The Masquerade Ball of Life: Therapeutic Poetic Verse Reflecting Majestic and Mysterious Interactions

The Masquerade Ball of Life: Therapeutic Poetic Verse Reflecting Majestic and Mysterious Interactions

by Gerald W. Jones


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The Masquerade Ball of Life: Therapeutic Poetic Verse Reflecting Majestic and Mysterious Interactions by Gerald W. Jones

The Masquerade Ball is Gerald's fourth book of poetry; it's a collection of both poems and some expressions dealing with life issues. Like the first three books, this book again explores aspects of life that most people shy away from. Besides being a tool for dialog between mature adults, it dives into that deep subject as to why people play games with one another and the tricks folks use to disguise true feelings or intentions.

Gerald continues to use poetry to get his views across to a broad audience in hopes some will receive a message that will allow them to grow intellectually and spiritually. Over the past few years, he has learned that many individuals have been turned away from poetry by the simple fact that they don't understand it, they can't relate to it, or that it serves no purpose in their lives. Gerald has resolved those types of issues by making his brand of poetry easy to read and comprehend.

G. W. Jones

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ISBN-13: 9781524614980
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 06/18/2016
Pages: 302
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.68(d)

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The Masquerade Ball of Life



Copyright © 2016 Gerald W. Jones
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5246-1498-0


The Bad Side Of Me

Just like a coin,
everyone has two sides.
Juggling between the two,
only a thin line divides.

The side that's showing
depends on someone's mood,
The difference understood,
if the person gets rude.

There could be turmoil,
if dealing with the bad.
Folks make mistakes,
leaving good friends mad.

If ever provoked,
I'll expose that side.
Shooting from the hip,
and strike on the blindside.

I operate in stealth,
my aim very steady.
Choosing victims carefully,
striking when least ready.

Folks attacked my image,
and wouldn't let me be.
Now they'll have to witness,
the bad side of me.

Armed with information,
my weapon of offense.
They'll have sleepless nights,
without a good defense.

They chose 'War, '
ignoring the consequences.
Open mouths telling lies,
without valid circumstances.

The 'Good side' of me,
was taken for granted.
A once heart of gold,
is cold and disenchanted.

Do I Love Ya Right?

Pondering the question,
if I love you right.
Doing what it takes,
to keep us tight.

Understanding your needs,
and guarantee its done.
Taking deliberate actions,
assuring enjoyment and fun.

Making you feel good,
wasn't a challenge to me.
It's something I've enjoyed,
being loving as can be.

Tell me how you feel,
and how you like it.
I'll do it all,
assuring a good fit.

Using baby oil,
to rub your thighs.
Give you the time,
to close your eyes.

Never any threat,
for you having your way.
Secure in my skills,
it was just my payday.

If wanting something extra,
I can provide that need.
I'm hard wired specially,
like a sports car for speed.

Never to say, "No",
for a chance at you.
A man with a gift,
to do the things, I do.

Treating you like a queen,
if you spend the night.
Doing what you enjoy...
Do I love ya right?

Love's Glow

Cutting thought night,
with love's reflective glow.
Lighting my way,
feeling the flow.

Pacing myself,
so not to tire.
My heart beating fast ...
can't hide the desire.

Reaching out to you,
following the light.
In your open arms,
I'll rest tonight.

Seeking the comfort,
only with you.
A love so real,
the feelings brand new.

Lost so long,
wandering in the dark.
Heart on empty,
looking for a landmark.

As if a lighthouse
there you were,
lighting my way,
to what's gonna occur.

The glow so soft,
so iridescent in the night.
So alluring to the heart...
just enough, just right.

Giving me love,
so sweet and tender.
My defenses defeated,
now wanting to surrender.

My life enriched,
it's "Love's Glow" season.
Lady it's you alone,
that's the real reason.

So Many Questions

When I have no answers,
your questions are many.
Challenging my integrity,
by measured intrusions into
my past history.

Giving volunteered details
of my world before you were
a part of my heart, left me
feeling so transparent, and
vulnerable to you. However
it was done to protect our
fragile beginnings.

Never did I realize that, you
would become even more
insecure about me and my
honesty. Now I find myself
so defenseless against your
relentless questioning of my
heart, intentions, sincerity,
and time.

Neither one of us came into
this relationship with the
innocence of a baby, or purity
of a saint. Yes, there were
others before that I loved,
and yes, if we should part
someone will follow, if my
heart isn't damaged beyond

Yes, I chose you over others,
who had my interest, but
you were a shining star, that
brightened my world. Yes,
you make me feel so damn
good, and keep me wanting
more. Yes, you and only you
have and control my heart.
Yes, I truly adore you and
would tell the world of our
love. Yes, I would still love
you if you put on a little
weight, gain a wrinkle or
two, or found grey strands
of hair.

