The Secret Exposed: Survive the Recession by Mastering the Law of Attraction

The Secret Exposed: Survive the Recession by Mastering the Law of Attraction

by Teachernsession


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The Secret Exposed: Survive the Recession by Mastering the Law of Attraction by Teachernsession

The economy is changing, and inflation is going up at an increasing rate. When you turn to the news, you see people rioting, protesting Wall Street, and looking for answers. Now is the time to begin thinking of a plan to secure your future. The Law of Attraction is a tool to be used for encouragement and enlightenment. This book shows you how to master this skill and be prepared for future changes.

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ISBN-13: 9781467848558
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 11/23/2011
Pages: 144
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.34(d)

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Survive the Recession by Mastering the Law of Attraction
By TeacherNSession


Copyright © 2011 TeacherNSession
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4678-4855-8

Chapter One


Movies, books, and other types of media primarily depict super humans/heroes as men/women with exceptional power. They could either fly, teleport, heal, or perform other powers that separate them from the average human. They are called to duty when humans cannot defend themselves because the average humans are depicted "powerless" compared to these super heroes. Children and adults see themselves as the average human because they cannot fly or perform "supernatural" powers. Therefore, they depict themselves as powerless.

But, we aren't powerless. We have exceptional power, but it isn't taught to us. You will not learn how to use this power in school. Yet, it works whether we choose to use it or not. We have the ability to shape our lives using the power of our thoughts, emotions, and action. These powers can unleash mountains of abundance for each individual. For this reason, they're kept a secret.

Every human possess a talent/skill that can either be shared or kept for personal use. With practice and time that skill can be mastered and used at an advanced level. The law of attraction is mastered using the same technique of practice and time. Your true strength comes from your heart. It is the key to all of your power. When you follow your heart, an abundance of positive energy comes your way. Let me explain how your powers work. Imagine you're accessing your power through a remote control.

1. Your body is a place where your heart and essence of you reside. It is important to take care of it, and insure no harm is done. If there is harm done to your body, it affects the accuracy of the energy you want to release. It blocks the flow, and the amount of energy you need to use for a specific task. You cannot use your power efficiently if these blocks aren't uplifted. The flow of energy is the bridge to your power.

2. Your heart is the battery inside the remote. The remote is the device used to unleash the energy of your choice. The heart control how much energy is released from the remote you hold in your hand. If you're sensitive enough to feel your heart energy, you can use the remote as often and/or as long as you desire.

3. Your thoughts and actions are the hand that controls the remote to your power. Focus your thoughts on what you want and on positivity to receive the results you acquire.

4. The remote itself are your emotions. You have two buttons on the remote. A positive button and a negative button. It can release both energies at your request. If you think positive thoughts, you are pressing the positive button. The more positive thoughts you create, the longer you hold the button. Vice versa when you are thinking negative thoughts. If you unconsciously let your thoughts wonder, your hands will franticly press both positive and negative buttons on the remote. When this happens, you are receiving both energies and misusing your power. It is essential to protect your emotions and feelings. If harm is done to your emotions, then the remote control can malfunction when you attempt to use it.

5. The key to mastering your power is to protect your body from negative energies and harm (outside and more importantly inside the body). To gain additional power, open your heart and emotions to love and positivity (recharge your battery until it reaches 100%). Control your thoughts and focus on the control of your power (gain control over the hand that chooses which power you want to release). Allow your emotions to flow at the rate of your thoughts (press the button you desire and hold it there). Use the remote wisely, and beware of your actions.

When the flow of energy inside your body is blocked, you must heal yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually. Heal yourself physically by keeping your body clean inside and out. Be active because it increases your flow of energy. Nature is your outlet, and when you plug into it, you charge your energy even more. Eat healthy, high energy foods, such as fruits and vegetables. Avoid toxins because it blocks the flow of your energy.

Heal yourself mentally and emotionally because your heart energy is the battery you need to use your power. Heal yourself from childhood and adulthood negative actions/memories (trapped emotions from the past) because they affect your emotions. Heal yourself from negative thoughts/actions because they attract more negativity. Mentally free yourself from all negative energies because you increase the results you desire.

Heal yourself spiritually because it is the core of your energy. Work on your sensitivity because it is your heart that ignites your power. Feel free to allow your energy and emotions to flow through you. An effective way to do this is through meditation. You can channel your energy consciously to design the world around you. If you do not heal yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually it will block your flow of energy.

