The Rise of SEE-19© Leadership: See beyond and become the leader you are born to be

The Rise of SEE-19© Leadership: See beyond and become the leader you are born to be

by Kavita Satwalekar, Gail Gibson
The Rise of SEE-19© Leadership: See beyond and become the leader you are born to be

The Rise of SEE-19© Leadership: See beyond and become the leader you are born to be

by Kavita Satwalekar, Gail Gibson


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Emerging from a world of constant change and unpredictability this leadership book breaks new ground and introduces a powerful and pioneering approach using a hybrid SEE-19© Leadership model.

Rising-leadership thought leaders, Satwalekar and Gibson, have embraced the power of what can be to enable leaders to see beyond, embody and implement winning leadership traits. Through their coaching, the co-authors noticed that the COVID/(C)-19 pandemic was forcing leaders to adapt quickly to new ways in order to continue leading effectively. The prolonged pandemic highlighted a shortfall in leadership. Even transformational leaders, who in the past have been associated with successful leadership styles, have had to adapt their guidance to continue to be effective. Whilst selected traditional leadership styles from the past have been productive, others have stifled progress.

This book addresses these shortfalls in leadership with practical solutions and proposes the emergence of a new ways to measure successful leadership traits, thus creating a new, resilient generation of leaders. The Rise of SEE-19© Leadership fosters gender equality, with diversity, enabling all SEE-19© Leaders to lead with a conscious mindset.

In light of the current gender equality theories and changes across many aspects of contemporary life, the co-authors recognize and respect gender diversity. With an open approach to the changing nature of peoples' identity, they acknowledge that the new SEE-19© Leadership model needs to address the inclusivity of non-binary or non-gendered participants. Although the writing style of this book features traditional female and male leadership roles, the co-authors would like to point out that they have referenced historical, gendered leadership styles, which in no way detract from the changes in gender diversity.

Imagine the emergence of a new generation of leaders and a thriving work environment like our world has never experienced before.

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ISBN-13: 9781838353810
Publisher: Gail Gibson
Publication date: 02/04/2021
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: eBook
Pages: 102
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Kavita Satwalekar: Leadership coach, wellness expert, mentor, speaker and author Kavita Satwalekar uses signature coaching techniques that enable leaders to win through the noise, embody their strengths and authentically shine. She embodies her tagline of Inner Sense by Kavita, by empowering clients to make sense of their inner worlds, thus enabling them to lead from within.
Gail Gibson: Award-winning performance and leadership coach, international speaker, podcast host and author, Gail Gibson, delivers a unique style of 'Can Do' coaching with proven results. The simple, yet incredibly effective coaching techniques she has honed and developed, have led to life-changing transformations in mindset, wellbeing, and personal performance for her numerous clients.

Table of Contents



Meet our Case Study Leaders: Maya and Jeff

1: Dream Big: Become the Leader you want to be led by

2: Be YOU: Be Likeable and Competent

3: Put YOU First: Prioritize Self-Care

4: Adapt Quickly: Be Flexible and Responsive

5: Listen Deeply: Be Inclusively Empathetic

6: Shift the Hierarchy: Be Collaborative

7: Keep It Real: Set Realistic Expectations

8: Constantly Learn: Nourish Your Mind, Body and Soul



Meet The Author: Kavita Satwalekar

Meet The Author: Gail Gibson

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