Yes, I promise to love you
in the winter when nights
are cold and summer when
the days are hot. Yes, I
promise to love and care
for you if you should fall ill
or hold you tight if you are

And yes, I promise if after
all of this that I do for you,
you are no longer in love
with me, I WILL SET YOU

Mechanical Love

There is no definition,
found in any book.
Even if checking Google,
for a fast look.

The definitions varies,
from person to person.
Meanings lost in interpretation,
if love should worsen.

In cases of romance,
Mechanics play a part.
When choosing methods,
to win someone's heart.

Mechanical love happens,
if spontaneity is predesigned.
When a person responds,
by routine reactions predefined.

Like engines constructed,
to perform certain jobs.
The person only responds,
if turning the right nobs.

Responses are labored,
when lacking some feeling.
Person are usually detached,
if pursuers are unappealing.

Indulging in encounters,
sometimes by persuasion.
Tempering eagerness,
in a romantic occasion.

When love is cornered,
'Mechanical love' prevails.
Its' emotional insurance,
insuring that romance fails.

It usually lowers anxiety,
and feelings of compassion.
Giving clear emotional signals,
there's no sexual attraction.

Minds preprogramed,
to gear down occasions.
When addressing a suitor,
if love isn't the equation.

I'm Wired This Way

I was always explaining why,
I dance to a different beat.
Knowing many of my actions,
to some were quite unique.

It's the choice I've made,
distinguishing myself from others.
Creating paths for some to follow,
most of all the young brothers.

Some say I'm a dreamer,
and ahead of my time.
I'm just hard wired mentally,
able to use my own mind.

Never was one to follow,
I liked braising my own trail.
Unlike many a dog,
who chases his own tail.

Not one to listen to gossip,
or start any vicious rumor.
I looked for good in people,
at times exhibiting my humor.

I never dwelled in jealousy,
or envy what someone owns.
I created my level of success,
controlling what's in my homes.

A man who stands tall,
and believes in doing right.
I always stood my ground,
never backing from a fight.

Some challenged me for ego,
thinking to break me down.
Soon to find themselves in
deep water ready to drown.

Many thought my quietness,
was a lack of any strength.
I'm hard wired for endurance,
and stronger than you think.

I can be soft and tender,
or as hard as a rock.
Write love poems of romance,
or the 'bad' dog on the block.

Sometimes viewed as arrogant,
cause by what others fear.
Hiding behind fabricated lies,
afraid if I should ever hear.

Much to other's dismay,
I'm known to stand apart.
God wired me this way ...
A man with a big heart.

Anticipating Love

How many times have,
we tried romance.
Only to be the last one,
waiting for a dance.

Love can be elusive,
with no guarantees.
No special advantages,
and insurance to please.

Romance can be strange,
as a sweet or bitter fruit.
Its' how some harvest it,
which others will dispute.

Love to someone's heart,
is like an engine to a train.
It controls all movement,
and thoughts of the brain.

Without the fuel to run,
the train would stop.
If the heart isn't fed,
anticipated love will flop.

The heart needs refueling,
with love and tenderness.
To keep parts running,
even when at rest.

If the brain is neglected,
and not given respect.
Like a locomotive engine,
problems you can expect.

As long as care is taken,
and love is kept healthy.
Feelings that two share,
is just like being wealthy.

If anticipating love,
it's coming for sure;
when ingredients are right,
or even if rich or poor.

Eenie Meenie Miney Mo

The games we
use to play.
Entertaining ourselves,
back in the day.

Activities of the mind,
played with our friends.
Matching our skills,
to see who wins.

Games were fun,
like 'Jacks'and 'Hopscotch'.
Everyone wanting to be
one of the 'Top-notch'.

Rules easily understood,
mostly by everyone.
Picking our teams,
to have some fun.

Life was simple,
when we were young.
Singing into broom handles,
and acting dumb.

'Pretending' was our gift,
we used like money.
Playing games of aggression,
finding odd people funny.

Never realizing we were poor
until reaching thirteen.
Learning of life's cruelty,
when friends turned mean.

Making jokes of secrets,
no one should have known.
Stigmas we carried,
until we were grown.

Telling known oddities,
about close friends.
Things sometimes shameful,
when an insult transcends.

Waiting for a crowd,
to gather around.
Finding someone weak,
to verbally put down.

"You got some big lips
and one nappy afro".
"Breaking combs one by one,
eenie meenie miney mo".

Childhood games played,
with a mean intention.
Some more painful,
I refuse to mention.

