The Scepter of Fire (Oliver Blue and the School for Seers-Book Four)

The Scepter of Fire (Oliver Blue and the School for Seers-Book Four)

by Morgan Rice


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""A powerful opener to a series [that] will produce a combination of feisty protagonists and challenging circumstances to thoroughly involve not just young adults, but adult fantasy fans who seek epic stories fueled by powerful friendships and adversaries."--Midwest Book Review (Diane Donovan) (re A Throne for Sisters)"Morgan Rice's imagination is limitless!"--Books and Movie Reviews (re A Throne for Sisters)From #1 Bestselling author Morgan Rice comes a new series for fantasy and middle grade readers (and adults, too)! Fans of Harry Potter and Percy Jackson-look no further!In THE SCEPTER OF FIRE: OLIVER BLUE AND THE SCHOOL FOR SEERS (BOOK FOUR), 12 year old Oliver Blue is dispatched on an urgent mission to save The School for Seers. He must travel back in time, to Florence, 1592, to find the only artifact that can save them all.Yet the secret is guarded by none other than Galileo himself.As Oliver searches for one of the great scientists and inventors of all time, the man who invented the telescope and who discovered planets, Oliver must wonder: is a he a seer, too? And what other secrets is he holding?His brother Chris, more powerful than ever, remains determined to kill Oliver for all time. Oliver soon realizes it is a race against time, as the fate of the school-and of the world-is at stake.An uplifting fantasy, THE SCEPTER OF FIRE is book #4 in a riveting new series filled with magic, love, humor, heartbreak, tragedy, destiny, and a string of shocking surprises. It will make you fall in love with OLIVER BLUE, and keep you turning pages late into the night.Book #5 in the series will be available soon! "The beginnings of something remarkable are there."--San Francisco Book Review (re A Quest of Heroes)"

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ISBN-13: 9781094310961
Publisher: Lukeman Literary Management, Limited
Publication date: 09/11/2019
Series: Oliver Blue and the School for Seers , #4
Pages: 210
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.48(d)

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The Scepter of Fire (Oliver Blue and the School for SeersBook Four) 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Anonymous 10 days ago
But as good as book 4 was, toward the end, it felt rushed. It left a lot of loose ends and left you hanging. Some loose ends: Oliver Blues brother Chris. What happens to him? Oliver Blues adopted mention of them after two sons disappear? Oliver's beloved teacher. Left hanging again. Was she a seer? She should have been brought into the story more. I just hate loose ends, not feeling like this series was complete. Is there a Book 5? Because of loose ends, I can only give 4 stars.
Anonymous 6 months ago
it was great from book one to this one page Turner Arayshea Malady
Anonymous 7 months ago
Abused & neglected 11 yrs old boy (Oliver) discovers he has magic. A magic school and a really old headmaster along with a sweet, very smart girl & a strong, but slightly bumbling, best friend accomplish wonderous feats to save the universe. While visiting famous scientists from history and discovering secrets Oliver meets his parents & another version of himself. Evil, stupid, bully step-brother and minions chase Oliver & friends across time.
Barb Howland 8 months ago
Really enjoy this series. Book four is just as good a read as the first three. Very fast paced. The action continues right where it left off in book 3.
matepsi 8 months ago
A great book, once again! The characters are well described and the whole series is amazing. The story is well written, as always for Morgan Rice’s books and it captures the reader’s interest. I received a free copy and so I had the great pleasure of reading the book before it’s release. I found it GREAT!
TheLostSlayer 8 months ago
I really enjoyed this mini series. It was fast Paced and exciting. I like the travels back in time to meet the worlds greatest inventors. I thought there could be more stories to be told and it’s a shame this was the last one.
nutmegrose 8 months ago
As with the other series by Morgan Rice, this one was also a success. It is packed full of adventure and it amazes how Rice, as an author, can seamlessly write from both the male and female perspective of a character with apparent ease. Plus the grasp of historical knowledge, especially in the realm of science, that is integrated in this story to make it a fiction series as well as teetering on historical fiction is awesome. This alone makes it a must-read for young teens and adults. It is entertaining as reading a Rick Riordan book on Percy Jackson. A very enjoyable book and series.
JJY 9 months ago
The school is under attack! Oliver Blue and his companions are on a mission through time to save the School for Seers, which is crumbling under an attack by the Obsidians. In a final effort, Professor Amethyst sends them through a portal to find the Scepter of Fire – a powerful tool to heal the school’s magic – but the portal splits them into two groups. A team of Obsidians led by Oliver’s stepbrother Chris is right behind them. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat! The action is non-stop and you never know what is going to happen next. I received a free copy but my review is honest and voluntary. It captured me right from the start and I finished it in one day!
ladyluck04251 9 months ago
this series would be perfect for preteens and teenagers. It was a bit juvenile for my taste. It still has Rices genius at character portrayal, ability to set a fast pace, and an exciting story
JulieElizabethPowell 9 months ago
I was given an ARC of this story and I thought it to be an enjoyable read. It's fast-paced and filled with adventure and action...but it also has meaningful life lessons. The characters fit well into the story and the plot is well-defined with some surprises. I liked the ideas concerning the magical powers and the historical references made for interesting reading. This is a great conclusion to a fun and entertaining fantasy YA tale. Recommended.