Field Trip 49

Play Slime Time, DIY Edition 50

Have a Blast with Nerf Wars 51

Get Your Kicks 52

Play I Spy 53

Dip Into Oreo Cream 54

Chalk It Up to Art 55

Part 3 You're Never Too Old For 57

Play Mini Golf 58

Run an Obstacle Course 59

Be Laser-Focused 60

Jump-Start a Trampoline Park 61

Live in a Tree House 62

Reach Playground Level: Adult 63

Splash in a Water Park 64

Visit an Aquarium 65

Plan Your Escape 66

Get a Ticket to Ride 67

Visit a Petting Zoo 68

Go on a Treasure Hunt 69

Part 4 Party, Party, Party 71

Get Twisted 72

Play Sticker Stalker 73

Pin the Tail on the Donkey 74

Play The Newlywed Game-Friends Edition 75

Play Musical Chairs 76

Tell Two Truths (and a Lie) 77

Revive Charades 78

J-J-J-Jenga! 79

Take a Chance with Truth or Dare? 80

Go Pajama Streaking 81

Play Quidditch Pong 82

Play Fruit Basket 83

Be a Supreme Overlord (aka Simon Says…) 84

Explore with Marco Polo 85

Whack a Piñata 86

Host a Sleepover Girls' Night In 87

Lights! Camera! Outdoor Movie Night! 88

Have a Picnic Party 89

Apparate to a Harry Potter Party 90

Host an Everybody Into the Pool Party 91

Take Time for Tea 92

Freeze Gourmet Ice Pops 93

Make Adult Slushies-aka Frosé 94

Pop Some Rosemary Kettle Corn 95

Snap, Crackle, Pop 'em in Your Mouth 96

Get Tipsy with Adult Gummy Bears 97

Make a Sweet Sandwich: Peanut Butter, Honey, and Banana 98

Munch Some Cucumber Sandwiches 99

Haul to Hogsmeade for a Butterbeer Milkshake 100

Make Peanut Butter Cups 101

Eat Fruit on a Stick 102

Part 5 Field Day Extravaganza 103

Play Capture the Flag 105

Hatch an Egg-and-Spoon Race 106

Play Tug of War 107

Catch 'em All with Red Rover 108

Toss Water Balloons 109

Giggle Through a Three-Legged Race 110

Hop Into the Sack Race 111

Run a Wheelbarrow Race 112

Add to Your Bucket List: The Car Wash Relay 113

Do Some Hula-Hoopin' 114

Play Mega Ring Toss 115

Play Human Hungry, Hungry Hippos 116

Get Dizzy, Lizzy 117

Stomp a Balloon 118

Hop Along on the Great Kangaroo Race 119

Untie Yourself 120

Run the Don't Spill the Beans! Relay 121

Keep a Level Head 122

Shake Your Sillies Out 122

Play Kick the Can 123

Have Four Times the Fun: The Medley 124

Play Flashlight Tag 125

Part 6 A Camping We Will Go 127

Bake Gourmet S'mores 129

DIY Some Trail Mix 130

Stuff Pigs in a Blanket 131

Fire Up Some Nachos 132

Eat Sloppy Joes 134

Dig Into Skillet Brownies 136

Grill Out 137

Cook Oatmeal over an Open Fire 138

Catch Tuna on Crackers 139

Bake Homemade Granola 140

Design a Galaxy in a Jar 141

Make Pom-Pom Pen Holders 142

Paint Pet Rocks 143

Slip 'N Slide Away 144

Make Moves Like Katniss 145

Tell Campfire Stories 146

Tie-Dye T-Shirts 147

Pitch a Tent 148

Take a Hike 149

Head to the Swimming Hole 150

Ride Horseback 151

Bond with Friendship Bracelets 152

Send Snail Mail 153

DIY Pinecone Bird Feeders 154

Frame Yourself in Nature 155

Make Bookmarks 156

Make Leaf Art 157

Make Sock Puppets 158

Roll with Marble Art 159

Emboss Nature Stones 160

Part 7 The Great Escape 161

Build a Blanket Fort 162

Read Your Favorite Childhood Books 163

Play Dress Up 164

Make Believe with Barbie 165

Make Grilled Cheese Sandwiches 166

Commune with Nature 167

Fly a Kite 168

Finger Paint 169

Make Grown-Up Root Beer Floats 170

Keep a Diary 171

Watch Saturday Morning Cartoons 172

Jump Rope 173

Listen to Records 174

Write in a Journal 175

Take a Bubble Bath 176

Have Cereal for Dinner 177

Create a Candy Stash 178

Color 180

Make Your Own Lunchables 181

Go Cloud Watching 182

Go Stargazing 183

Rock Out with a Playlist 184

Take a Nap 185

Blow Bubble Art 186

US/Metric Conversion Chart 187

Index 189

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