No regards for feelings,
or what harm is done.
Many are guilty of...
making signifying fun.

We must learn respect
and love for each other.
No ... eenie meenie miney mo,
or insulting anyone's mother.

I Know A Little But About Love

Not professing anything ...
or being an authority,
but making love last,
is my main priority.

Spending many years,
in suspended animation.
Stuck somewhere between,
love and my imagination.

Learning from experience,
of what makes it work.
First things to learn ...
it takes teamwork.

Something most forget,
when starting anew.
Leaving out ingredients,
or what to include.

Love isn't complicated,
it's simple as ABC.
When excluding components,
it causes problems ... you see.

I know enough now ...
when to hold her tight.
When to back off,
or say "goodnight."

When to be silent,
and let her talk.
When to hold hands,
on a romantic walk.

Saying, "I love you, "
without provocation.
Letting one know their
worth in any situation.

Never taking liberties,
or love for granted.
Spending time together
so trust is implanted.

Giving gifts whenever ...
just to say you care.
Exercising "give and take, "
and always being fair.

Open with your feelings,
whether good or bad.
Avoiding detailed discussions
about the ex's you had.

Taking time to heal,
if a breakup is fresh.
Realizing love's an emotion ...
at times needing rest.

Understanding being in love,
demands 100 percent.
Being reasonable at times
and using common sense.

To exercise your options,
when love isn't right.
Knowing when to bow out,
without a fight.

Not wearing "Failure's Cap,"
if love should fail.
Displaying your anger,
and personal detail.

Never demanding changes,
with unreal expectations.
Giving clear intentions,
with open communications.

I know a little bit
about love.
That it takes a lot of
guidance from above.

Sweet Tooth

A weakness of many ...
part of the food we eat.
Coming in many forms,
a sugar loaded treat.

Used as an reward,
when showing gratitude.
Or to calm a child,
with a bad attitude.

So often excusing fact ...
that too much is bad.
We ignore consequences,
ending up morally sad.

Cursing the heavens,
over our weight.
The fat we now show,
caused by food we ate.

That spiritual substitution
when lacking loving care.
A superficial sugar fix,
replacing a sexual affair.

A much too often scenario,
we adults go through.
If love should escape ...
and there's nothing to do.

Women use sweet treats,
in satisfying sexual hunger.
While men resort to women,
most times younger.

Thinking that they,
will validate his position.
Restore his sexual vigor,
during middle age transition.

In the cases of both,
it's only for gratification.
Seeking something rewarding,
for sexual association.

Whether it's a sweet treat
or that of the human kind.
Their similarities display...
a "Sweet tooth" sign.

Just Friends

Why the use of
labels and definitions,
in defining love, romance
and relationship positions?

Choosing categories,
in which to fit.
Placing degrees or depth,
by which we commit.

A way of understanding,
our type of involvement.
Resolving the mystery of...
a "just friends" comment.

Struggling to survive,
in emotional intrigue.
Human desires,
to fulfill a need.

Seeking loving attachments,
bonding to one another.
Some finding happiness,
others tend to smother.

Discovering common ground,
is the ultimate goal.
Making it all work,
before we get too old.

Being good friends,
or "friends with benefits."
All sharing a blue print,
defining something that fits.

Giving and receiving,
to a heart's desire.
Passion and sparks,
setting a soul on fire.

Creating something workable
which never ends.
A respectful relationship,
defined ... just friends.

Words of a Letter

Words of a letter
expressing a thought.
Detailing how ...
we loved or fought.

Words with reasonings
explaining our condition.
Detailing step-by-step,
without any omission.

Exposing love shared,
and tender moments.
Secrets in the night,
candlelight and scents.

Songs we loved,
and twilight walks.
Holding hands
and intimate talks.

Plans we made
for a life together.
Promising our love,
for ever and ever.

Periods of happiness,
and precious times.
Days of absence,
torturing our minds.

The struggles endured
and problems we had.
Self serving acts,
making someone sad.

Facts to which,
we cannot ignore.
A mutual respect,
selfishness and more.

Words in a letter ...
show reasons why
hearts are broken,
and most cry.

Wishing words written,
could be erased ...
to avoid the pain,
sometimes faced.

Forbidden indiscretions
labeling how we feel.
Justification by proxy,
no chance for appeal.

Words of a letter
like a knife to the heart;
when anger exists
and love isn't a part.

It's In Your Nature

What you do
isn't by chance,
it's in your DNA ...
of hate and romance.

Actions taken ...
either good or bad,
sets the tone,
of being happy or sad.

If one abuses
a long term friendship,
we chance losing it
by letting honesty slip.

