The Rise of Xosha

The Rise of Xosha

by S. Cu'Anam Policar

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"not all allies are friends, not all friends are true, and some enemies will in turn be your greatest allies."

Oceanus, the leader of the last horde of dragons in the realms must find his people a new home.
Going only on the word of the odd colored white dragon, Rose, he leads the horde far from their home, over waters that seem to have no end.

Will the horde remain true to their leader? Or will their superstitions and fears about Rose cause them to stray?

One to lead...One to see...One to protect...One to Deceive.
The Rise of Xosha; The second part of the story that started the legend.

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BN ID: 2940046191868
Publisher: Wolf Paw Publications
Publication date: 10/05/2014
Series: Legend Begins , #2
Sold by: Smashwords
Format: NOOK Book
File size: 378 KB
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

S.Cu'Anam Policar was born in Brooklyn, NY, but now lives in Missouri. The Mother of three she makes time to write, usually late at night. An avid reader, she not only writes but helps promote other authors with promotionals and reviews of their books. She is Pagan but respects all religions and believes everyone should celebrate their similarities and not care about their differences. When she has the time, she enjoys playing video games, horse back riding, singing, and writing things other than her Legend of Xosha Series. She absolutely loves to make new friends so don't be afraid to come by and say hi on facebook!

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The Rise of Xosha (A Legend of Xosha Prequel 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
kasumii More than 1 year ago
The Rise of Xosha by S. Cu'Anam Policar is a sad tale. it made me want to cry and weep because it was just not FAIR what happened the tale begins when the horde of Oceanus Darkun's dragons flies away from their homeland in order to find a new home,  a new life, safety and peace. after a disastrous and bloody war with humen and anjyls,betrayed and hurt the dragons have two choices: to remain in their homeland and die or to fly away with the hope of survivalRose,the white dragon,an outcast,a seer,a being who craves for love is the one who sees the dark future of Oceanus' horde. it is not only pitch dark but also so depressing and sad. but Rose is not disappointed or defeated. she still feels hope.but things get really messy and difficult. alliances are broken,enemies turn into friends,betrayals and mistakes fall upon both the dragon horde and their new allies' Rose Pack.and last but not least prophecies have to be fulfilled but always with a great cost. all these thing happen and still when the S. Cu'Anam Policar shows the happy times,it later on hurts more when something bad happens. this book is like tango:one forward, two back amazing,alluring writing.admirable characters and an original plot. it was interesting to see the dragons into a new different light.totally recommended to anyone who loves adventure and fantasy and especially to the lovers-fans of dragons.this book will most definately not disappoint you.great vocabulary,fast pace and in just 127 pages you will wish to be transferred in the land of Xosha and live alongside with dragons,wolves,fight elves and demons,and slay anything that harms your favorite people.i can't wait for the next book.
shivapastures More than 1 year ago
R2R (LoP) : The Rise of Xosha I received a free copy of this book, through LoP, in exchange for a review. The race of Dragons are on the march. Fleeing from their only home, since being attacked by the new race of Dragons or Anjyls. Oceanus, the leader of the remaining Dragons puts his trust and follows the advice, to their new destination, from Rose, an outcast due to her natural color, white. She guides the last 24 Dragons, for over a year, to their new home, but much needs to happen to make it such and they are not the only creatures that inhibit this land. Through Rose's ability to speak with Spirits, they explain what must be done and not all of them will be alive to see this new world come to being. Alliances are made and broken and there is treachery within their own, that they do not find out about, until it is too late and plans are already in motion. "We know not where they came from, nor why they disrupted our ways of life so drastically. But with their arrival came many changes: mostly for the benefit of themselves and the destruction of our once proud kingdom. “The Anjyls were ingenious in their plotting. They quickly learned how to disguise themselves as the winger humans in man's texts, thus earning them their name of Anjyl. Or as the humans spell it—Angels. “They quickly turned the humans who were once our allies against us. Our hatcheries obliterated, our children slaughtered, our bravest slain, all under the influence of the Anjyls, who told those misguided mortal males that our deaths would bring them the love of females.” What a wonderful prequel to a beautiful world. A lot of details went into crafting this world and I love it! I am anxiously waiting for the series!
KjReadsnRambles More than 1 year ago
Any book that has dragons in it immediately says read me, I love dragons more than any other paranormal character. I was happy to find that S.Cu’Anam Policar created a world I absolutely want to be in, she wrote a beautifully descriptive novella to set up the later books to come. I easily saw myself flying with the dragons as they searched for Xosha, tired and wanting my new home. Later I cried when things changed, and nothing was the same.   The wolves, the Anjyls; I so ate up every word, and will reread to see what I might have missed the first time. I don’t intend to try and do any little descriptive piece, I am not as good with words as I would like. Believe me, you need to read this book for yourself. I recommend it to anyone without reservation, it is a fantastic story. I very much look forward to anything else to do with this series, I can’t wait! I give this book 5 stars, and it shoots straight to my favorite list.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Rise of Xosha was an imaginative and fun fantasy YA novel. Written as a prequel set 1,000 years before the forthcoming series, it focuses on the story of a displaced dragon clan, but these aren’t ordinary dragons; they’re shape shifting creatures who can control the elements. In a disastrous battle with their enemies, the Anjyl’s, or as they’re known to humans--Angels, they were forced to abandon their home. As they rebuild in a new world, they must face both old and new enemies. Xosha has tons of mythical creatures: wolves, hounds, daemons, and imps; and it comes with a cute glossary of all the creatures and their attributes. Teamwork, loyalty, family, regret, kindness and prejudice are just some of the moral lessons hidden in this fantastic and exciting fable. The lessons and themes were never overt, but definitely noticeable to an adult reader. This was a novella, so the characters didn't have as much depth as you'd expect in a full length novel. As an exposition for the main series it was a stand alone. It was quickly paced and a few of the scenes would have been better slowed down and expanded. I don't normally read fantasy stories that take themselves seriously, but this was a unique mythological YA novel.