The Puzzle

The Puzzle

by Francis Boschi

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My name is Roland Southfield. I used to work for a government agency that was known for its secret activities and upholding the law of the land. But like I said… it was a government agency… full of the usual bureaucracy and politics. I was so tired of the BS I was nearly ready to move on, but they did me a favor. They fired me.

Although no one would admit it, the reason was probably the Bay of Pigs outcome. That was my first joint assignment with Alan Marshall. Everyone on the inside was pretty disappointed I took the hit for the failure and Alan was able to keep his job. The good news is, they gave me a severance package.

I love this country but I am sickened by the way that the current administration has chosen to deal with the affairs of State. At the center of this less than satisfactory situation is the President himself and those whom he has chosen to surround himself with for guidance and counsel. Even though I no longer hold a recognized position of responsibility, I am able to move within the current government boundaries in my own way and of those who sponsor me. My job is to make a key difference in preserving the sovereignty of the country. This group of sponsors is simply known as the Patriots.

As you might expect, there is a girl involved. Her name is Sharon Ames. Our relationship today is miles ahead of where it had been during a prior time. Sharon has been strategically situated as a staff member within the organization that is supplying guidance and counsel to the President. That company is Avant America.

To a great extent, this guidance comes from Andrew Bonaparte who is the president of Avant. Yes, he is a descendant of the other famous Bonaparte... Napoleon.
There is a rogue organization identified as the Dozen. The Dozen represent twelve very wealthy individuals who have had the good fortune to be sitting on the largest oil resources known to exist on this planet.

At the present time, the President has been hospitalized with an as yet unidentified, debilitating illness that affected him just after the inauguration ceremony associated with his re-election for a second term. Initial suspicions that the source of the illness had been delivered by Pope Andrew of Rome during his interaction with the President, were shown to be unfounded, but the inquiries by the CIA and others were very clumsy and put a strain on the relationship between the US government and the Vatican. After stumbling through their investigation, there had been some inquiries from within the government as to whether another possible cause of the President's condition may have been due to some activities orchestrated by someone such as myself. Of course none of these suspicions were substantiated and the mystery illness continued. During this wait and see period, a daily vigil was being conducted at the President's bedside by Andrew Bonaparte, while the affairs of State were being administered by Don Hudson, the Vice President. He is generally conceded to be one of the good guys but his activities are somewhat limited to the role of caretaker. This is largely due to the uncertain timing of the President's future health. According to his doctors, it was not outside the realm of possibility that Jim Hernandez, the President, could sit up in bed at any time and be perfectly lucid with no recollection of his past and current ordeal. In the meantime, I am continuing to watch the store, so to speak, from a distance, and continue to take whatever actions I and the Patriots might deem necessary to keep the ship of state in safe waters and away from any possible threat from the Dozen. My activities are supplemented with funding from the Patriots and the judicious use of other government assets such as one of their Gulfstream aircraft. The single largest item, and carrot, being dangled in front of the Dozen, is the return of their financial asset that was lost during a Patriot activity in Costa Rica. Andrew Bonaparte's predecessor, Eric Andros, was shot by a liberated sniper, Tommy Bartlett, at a group meeting of the Dozen at the same time that the $37 billion was electronically snatched from under the noses of the Dozen. Patience within the Dozen's organization is wearing paper thin with each broken promise by Andrew Bonaparte for recovery of the $37 billion. A key activity to resolve organizational unrest within the Dozen is coming. A few eggs are expected to be broken, but what will be the final outcome? Sit back and enjoy your reading of "The Puzzle."

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Publisher: Joseph Boschi
Publication date: 01/04/2015
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About the Author

Joe was born and raised in northern New Jersey and where he lived and worked the first half of his adult life. He graduated from Seton Hall Preparatory High School and received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from Newark College of Engineering and his MBA from Seton Hall University.

The first thirty-four years of his business career were in the Aerospace and Defense Electronics industries as a Program and Marketing Management Specialist with Lockheed, held various executive positions at United Technologies in New Hampshire and Connecticut and served as Vice President, General Manager at Loral in San Jose, California.

Joe changed the focus of his career in the mid '90's when he assumed the leadership of marketing in the firm of Zenger Miller, and led the company's efforts to reposition itself as a business consulting specialist. In 1997, he became the COO of Quantitative Management Systems and restructured the company to expand its product lines and business base in dialysis billing.

Joe retired to Florida in late 1999 with his wife Jo Ann. They have three sons located in Florida, New Jersey and South Carolina.

His retirement was brief and Joe soon accepted a position managing a staff of golf course associates and assisted in the successful launch of a new golf course in 2006. Currently, he provides management consulting for the local golf course community where he lives.He turned his attention to writing and in January, 2010, he published his first book, Extra Innings, featured here on this website. As he continues in his new career as a literary writer, Joe plans to concentrate his writing on fictional subject matter.In his leisure time, Joe plays golf, gardens, bowls, and plays a musical keyboard and has traveled extensively around the world.

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