The New Music Industry: Adapting, Growing, And Thriving in the Information Age

The New Music Industry: Adapting, Growing, And Thriving in the Information Age

by David Andrew Wiebe
The New Music Industry: Adapting, Growing, And Thriving in the Information Age

The New Music Industry: Adapting, Growing, And Thriving in the Information Age

by David Andrew Wiebe


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The music industry has changed, and there has never been a greater time for independent artists to build a community of followers and fans through the myriad of new media tools available to them. As an independent musician, developing a profitable and sustainable music career is more realistic today than it has ever been in the past. However, in order to take advantage of the opportunities at hand, it is vital for career-minded musicians to understand the changes that the industry has gone through, and how that impacts their approach. Then, they must determine a career course for themselves and act on the best information available to them. First, The New Music Industry: Adapting, Growing, and Thriving in The Information Age explains exactly how the music industry has changed, and the 11 components it is divided into today. These 11 components include: engagement, campaigns, community, collaboration, vinyl records, social media, video, radio, touring, music licensing & placements, and streaming sites. The industry is clearly more complex than it used to be, and has more moving pieces than ever before. Not only that, but the music business continues to morph, and the future is sure to bring more changes. Understanding the bigger picture is the first step to clarifying one's thinking, and developing a much needed career focus. Then, the book explains what the information age represents for artists. With the industrial age firmly in the past, the implications are far reaching. It isn't just jobs and pension programs that have been affected. Artists of every kind have also been witnesses to the effects of the massive transition into a new age. Whether it's online or offline, there are many things competing for people's attention, and cutting through the noise has become the new motto for businesses and musicians alike. The key to adapting, growing and thriving in the information age lies in a willingness to experiment and to change. Human nature is to resist the inevitable, but this inclination will not serve musicians in the age we find ourselves in. The information age is about observing trends, keeping a finger on the pulse of rapid technological advancement, and being agile and flexible enough in your approach to change when necessary. Failing to adapt could mean getting left behind, and we have seen many organizations and individuals fall from grace for this very reason. This book then walks musicians through the foundational aspects of music marketing, touring & live performance, radio, music instruction, blogging, podcasting, email marketing, social media, video marketing, and more. These are the essential elements of every music career, and are also necessary parts of building a presence online. A musician's online presence supports their offline presence and vice versa. However, it's unwise to rely on one or the other. The information age is the meaningful convergence of personal connection and viral marketing. Musicians can also delve into personal development and business concepts that will enable them to approach their music careers with a success mindset. Many people find that they have mindset issues to deal with as they grow and become the people they need to in order to achieve what they want to. Without the right mindset, the right strategies can fail. Handling the mental aspect of setting goals and working towards their accomplishment is critical to one's ultimate success. The New Music Industry also documents many of the mistakes made by its author, David Andrew Wiebe, and what he learned from his many music career missteps and errors. Refreshingly honest and practical, Wiebe offers independent musicians an insider's view into what it means to build a career of their dreams in their chosen field. The book is packed with actionable insights and tips that will aid musicians in their pursuit to profit from their passion. Wiebe draws on over a decade of experience in the music industry.

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