Many take risks ...
so life won't pass them by,
working at relationships
and asking reasons why ...

What are the ways
for love and trust to survive?
While others do nothing
to keep it alive.

Some have no clue
as to others needs
unwilling or ill equipped
to perform special deeds.

When occasions dictate ...
actions should be taken,
one should be on cue,
with response not forsaken.

We see this everyday
as lives are played out ...
displayed by our souls ...
what we're all about.

Something in one's nature,
which sparks personal action,
giving rise to gratitude
and another's satisfaction.

History tells the story
on what will occur...
whether you act or react,
"it in your nature."

Nothing Is Forbidden

Nights with no limits
hearts blending as one ...
the moon silhouetting bodies,
such intrigue we've spun.

Loving souls joined
by needs and desires ...
expressing unrestricted passion
like burning wildfires.

Consuming our inhibitions
and triggering fantasies;
feelings never before expressed,
but in only erotic mysteries.

To challenge depths
of new found openness ...
exploring the regions
of our untapped sexiness.

To unmasking thoughts
which lay hidden ...
to enter a relationship
where nothing is forbidden.

Know Your Enemy

Who do you trust
to having your back,
when opposition
is on the attack?

Who are the folks
who just pretend;
are self-serving
and not a true friend?

Who are enemies,
disguised as friends,
using deceit and deception
behind cheesy grins?

Who disappears
when trouble is around
or conveniently escapes
out of town?

Who's winning trust
with smiling faces ...
but sabotaging hope
without leaving traces?

Who praises openly,
then privately condemns;
using negative gossip
that never ends?

Who is the culprit,
with jealous intention,
stretching rumors
beyond comprehension.

Who'll sacrifice friendships
preserving fading egos.
To risk reputation,
delivering emotional blows.

Who knows the person
that openly lies ...
with a twisted mouth
and hate in their eyes?

Who trips you up
if trying to get ahead,
destructive comments
messing with your head.

Who has behavior,
of being envious.
who feeds on gossip
acting very curious?

Who!, I ask who,
operates with indemnity ...
is it a close friend??? ...
Know your enemy.

Somewhere In The Middle

Straddling the fence
between this and that,
balancing life ...
with agility of a cat.

Never overly committing
to any situation...
justifying ones stance,
of avoiding obligation.

Strategically positioned
between two poles...
favoring nothing openly
or opinionated roles.

Seldom giving answers,
to personal questions asked;
metaphorical in responses.
keeping ideas masked.

Camouflaging true opinions;
deception at it's best ...
non-positioning on matters
more or less.

Refusing allegiances;
or taking sides ...
a personality established
by choices one hides.

Hidden by indecisions
to clarify a stance...
actions sometimes taken
just happening by chance.

Lacking the courage
or even the fortitude ...
to stand up straight
or show some gratitude ...

To those with courage,
who make it known ...
what side they're on
by decisions shown.

For all others ...
who's opinions are a riddle;
they're straddling the fence.
somewhere in the middle.

Blue Light Special

Doors fling open
as customers rush in;
mothers on a mission ...
let the shopping begin.

The crowd growing,
families wanting space ...
pushing and shoving;
trying to keep pace.

People stumbling
and being knocked down,
folks stampeding
confusion all around.

Common sense abandoned,
respect nowhere in sight.
people shouting and looting,
children held tight.

Panic running ramped
as shelves are depleted.
Restocking is lagging,
supplies are needed.

Swarming the store
like locust to a field ...
snatching merchandise ...
Wow! what a steal.

When all of a sudden
the announcements came,
the "Blue light Special"
is the name of the game.

Everyone's excited
and on their guard ...
with cash in hand
or a Visa card.

Racing down isles,
daytime or night.
Looking for specials ...
of the blue light.

Like bugs attracted
to light illumination;
folks follow flashing lights
with the same determination.

Racing to the area,
which had been announced ...
like beasts of the jungle,
they all pounced.

Fists flaring;
women losing their cool ...
items being grabbed,
many acting a fool.

Punching and grabbing
trying to take hold,
of a Blue light special
before all are sold.

Checking tags
for the discounted price ...
being sure of the brand
and quality is nice.

With all minds clear
shoppers go home ...
bragging about deals
to friends on the phone.

A store in chaos,
now littered with trash ...
a "Blue Light" frenzy,
of folks spending cash.