Through meditation, your higher consciousness can heal any blockages you have. Your higher consciousness is the advanced part of you. When you use your intuition, you are listening to the voice inside of you. You are guiding yourself through situations. You can either choose to listen to this voice or go against it. When you choose to listen to your intuition, you have a clear direction of what path you wish to take in life. You can apply the law of attraction to assist you on this path.

Once you are healed, it will allow you to feel more positive. By using your heart energy, you feel gratitude. The more gratitude you feel, the more positive vibrations you will attract. Your current energy sends vibrations out into the universe, and the universe responds by sending back similar vibrations. The more control you have over the vibrations you send, the more accurate you can use the law of attraction.

The law of attraction isn't magic. It isn't science fiction. It is science, which the average person does not understand. Everything in existence is composed of energy, including our bodies, our food, and our planet. Energy is the foundation of every creation. Everything created, tangible or intangible, are vibrating at different rates.

The law of attraction is simple. Once you practice and experience how the process works, you will be able to attract and acquire things you want in your life. This is a natural skill. Anyone with practice can become a master. It's very important that you consciously practice everyday how to manifest positive energies. When you first learn how to ride a bike or rollerblade you must practice if your goal is to master tricks or ride down massive hills. The same applies to mastering the law of attraction. Many of us are manifesting our lives unconsciously, and attracting negative energies that we don't want.

Our bodies are made of energy. It works like a magnet by attracting parallel energies. Tangible things are energy, including people, money, cars, houses, plants, animals, etc. Intangible things are energy, including thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. We use our thoughts and feelings as instruments to create the situations in our lives and our reality.

We attract situations we focus the most energy on. If your thoughts are continuously negative, then you will attract more negative energy into your life. If you feel or act negative towards others, then you will attract more negative energy into your life. If your thoughts are continuously positive, then you will attract more positive energy into your life. If you feel positive or act positive towards others, then you will attract more positive energy into your life. Remember, everything is energy. When you are thinking, feeling, and doing you are sending energy out into the universe. The universe will return the energy back to you. It is the reason why it's crucial to practice sending positive energy because you can create the energy you want.

When you have negative thoughts and focus on negative energies, you are creating an uncomfortable experience for yourself. Your thoughts affect every aspect in your life. For example, if you have a car that isn't working properly, then you might be thinking how much you hate your car. Instead of thinking of everything that you hate about the car, think of positive thoughts. Redirect your thoughts, and instead focus on what you want. I want a new car. Try not to focus too much on the problem, but on the solution. The more negative thoughts and energy you send out, the more you will get in return.

Create goals for yourself. Whether the goals were accomplished in the past or not, focus on the present and future. Create goals that will make you happy and goals that will keep you motivated. When you have a goal in mind, concentrate on the end result. You may not realize how you can accomplish the goal, but it does not matter. Concentrate solely on the goal because the universe will create the opportunities you need to ascend the goal from thought to reality.

Focusing on goals is the doorway to create the abundance you seek and deserve. Visualize daily and imagine in your mind that you have achieved this goal. It is essential to visualize exactly what you want in great detail. This will eliminate lack of understanding in the message to the universe. Every moment that you have available send positive thoughts, regarding your success.

For example, your goal is to become a successful painter. You enjoy painting, and you love it to the core of your heart. Your friends advise you to get a real job, but you can see yourself at an art show with the best. Your painting is hanging up on the wall. The description you wrote is sticking below your work, and your name is signed at the bottom. You're wearing a stunning suit or dress, and people crowd around your painting. You join the crowd without revealing who you are, and listen to the comments of your peers. You're hearing good comments, and you feel very happy about them. Someone from the crowd shouts, "I wonder who created this painting! It's the best painting in the galley!" You jump to the middle of the crowd and shout, "I DID!"

These positive thoughts and feelings are creating the positive energy you need to make your vision come true. The key is to keep your focus set on the goal. Don't deviate from these thoughts. If you currently feel you don't have enough time or opportunity to "paint" it shouldn't stop you from thinking about it. By thinking about it and feeling good, you send a signal to the universe saying this is what I want. The universe will realign itself to meet your needs. But, if you're feeling bad about your goal, you're sending a signal to the universe saying this is what I want. The universe, in response to your feelings, will send you more of the negative energies you feel.

