The Path to Self-Love and World Domination: Break Free from Self-Limiting Beliefs and Embrace Your Power

The Path to Self-Love and World Domination: Break Free from Self-Limiting Beliefs and Embrace Your Power

by Heidi Green
The Path to Self-Love and World Domination: Break Free from Self-Limiting Beliefs and Embrace Your Power

The Path to Self-Love and World Domination: Break Free from Self-Limiting Beliefs and Embrace Your Power

by Heidi Green


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A 7-step path to manifest and strengthen self-love, and quiet our inner critic.

A book with such a powerful title requires a few qualifiers. Spoiler alert: reading this book won’t actually result in actual world domination. However, the author will set you on the path of dominating your own world, being the master of your destiny, and creating the life of your dreams. This is not a lofty promise. Although it is a big undertaking, it’s also attainable!

The Path to Self-Love and World Domination is written by licensed psychologist and trauma therapist, Dr. Heidi Green. She reflects on her own journey from insecurity and self-loathing to emotional recovery and self-love, and shares how so many people appear stuck in their own way. She’ll teach you why you struggle with self-doubt and criticism, and take you on a journey to change the way you think, feel, and interact with the world. You will gain an understanding of why you have a critical inner voice, as well as how to move past it and fully love yourself.

The odyssey of self-love is far more complicated than it may seem. It requires more than just holding yourself in high regard, taking candlelit baths, or practicing your favorite yoga poses. It involves understanding your struggles and weaknesses through the lens of compassion, and putting to rest the self-defeating notions that keep you stuck.

To help overcome the inner critic in all of us, Dr. Green will guide you through a 7-step path to manifest and strengthen self-love. She’ll teach you to nurture and mature your inner child, reject unhelpful thoughts and behaviors, and restructure the way you respond to yourself and the world. Only then will you be prepared to engage in productive and meaningful life changes that will finally stick! Finally, you will be given your World Domination tool kit: 6 traits that must be cultivated for a truly awesome you.

This book will take you on a journey to discover what self-love is, what it isn't, how to find it, and why having it is the most important element to your life's happiness. You’ll learn how to speak to yourself with kindness, reject unhelpful thoughts, and other powerful tools to let self-love reign supreme in your life.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780757323683
Publisher: Health Communications, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/22/2020
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Dr. Heidi Green is a licensed clinical psychologist at a world-renowned center for trauma and addiction treatment, Psychological Counseling Services, in Scottsdale, Arizona. She teaches self-love by example with accountability, humility, compassion, and a saucy spirit. Dr. Green maintains a strong social media presence on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. She has been featured as a mental health expert several times on the national television show, The List. She is a professional mental health blogger, authoring the blog, Living a Blissful Life, for HealthyPlace. Dr. Green has developed a workshop based on her book which she presents to individuals seeking education on how to reduce negative self-talk and improve self-worth. More information on mental health and emotional wellness topics can be found on her website,

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments vii

Introduction 1

Part 1 The Wounded Child Inside You

Chapter 1 Your Inner Voice 9

Chapter 2 Developing Self-Compassion 21

Chapter 3 The Journey Back to Your Original Self 29

Chapter 4 Loving Your Inner Child 41

Chapter 5 The Gift of Forgiveness 49

Chapter 6 Letting Go of Toxic Relationships 63

Part 2 Your Inner Warrior Unleashed

Chapter 7 Transform Understanding into Action 75

Step 1 Evaluate Your Internal Voice

Chapter 8 Releasing Trauma 83

Step 2 Unpack Your Personal Trauma History

Chapter 9 Yes, You Deserve Happiness 95

Step 3 Build Your Self-Worth

Chapter 10 Empowering Your Original Self 105

Step 4 Self-Empowerment

Chapter 11 Become the Badass You're Meant to Be 121

Step 5 Self-Growth

Chapter 12 Treat Yourself Like the Rockstar You Are 145

Step 6 Master a Healthy Way of Being

Chapter 13 Take Over the World 161

Step 7 Foster a Life of Joy and Purpose Conclusion 173

References and Recommended Reading 179

Appendix 180

About the Author 183

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