The Sandmann's Journal: Vol. 3

The Sandmann's Journal: Vol. 3

by Wilfred Kanu Jr.

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The Sandmann's Journal Vol. 3 is next in the sequence of volumes 1 & 2. Dates at the beginning of each chapter indicate the point when I published them online. Also, I feel the need to emphasize that although there's factual information in this book, I base the material on my point of view. Therefore, readers should use them for entertainment purpose if not to get to know me as an artist. In Volume 1, you will find topics like how I established my career in Canada. Once that was done, with a few books published through Soul Asylum Poetry & Publishing with accompanying albums, I turned my vision to literary writing on social, accessible and theological matters that challenged my routine and thought process at the time. In Volume 2, are chapters on my reaction to patriarchy vs. feminism while finding a balance between the civil and gay rights concerns that became a public subject? I also gave my point of view on some trending topics in Hip Hop. Volume 2 reads as a melting pot of my philosophy on the subjects of gender role, Patriarchy, misconceptions of Hip Hop, the murder of Trayvon Martin, bullying, gun violence in America, the fairness of God, monotheism, faith, scarcity, etc. After you experience those two books, you will arrive at Volume 3 where I determine the creed of Hip Hop. I clarify my romantic curiosity with women showing that although I'm far from a simp or an MGTOW, beauty reflects in my eye as a beholder. This time, I connect Hip Hop with African culture, address "The Mayor Ford Scandal" and pose more questions on the family, gender accountability, marriage, etc. In this Volume, I break down the creed of Hip Hop Kulture by defining its essence as described by KRS One, The Zulu Nation, and the Five Percenters. I also speak on the uniqueness of African music and dance cultures. You will find chapters on my thoughts concerning LGBT rights in Africa, contrasting the idea with long-standing Islamic and Christian traditions on the continent. Bear in mind that I do not criticize. Volume 3 is a reaction to dramatic ideological changes in today's world. The running thread is the Abrahamic dogma is a focal point to understand secularism. The balance between overselling women's liberty to the detriment of family or the bastardization of men or any long-standing traditions is consistent. In a nutshell, this Volume speaks on African philosophies like Afrocentrism, the Pan-African movement, The Universal Zulu Nation, The Nation of Gods and Earths or Five Percenters within the context of Hip Hop discipline. To further demonstrate this approach to creative expression, you will find a chapter on the fall of Donald Sterling, the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the spiel about not only God but Lucifer. There is a robust center on the mainstream media, mainly how it manipulated the Bill Cosby accusations. I was highlighting their double standards and bringing them to question. More chapters delve into what appeared to be a surge in racism, intolerance, police killings of unarmed black men and the best ways to stop these catastrophes from happening. *

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