Excerpted from The Masquerade Ball of Life by GERALD W. JONES. Copyright © 2016 Gerald W. Jones. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Acknowledgments, v,
Book Reviews, vii,
Chapter 1 Open Invitation,
1. The Bad Side Of Me, 3,
2. Do I Love Ya Right?, 5,
3. Love's Glow, 7,
4. So Many Questions, 9,
5. Mechanical Love, 11,
6. I'm Wired This Way, 13,
7. Anticipating Love, 15,
8. Eenie Meenie Miney Mo, 17,
9. I Know A Little Bit About Love, 20,
10. Sweet Tooth, 23,
11. Just Friends, 25,
12. Words of a Letter, 27,
13. It's In Your Nature, 29,
14. Nothing Is Forbidden, 31,
15. Know Your Enemy, 32,
16. Somewhere In The Middle, 34,
17. Blue Light Special, 36,
18. Long Walk To Dignity, 39,
19. Life Will Judge You, 42,
20. Love With A Price, 44,
21. My Time To Live, 46,
22. Behind The Clown's Mask, 48,
23. Herding Cats And Loving Women, 50,
24. Broken Crayons, 53,
Chapter 2 The Guest List,
25. The Player, 61,
26. Miss Sweet Thang, 63,
27. Wino Willie, 65,
28. If The Shoe Fits, 68,
29. A Category Of My Own, 70,
30. Fake Country Girl, 71,
31. P.I.M.P.S, 73,
32. Together We'll Rewrite Love, 76,
33. What He Won't, I Will, 78,
34. A Rose In Winter, 81,
35. Cantankerous Old Men, 83,
36. Baby Maker, 85,
37- The Back-up Singer, 87,
38. Lover Or Friend, 89,
39. Send In The Clowns, 91,
40. People With Purpose, 94,
41. Bald Kitty, 96,
42. Three Times A Lady, 98,
43. Beautiful Senorita, 100,
44. A Heart Leaking Love, 102,
45. One Eyed Bandit, 104,
46. Frog Eyes, 106,
47. Big Sister, 109,
48. Men Of Lost Dreams, 111,
49. Just Ordinary People, 114,
50. Guitar Eddie, 116,
51. Renaissance Man, 119,
52. Negropeans, 123,
53. Barfly, 125,
54. Man Of Mystery, 129,
Chapter 3 The Ball,
55. "Just a Little Bit", 133,
56. Shoo Be Doo Be Do, 135,
57. Until You Say Ooooh, 137,
58. Poetic Seduction, 139,
59. This is Real, 141,
60. Kama Sutra, 143,
61. Panty Lines, 145,
62. Husbands Don't ... Boyfriends Won't, 148,
63. Kiss and Tell, 151,
64. Spanish Guitar, 153,
65. Menage A Trois, 155,
66. Rainbows and Waterfalls, 158,
67. Words In Anger, 161,
68. Dragging Your Skeletons, 163,
69. The Ladies Room, 165,
70. Bachelor Party, 167,
71. Taboo Traits, 170,
72. The Heart Doesn't Lie, 172,
73. Don't Pee In The Pool, 174,
74. Good Hair Or Curly Weave?, 177,
75. Friend Or Phantom, 180,
76. Intimate Bathing And Scented Soap, 183,
77. Piano Keys, 186,
78. Love Needs Expression, 189,
79. Alone In A Crowded Room, 191,
80. Two Ships In The Night, 194,
81. The Dinner Napkin, 197,
82. A Broken Coffee Cup, 199,
Chapter 4 After the Ball,
83. The Price Of Cheating, 205,
84. In My Darkest Moments, 207,
85. Bedtime Stories, 209,
86. When Morning Comes, 211,
87. Waiting My Turn, 213,
88. Gettin Over You, 215,
89. What Breaks A Heart, 217,
90. Save Me From My Solitude, 219,
91. By Candle Light, 221,
92. If Love Betrays The Heart, 222,
93. Starting Over, 224,
94. If You Think, You're Lonely Now, 226,
95. Do You Remember?, 228,
96. Send In The Clowns, 231,
97. Wrinkled Lingerie, 234,
98. No Second Chance, 236,
99. Love Expiration, 238,
100. Our Last Song, 240,
101. On The Losing End, 243,
102. Chandelier Dreams/Candlelight Reality, 246,
103. Burnt Cookies, 248,
104. Symbolic Gestures, 251,
105. Phantom Of Poetry, 253,
106. Fishing In A Mud Puddle, 256,
107- While The Violin Plays, 259,
108. Dirty Water, 264,
109. Hip Hop Or The Prize, 267,
110. Pride Got In The Way, 269,
111. When My Life Fell Apart, 272,
112. Seducing A Married Man, 274,
113. Seduction Of A Married Woman, 277,
114. What You Took From Me, 281,
115. Someone I Never Knew, 283,
116. Goodnight Little Sister, 285,

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