The Middle Class Comeback: Women, Millennials, and Technology Leading the Way

The Middle Class Comeback: Women, Millennials, and Technology Leading the Way

by Munir Moon


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ISBN-13: 9780991372164
Publisher: Munir Moon LLC
Publication date: 08/02/2016
Pages: 190
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Moon spent 8 years in the financial industry, starting at Chase Econometrics and ending in the Savings and Loan Association during the 1980s. He was a first-hand observer of the financial crisis in the 80s, which resulted in the demise of the Savings and Loan industry to be repeated in 2008 in a different form. Moon is the president of Bertech, a Southern California-based small business that has been recognized three times as one of the top 500 fastest-growing small businesses by Inc. 500.

Moon is a contributor to The Huffington Post and He is married with three sons and lives in Los Angeles County, California.

Table of Contents

9. DRUGS 81
13. K-12 EDUCATION 110

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Senior Editor, Midwest Book Review - Diane Donovan

"The Middle Class Comeback gives concrete reason for hope and a path forward through continued innovation and political engagement. ... As he provides a sweeping history of how social and political processes have traditionally been addressed across the board, Moon notes: "The nation needs a new definition of engagement."

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The Middle Class Comeback: Women, Millennials, and Technology Leading the Way 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
ReadersFavorite4 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Vernita Naylor for Readers' Favorite Do you believe that the middle class still exists? Do you consider yourself and your family part of the middle class? The term 'middle class' is relative, depending upon how it's being used from economic to qualitative definitions. The essence of the middle class is quickly shifting from that of over twenty years ago. We all strive to have financial security, and a better quality of life, but with rising health care costs, raising a family and preparing for the future ... is this possible? The Middle Class Comeback: Women, Millennials, and Technology Leading the Way by Munir Moon is an account of the history of the fall of the middle class and how the middle class is expected to rise once again. Munir takes us through the different elements that affect the middle class way of living from the healthcare system and education to politics. In The Middle Class Comeback, Munir points out that the top one percenters have the ability to make a difference. For example, having the top one percenters give back by managing and adopting an inner city, preferably their own, and stimulating the community through social responsibility, education, business, economic development and school programs, the cities can once again thrive. Kudos to Eva Longoria, George Lopez, and Denzel Washington for their involvement in inner-city communities. Did you know that, collectively, the middle class can make a difference through consumer buying power? Bank of America $5 monthly debit card fee and Netflix monthly subscription increase are two examples where the middle class consumer buyer power changed big business outcomes. One thing that will be interesting to watch, as Munir points out, is the millennials’ way of living; this is beginning to be the change in the middle class structure for the future. If you want to be ahead of the game and learn more about the evolution of the middle class, reading The Middle Class Comeback: Women, Millennials, and Technology Leading the Way by Munir Moon is a great start.
ReadersFavorite3 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Kayti Nika Raet for Readers' Favorite In The Middle Class Comeback, the latest book by Munir Moon, Munir delves into the subject on everyone's lips lately; the disappearance of middle class America and the increasing gap between the very rich and the poor. The book focuses not just on falling income, but also on the rising costs of basic necessities, increased taxation, and the cost of education. All combined, they create a stagnant class, unable to participate fully in the American Dream of upward mobility. Unlike most articles and books on the subject, Moon doesn't insist on painting a picture of doom and the impending apocalypse. Instead, he offers a plethora of solutions, as well as a unique way of looking at problems, and a strong admiration of the rise of small businesses fully entrenched in the digital era. Laying out problems and solutions in a clear cut and concise manner, in The Middle Class Comeback Munir Moon crafts an easily digestible read full of new and better ways of thinking as well as smarter ways of working and conducting business. Ways that utilize all that America has to offer, especially citizens that were perhaps previously marginalized. Highlighting current topics, from the 2016 presidential election to advancements in technology, Munir Moon showcases a well researched book full of much needed information. I really enjoyed reading The Middle Class Comeback, since although I'm interested in politics and the economy, I didn't feel that I was as knowledgeable as I could be. Moon's text is easy to read and understand, creating a picture of hope and almost revolution for anyone willing to put in the effort. I also liked that he refused to fall back on the tired cliches usually bandied about regarding Millennials and their work ethic. The information provided was really eye opening and I definitely plan on referring to The Middle Class Comeback again in the future.
