The Prince's Plight (The Balderdash Saga, #2)

The Prince's Plight (The Balderdash Saga, #2)

by J.W. Zulauf

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Not all fairytales take place in rolling hills or along sparkling beaches. Some happen right below our very feet like the corpses they are....

Reviewer Tyler Quevedo says of The Balderdash Saga series: "I originally read the story on my own first, not sure how dark the subject matter would be for young children with a story about an undead princess, but quickly my mind was put to ease as the story progressed. It covers all sorts of great topics that I value in a good story for children (and adults): Morality, Integrity, Loyalty, adventure, a small dash of romance, and most of all imagination. The vocabulary wasn't too difficult for the kids, and yet there were still occasional words along the way that needed explanation, further broadening their horizons as future book connoisseurs. ... If you're looking for a short read with great life lessons and core values for a budding adult, I'd recommend this book!"

After defeating Maleer, the people of Balderdash work to expand their kingdom by exploring the vast caverns in search of more graveyards. Although Hurlock and the shaman have adopted Kaylan, few in Balderdash trust the prince. Scarlet barely speaks to him, and Screech is the only one to show him affection. To escape the tension, Kaylan unofficially joins the Spelunkers, a group created by the shaman tasked with mapping the caverns.

On one of his excursions, Kaylan is startled to hear a woman's scream. After locating the source, he watches from the shadows as two men chase her down, swords drawn.

Kaylan realizes with horror that humans stand merely an hour's walk from Balderdash. He faces a critical decision. Should he run away to warn the rest of the underground kingdom about the human invaders in the caverns, or risk losing his life—and compromising the location of Balderdash—to save the woman?

Evolved Publishing presents the second book in The Balderdash Saga, a series of lower grade fairytales with an always fun, slightly dark edge. [DRM-Free]

Meet many friends, and a couple foes, on your visit to Balderdash. Whether you're searching for true love with Scarlet the Kindhearted Princess, or fighting for honor with Roland the Pirate Knight or Hurlock the Warrior King, there is something for every reader within this coffin tale.

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BN ID: 2940152147414
Publisher: Evolved Publishing LLC
Publication date: 04/25/2015
Series: The Balderdash Saga , #2
Sold by: Draft2Digital
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 2 MB
Age Range: 6 - 8 Years

About the Author

I would love to say that from the second I could use my fingers, I began to write, but I can’t. Sure there were times through my life when writing surfaced and fell away, but the truth is, I couldn’t even read all that well through most of my teens. Then one day, my father gave me a copy of The Stand by Stephen King, and even though it took me a year to finish, I did it.

This experience changed my life.

From that point, I strove to become the best reader and writer I could be. I was driven by an unbelievable passion to become a writer, and here I am. I truly started from the bottom and worked hard to become who I am now. I am a believer in the words. Reading saved my life. Writing made my life.

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The Prince's Plight (The Balderdash Saga, #2) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Love this book! My daughter is 7 and is obsessed with these amazing books. I love them myself. She has 3 so far and has asked for the rest for Christmas. I promise you and your children will not be disappointed with these series.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Good follow up to The Underground Princess. It was a good read because it took place from a different point of view in the same world, so it was kind of fresh. Same style illustrations and experience.
MotherDaughterBookReviews More than 1 year ago
Seeing as The Underground Princess was one of my favorites from last year, I was very excited to hear that Book 2, The Prince’s Plight was released. Much to my delight, the second book in The Balderdash Saga by J.W. Zulauf continues along the same vein as the first, featuring stellar writing, top-notch character development, and a twisting plot which cleverly ties in with the first book yet brings a new dimension to the story by introducing human characters. Princess Scarlet, as we’ve seen, is the central character in The Underground Princess. In The Prince’s Plight, the story is told from the perspective of Prince Kaylan. According to an interview with the author at the back of the book, “it was Kaylan’s turn” and interestingly, Book 3 will be focused on the shaman (ooooh…. looking forward to that!) This is an interesting decision by the author and it reminds me of The Chronicles of Narnia where each book focuses on different characters, some of which overlap. While I did wish that Scarlet did appear a bit more in The Prince’s Plight it did not take away from the story contained within its pages. In fact, I would say that The Prince’s Plight contains enough back story that it could be read as a stand alone book. I love the addition of human characters to the story and felt that it was time for the undead to cross the boundary to the land of the living. Lucia, the young woman threatened at the start of the book, was a wonderful character and I love how she accepted Kaylan, undead and all. New twists to the story were introduced when Kaylan encounters Lord Faron, who eerily resembles a young Maleer and makes a great villain in the story. The scene at the graveyard, ripped from the pages of Night of the Living Dead, provided a spectacular climax to the story and was definitely memorable. As with The Underground Princess, The Prince’s Plight was illustrated by Luke Spooner. There is roughly one illustration per chapter and once again Spooner strikes the right balance between the macabre theme of the book with characters depicted as “undead” while keeping in mind the age of the target audience (6 to 10 years old). I can’t say it enough: children under the age of 13 still love and appreciate illustrations. My Bottom Line: The Prince’s Plight is a unique, cleverly-written and well-woven fairy/horror tale. Zulauf has created an unconventional fantastical world where the heroes of the story live underground and grapple with many “human” issues such as love, loyalty, courage, and honor. I highly recommend this series to tweens who love reading books with a touch of the macabre. Ages 6 to 12.