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The Queen of the Mountain Kingdom

The Queen of the Mountain Kingdom

by Peter Whitaker
The Queen of the Mountain Kingdom

The Queen of the Mountain Kingdom

by Peter Whitaker

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The Queen of the Mountain Kingdom is an epic fantasy in a Napoleonic style.
On the Holy Mountain of Oroson, the ancient Mountain Kingdom has existed for 5,000 years. The last King of the Pareb Dynasty is dying, however, and his only child is the Princess Saran, but women cannot rule on the Holy Mountain. For the past 500 years they have been banished from all positions of authority. The only place where women rule is in the home.

Saran is not like most women of Oroson, however. After the years of cruelty enacted by her uncle, the Mad King Vitor, the kingdom has declined, allies abandoned, and the population decimated by mass executions and flights into exile, Saran has determined to take her father’s crown and safeguard his legacy of peace and reconciliation. It is what the people want and need.

Enemies oppose Saran on every side. To achieve her goal she will have to overcome the vain and conceited, Heir Presumptive, Paremi Kun, the closest living relative to her father. He is supported by the High Priest of the High Church of Oroson, a man who would never allow for a woman to hold a position of authority over him.

From without the rival Kingdom of Apidacea plots to conquer Oroson. They have spies and agents already working to enable the advance of their army with its siege train in tow across the borders.

There is one enemy that none have counted on; the Old People. They were the original dwellers on the Holy Mountain, ceding their kingdom to the New People, those of Saran’s race, 1000 years ago. They withdrew into the hallowed interior of Oroson, but now they have returned, armed with an arcane magick. They want their Holy Mountain back and they are willing to kill to do it.

The Princess’ allies are few. They include a veteran mercenary soldier, Risdun Hak, returned to Oroson to claim the land and title that once belonged to his father, and he is accompanied by a fellow mercenary, a black man, Eiji Tunshi, the like of which is seldom seen in the Mountain Kingdom. Her only friends are two courtiers, Julen Tutami, a rare thing, a woman of wealth and independence, known as the Silken Tigress at court due to her man-eating tendencies. Cortus Mal, advisor to kings, is an old man who has grown jaded with court life. He has crafted an alliance of sorts with a secret and outlawed Order of Priestesses, the Orosies, who haunt the shadows of the city. Perhaps the most powerful and dangerous ally of all is Heren, a Sorceress steeped in ancient magick, but beyond the control of anyone. She thirsts for vengeance against those who murdered her brother and she will stop at nothing to achieve it.

Into this growing tension enters a monster in the shape of a man who appears without warning, kills without restraint, and disappears again before any can bring the creature to task.

The Mountain Kingdom of Oroson is thrown into strife by the conflict that ensues following the death of the king. Magick is unleashed. Armies battle on the mountainsides. Spies lurk, assassins strike, adventurers seek their fortunes, and warrior priestesses attack from the shadows. Sieges are laid and plots unfolded. Before peace can return to the Holy Mountain of Oroson many fights are to be won, not all of them with musket and cannon.

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BN ID: 2940164190170
Publisher: Peter Whitaker
Publication date: 07/12/2020
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About the Author

I am someone who has a profound interest in life and all the many and diverse subjects that it has to offer. I live and work in the East Riding of Yorkshire, a citizen of the forgotten city of Kingston Upon Hull. I was educated at Coleg Harlech, Gwynedd, North Wales, an institution that gave me so much, including a deeper appreciation of literature and a journey into Philosophy.
Eugenica is a book I started work on as a means of promoting a positive image of the disabled. As a disabled person myself I am only too aware how we can be totally misrepresented, whether wilfully or otherwise, by the media. It is a blend of adventure, dark science fiction, and an awful lot of referencing to things popular in the 1930’s that I still enjoy today.
I am happily married with two children. I dream of being a full-time author and I would like to see my football team Hull City win the Premier League title one day.

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