ReadersFavorite2 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Chris Fischer for Readers' Favorite In an incredibly well written and enlightening book by author Munir Moon, The Middle Class Comeback: Women, Millennials and Technology Leading the Way leads readers down a path of understanding of the past, present and future of America's middle class. Describing the challenges of the rising cost of health care, education, and housing, as well as stagnant income growth, this book will give readers a greater understanding of both the plight of the middle class, as well as ideas for intelligent ways to bring back the success that this large segment of our society once enjoyed. New and better ways of thinking, working, and doing business are all discussed, as well as the contributions of women, technology, and millennials in our society and economic system. I very much enjoyed The Middle Class Comeback: Women, Millennials and Technology Leading the Way. Author Munir Moon has done an excellent job in creating an easy to read and understand book that provides a great guide for those in the middle class, or those who are independent in their political thinking to move forward with hope and confidence into the future. I found many useful pieces of advice, as well as reasons to believe that our middle class will surely rise again. Author Moon speaks with a voice of knowledge and authority, and I appreciate his input most highly. I am pleased to be able to highly recommend this book to any reader with any interest at all in the economic system of America, and look forward to reading more from the extremely talented author, Munir Moon, as soon as I am able to do so!
ReadersFavorite1 More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Gisela Dixon for Readers' Favorite The Middle Class Comeback: Women, Millennials and Technology Leading the Way by Munir Moon is a social and political commentary on the current American political system and how it affects society and culture on a broad level. The Middle Class Comeback is well-researched and focuses on the middle class, their values, their history, as well as looks forward to the future that is increasingly being shaped by women, so-called millennials or the youth of America, and of course science and technology. The book is divided into many detailed chapters devoted to all aspects of the current political and social arena, such as education, student loans, healthcare, taxes, women’s rights, government benefits, and much more. There is also statistical data in the form of tables and charts interspersed throughout the book for reference. The Middle Class Comeback: Women, Millennials and Technology Leading the Way by Munir Moon is an intriguing read and takes a candid look at America on the eve of the twenty-first century, what it means to be middle class in America, the current economy and outlook, as well as a prediction for what the future may hold. I liked the fact that emphasis has been put on equal rights for women and how that plays a central role in the balance of power and structure in society. The writing itself is engaging and simply written, which is easy for people of any ages to follow and read. All in all, I think this is an authentic look at American society and economy, and makes for an interesting read.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Faridah Nassozi for Readers' Favorite The middle class makes up the biggest part of the American population. Unfortunately, it is also the most disgruntled group due to the adverse effects of poor government policies that have seen their income continue to decline while expenses continue to go up. Fundamental expenses like education, healthcare, housing and taxes continue to become more and more costly, and in most cases also more inefficient, leaving the lower and middle classes always struggling to afford a decent lifestyle. So is there still any hope for lower and middle-class Americans or is it all downhill from here? In The Middle Class Comeback: Women, Millennials and Technology Leading the Way, Munir Moon puts across a strong argument in favor of positive change coming. America's lower and middle class citizens have been pushed into a tunnel that seems to get darker by the day, but Munir Moon gives clear and detailed points to illustrate that there is a bright ray of light at the end of this tunnel. Changes brought on by female empowerment, technology advancement, and the power of millennials are giving the middle class more strength and a perfect opportunity to make a comeback. The old ways that benefit the few at the expense of the majority are being challenged, paving the way for desperately needed changes. The Middle Class Comeback: Women, Millennials and Technology Leading the Way by Munir Moon is an insightful, detailed and yet simple read that breaks down the main social and economic challenges Americans are facing, and the new opportunities that are paving a way for the middle class to prevail once again. Americans have had enough and they are now ready to push for changes in policies and systems, and to challenge the status quo. Munir Moon's assessment of the situation is realistic, unbiased, and relevant to the current times. The Middle Class Comeback could not have come out at a better time and it will continue to be relevant for the foreseeable future.