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The Problem Eliminators!

The Problem Eliminators!

4.0 5
by Steve Nelson

Enjoy Action and Adventure Today with, The Problem Eliminators! By Steve Nelson
It is a known Fact that the best customers of the worlds Drug Barons, have been for many years and are today, U.S. Government Officials.
Just Imagine. . .
A group of fictional highly trained and motivated, retired military men, that hunt down the Drug Lords, and their


Enjoy Action and Adventure Today with, The Problem Eliminators! By Steve Nelson
It is a known Fact that the best customers of the worlds Drug Barons, have been for many years and are today, U.S. Government Officials.
Just Imagine. . .
A group of fictional highly trained and motivated, retired military men, that hunt down the Drug Lords, and their Government allies.
Fact: the Drug War is a Phony War, designed to bring about the destruction of the U.S. Constitution, and in turn, the Freedom of all peoples of the world!
Just Imagine. . .
This group of fictional military men, with nothing to lose; Act on their Oath to ‘Protect and Defend the Constitution’ against all enemies Foreign and Domestic!
They call themselves, The Problem Eliminators!
With Action at every turn on the high seas and on land!
The Problem Eliminators! Strike Without Warning!
Like the name of their Fantastic Redesigned Submarine,
The Barracuda; They Strike Hard, Fast and Deadly!
The Problem Eliminators! By Steve Nelson
Is a Fictional Action/Adventure story featuring a fantastic submarine, The Barracuda!
Like Amer-I-Can James Bond’s, these guys take no prisoners where the Drug Lords are concerned!
Join up Today with- Captain Mitchell, Dave ‘The Dude’ Wilson, ‘Doc’ Robinson, Sergeant Remus and the whole crew of the fantastic submarine, The Barracuda for a Fictional Action/Adventure story you won’t soon forget!
The Problem Eliminators!
Is Action! And Adventure! With Over 34,000 Action Packed Words! New cover art! Interesting links! And Almost No Foul language! Plus Exciting Pictures! You Can Enjoy this Exciting Adventure Today!

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Steve Nelson
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Meet the Author

Hey, when I write a story, I write it so its a smooth read. You don't have to carry a dictionary to read one of my stories. Easy on the eyes and smooth read 'in + a swell story, that's what I like! Plus there's a lot of research that I put into every story. Steve Nelson is a resident of N. Ogden, Utah. He has worked for over 30 years at Business Ownership and in the Handyman/Maintenance field. He is a H.S. Graduate. Steve has written 11 books; Tomorrow’s World #1 (Currently Published in Hardback form by: PublishAmerica.com) TW2 DESERT TREK The Maintenance Engineer Escape from the ORDER! The Problem Eliminators! In the 47th Generation Nibly the Bear~ Visits the People Town Nibly the Bear~ Gone Fish 'in The Deliberate Poisoning of Earth (FREE at Smashwords) 100+ Quotable Quotes By & About Dr. Ron Paul~ A Real Amer-I-Can! (FREE at Smashwords) The Book of Mormon~ Colorfully Illustrated (FREE at Smashwords) Steve is easy to find on Facebook, just lookup Steve Nelson of Ogden, Utah and find the guy in the Australian bush hat! G’Day

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The Problem Eliminators! 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Blows up your face.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
She blows up the White House.
SteveNelson1 More than 1 year ago
I just read a supposed review found at the Barnes & Noble site of my Wonderful Action/Adventure book, ‘The Problem Eliminators!’ by Steve Nelson Honestly, I’ve never read a supposed review filled with more distortions and outright LIES that the one that I just read at the fine Barnes and Noble site. Plus the Cowardly person who wrote it can’t speak English and they have the gall to post a reference to their supposed review at my youtube video slideshow for, ‘The Problem Eliminators!’ Let me state upfront, categorically and with no regrets; Number 1) this person who supposedly reviewed my book is too cowardly to give their name. 2) They then go on to fabricate and LIE about the content of the story. Beginning with a name that appears Nowhere in the entire story, (Someone named Gary Stu). 3) Supposedly they only read the 20%, (this is Free for anyone to read), and even in that 20% one can get a sense of the excitement that is yet to come in the story. 4) Another LIE that this supposed reviewer picked up from the 20% that they read is that this book is about, ‘The Problem Eliminators!’ being human traffickers. This is an outrageous LIE! That appears Nowhere in the book. 5) If one reads the entire ‘Problem Eliminators’ story, one will see and incredibly action filled adventure story complete with a fantastic plot, and really good action sequences. Let me state again for the record, this supposed review found at the fine Barnes & Noble site, is completely BOGUS! And an outright LIE! Also, for the info of anyone Really interested, one can down an opponent with a single punch, (to the larynx), as it is stated in the book. I hope everyone will put this supposed review where it belongs, in the trash! Sincerely, Steve Nelson
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Admittedly, I haven't read the entire book --- only the free 20% on the author's Smashwords page. However, even if I did have access to the entire text, I still wouldn't read it because of the sheer lack of plot development shown. Our story begins with a lengthy, ineffective description of the protagonist sneaking through a yacht. He takes measurements of the boat, writes them down, sneaks some more, spies on people snorting cocaine and having sex (!?), whispers to himself a bit, more sneaking, and then comes across a bound and gagged girl behind a mysterious door. Gary Stu (The name of the protagonist hasn't yet been stated, and he reeks of Stu-dom so that is what he shall be called) pulls a hypodermic needle from his emergency medical kit, knocks her out (with a tranquilizer called K14 {Really?}), renders guards unconscious with a single punch, and smuggles her out without a hitch. Chapter 2 begins, and we still don't know what Gary Stu's real name is, nor have we seen a single shred of dialogue other than him talking to himself. Instead, we have a massive infodump, an author-drawn illustration of a character that makes me want to cross the street if ever I meet him (read: creeper), and he isn't even the protagonist. No, we get an illustration of..."Captain Norman Mitchell". Eventually, we find ourselves introduced to the protagonist himself: Dave "The Dude" Wilson. Apparently, he has gone through a tragedy (which is never gone into), resulting in his having "almost lost it". We get another two pages worth of infodump, before randomly changing scenes to an incident "several years ago" concerning the naming of the ship. Who cares! When I read a book, I read it for its plot and characters --- not a list of all the possible names a stupid submarine might have had. With the arrival of chapter 3, we finally witness some dialogue. Unfortunately, the dialogue we see mostly consists of instructions issued to the crew by the captain. In Chapter 4, Dave addresses the audience directly, stating that the reason he is writing this book is because he thinks "...it might make a swell book someday." He then goes on, in an incredibly vague manner, to describe some sort of delivery service, returning former captives of drug lords to friendly ports. I get it now! These people are a part of a secret human trafficking ring! Because, as far as I know, dumping a sedated person off at a port in a country other than their place of residence counts as human trafficking; not to mention the fact that these victims carry no identification whatsoever. I think I've said my piece. The book is a boring infodump, filled with descriptions of things that add nothing to the plot whatsoever, there is no character development (even our protagonist is a stock Gary Stu), there is hardly any dialogue (what little there is consists largely of more infodump, in the form of instructions and "as you know, Bobs"), and is obviously very poorly researched. Really, the book is so bad it's almost spork-worthy. I would spork it; however, it is too boring even for that, and I don't want to encourage the author any further by purchasing this horrible book.