The Mythical

The Mythical

by Nathan Oravec


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The Mythical is the story of a family living on a farm in Kentucky’s rural horse country – peacekeeping patriarch Marshall; his photographer son, Lucas; a surly, spitfire of a grandma named Eve; and their steadfast hound Wayne Newton – spurred into action by a higher power to defend a creation perhaps more mysterious than any other between the bright sky and the deep blue sea. It is equal parts family drama and fantasy with the frenzy of a thriller and a bit of romance.

Photographer Lucas Toll had always asked very little of life, making the grievous loss he suffered at the hands of his home seem all the more tragic — causing his leave of that place to appear more denial than self-discovery and rendering his return a trial. Now, here in Kentucky horse country — a world of glorious contradiction, of awe-inspiring nature and the industry that harnesses its might; of deep bloodlines and shallow waters; of green money and bluegrass — a discovery will be made. Here, Lucas and his family will encounter a mystery long hidden from mortal eyes. A force of man. A force of nature. Of love. Of hate. Of humanity. A mystery that should have remained a myth.

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ISBN-13: 9781733918503
Publisher: Bloodline Publishers
Publication date: 06/17/2019
Pages: 292
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.81(d)

About the Author

Nathan Oravec never thought he'd start writing a novel, and 13 years after penning the first words of The Mythical, was honestly beginning to wonder if he'd ever finish one.
An aspiring screenwriter, he had studied film production at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, which in no obvious way prepared him for an accidental career in journalism.
As the entertainment editor for The Gazette, a division of the Washington Post and Companies, he honed his natural storytelling skills. During that time, Nathan interviewed such luminaries as Tim Conway, Shirley MacLaine, and Jeffs Bridges and Daniels, among countless others. He swears Eartha Kit once sang "Happy Birthday" to him, and Connie Sellecca's husband, John Tesh, once left him an effusive voicemail which he later, inadvertently - and to his everlasting regret - deleted.
While writing this first novel, Nathan became a husband, a father, and a white-knuckled casualty of the failing newspaper industry - and, ultimately, an author.
He lives with his wife, three growing children, and assorted animals in Frederick, Maryland.

Stephen Hall began his creative career as art director for Louisville Magazine designing Kentucky Derby layouts, including creating the cover illustration for the 100th Run for the Roses.
In his publishing career, Stephen has designed and art directed over 32 regional and national magazines. The Society of Publication Designers, based in New York, profiled his career as a part of their 50th anniversary celebrations.
Although publishing detoured him from a fine art career, he found his way back to art in the dry Sonoran desert surrounding Tucson, Arizona. The desert became his muse.
A horse owner and rider, his favorite part of the equestrian life is the loving bond between horse and rider.
A seventh generation native of Henry County, Kentucky, Hall lives in Frederick, Maryland and Tucson, Arizona. To view more of his artwork, visit or

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