The Miracle of the Breaking: My Life, His Story. a Memoir.

The Miracle of the Breaking: My Life, His Story. a Memoir.

by Darlene Rhodes
The Miracle of the Breaking: My Life, His Story. a Memoir.

The Miracle of the Breaking: My Life, His Story. a Memoir.

by Darlene Rhodes


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"The Miracle of the Breaking" entreats you to look beyond the meager pieces of yourself, a scattering of qualifications that are most certainly not enough for the task ahead, and look to the Miracle Worker who can transform even the smallest offering.

Darlene Rhodes, pastor and international speaker, shares her intimate story of rising from an ocean of fear steeped with abuse and disappointment, and taking hold of a new hope and future with God. Her message transcends experience and setting and details, of times and answers the questions so many wrestle with: "Can God really use me and my mess for anything good? Can things turn around in a life so devoid of perspective beyond the struggle, a life steeped in sorrow?"

Her story answers this heart-cry with a resounding YES.

Do you believe God would do the same for you?

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780692181584
Publisher: Solid Rock Fellowship Inc (Waw)
Publication date: 11/22/2018
Pages: 168
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.36(d)

About the Author

Darlene Rhodes has experienced miracles firsthand. She often says that God took her "not enough" and made it more than enough, evidenced in her international speaking ministry to women, her outreach to orphans, and in her co-pastoring with her husband at their local church.

Through her international speaking ministry Women Around the World, Darlene uses her story and His Story to bring hope and restoration to those who feel powerless. She has spoken this message to the far reaches of the world, including Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda, the Republic of Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Tanzania, and Myanmar.

She and her husband, Pastor Darryl, live in Missouri, enjoying the sweet life with their children and grandchildren.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: A Bug on a Board

Chapter 2: Mulberry Tree Days

Chapter 3: Mom Wore a Flowered Dress

Chapter 4: Church in the Yard

Chapter 5: A Queen with No Crown

Chapter 6: Fear Turns into Adventure

Chapter 7: Daddy Kneeling at the Altar

Chapter 8: Mom with a Gun

Chapter 9: Weakness and Vows

Chapter 10: Sunshine and Lightning

Chapter 11: Lies

Chapter 12: Hanging over the Canyon

Chapter 13: Demons Waiting in the Galleys

Chapter 14: Spotlight and Praise

Chapter 15: Bumble Bee and Yellow Top

Chapter 16: Promising to be Gone

Chapter 17: Don’t Stir the Dirt

Chapter 18: Painted House

Chapter 19: Confronting Dad

Chapter 20: Blinking and Shadows

Chapter 21: Masks .Chapter 22: Prayers on the Bus

Chapter 23: Her Eyes Are Wounds

Chapter 24: Stuck and Drowning

Chapter 25: Pain Doesn’t Have to Reign

Chapter 26: Saying “I Do” Again

Chapter 27: Spirit Wounds

Chapter 28: True Love and True Peace

Chapter 29: Dreams Reaching the Horizon

Chapter 30: Brown Wings Against a Blue Sky

Chapter 31: A Dream Coming to Pass

Chapter 32: Heart and Healing

Chapter 33: Speaking to the Beautiful Masses

Chapter 34: Last Days and New Life

Chapter 35: Setbacks and Fresh Heartbreak

Chapter 36: A Perfectly Normal Heart

Chapter 37: Ending the Cycle

Chapter 38: Walking Free

Author Reflections: His Story

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About the Author

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