The Liberation of Consciousness from Identification with Form

The Liberation of Consciousness from Identification with Form

by Steven Kaufman


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The purpose of this work is to explain in detail how consciousness identifies with form, how that identification is perpetuated by the reactivity that naturally follows, and why this misidentification is a necessary part of the evolution of consciousness into ever-greater awareness of itself. Ultimately, the reason for explaining all of this is to make it clear that the way out of this self-constructed and self-perpetuated delusion is through some degree of nonreactivity. That is, what will be explained is that the way out of what seems to be the trap in which we have purposefully placed ourselves lies simply through ceasing to continuously interact with the world in a way that is dictated solely by our delusion regarding our nature, i.e., by the idea that what we are is form. Because as long as we continue to interact with the world solely on the basis of this delusion, the delusion cannot do other than persist. And as long as the delusion persists, as long as we are actively generating and perpetuating this delusion through our reactivity, i.e., through the way in which we naturally tend to interact with the world of form while knowing ourselves as form, we must continue to know ourselves as we are not, and so we must also continue to suffer.

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