Do not think negative because your goals aren't manifesting as fast as you'd like. That's why it's important to practice. A master doesn't become one on their first try. Most people can't fly a plane through tight cannons on their first try. The same applies to mastering your thinking, actions, and emotions.

Set a time in your mind. How fast do you believe your goals will manifest? Two months? Three months? Once you have set a time, expect your goal to manifest within that time. For example, you may think that your goals will be accomplished in three weeks, but believe it will be accomplished in three months. As a result, your goals will be accomplished more likely within three months. Your faith is the driver that determines how quickly your goals will manifest.

When you focus on your goals, don't ponder about how it will happen. For example, I recently moved into a new apartment. I lost my only copy of keys while walking my dogs. I wasn't worried or thinking negative thoughts. I was calm. I decided to consciously attract the keys back to me using the law of attraction. The keys were energy. I imagined the keys coming towards me. I asked someone nearby if she found a set of keys. She stated a woman nearby took them back to her home. I received my keys later that day. This example can apply to anything tangible that you want. You have to be patient and have faith that it will attract to you.

When you have accomplished a goal (big or small) it is essential to feel thankful. When you are thankful, you're sending out messages to the universe that you would like more of the same energy. You may accomplish a goal differently than you pictured it. When you're living a conscious life, it is easier for you to recognize hints or paths arranged by the universe. It'll eventually assist you in your advancement of current or future opportunities. If you didn't take advantage of one opportunity, don't worry, have thoughts and feelings of a better opportunity. You may take advantage of these opportunities on your time. It's your life. But, it might not manifest as fast as you want it because you're avoiding situations that could help your goals come into reality.

Living conscious means that you are aware of your thoughts and actions. You are making decisions, and have control of the flow of your thoughts. You choose to think positive or think negative. You choose to treat yourself and others with respect or disrespect. You choose to create goals for yourself and for your development or live without goals. You choose to consume certain foods or watch certain television shows. When you consciously choose your thoughts, feelings, and actions you are attracting goals that you want or avoiding energies you don't want.

As you think of positive or negative thoughts, you are creating the precursors of your future. Your present circumstances are the result of the thoughts and feelings of your past. If you want to change your current state of reality, then create the type of energy you would like to attract. Do you want to attract positive energy or negative energy?

Once you have made it a habit to think positive thoughts, you will discover more positive situations coming your way. It is important to stay secure in your development. Do not let anyone detour you because their negativity will have an effect on your work. You deserve everything you believe you deserve. It's that simple. Every situation and tangible item is in your grasp because you've created the attraction. Move forward, and acknowledge every opportunity. These opportunities are the keys to get you into the door.

You began your journey by setting a goal. You've thought about it and visualized the end result. You're investing all of your energy towards your goal, and enjoy the process of making it happen. An opportunity has presented itself, what do you do? Thinking and feeling are great tools to attract the things you desire, but it must be joined by action. Action is the force you need to accomplish your goal. Work towards it, and have undeniable faith that it is achievable.

The law of attraction will affect your life whether you choose to focus on positive energy or live unconscious. When you're unconsciously living your life, you're doing things without reasoning. You are not aware of your actions because you're ignoring the consequences. Most people are living unconscious because they don't understand that everything works within the laws of cause and effect.

Everything you do affect the people around you because everything is connected. When people let excessive or minimal thoughts flow through their minds without any control over what they're thinking, they are letting positive and negative energies flow into their lives. They believe that things "happen to them" because they haven't gained control. Living unconscious is to let your thoughts, feelings, and actions free without any control from your conscious mind.

There is a difference between living unconscious and listening to your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is your brain's activity when it's on "auto pilot." When you are sleeping, meditating, or having a consistent flow of thoughts, you are listening to your subconscious mind. If you discover you are thinking negative or picturing negative events while you are subconsciously thinking, then you should reevaluate the people, places, events, emotions, and actions in your daily life. Your subconscious mind can assist you on your journey, but it cannot if it's clouded with suppressed negative thoughts/emotions.


Excerpted from THE SECRET EXPOSED by TeacherNSession Copyright © 2011 by TeacherNSession. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


LAW OF ATTRACTION....................1
THE FLOW OF ENERGY....................13
PHYSICAL HARM....................13
MENTAL/EMOTIONAL HARM....................35
SPIRITUAL HARM....................49
HEALING TO INCREASE THE FLOW....................56
NEGATIVE ENERGY: 6 HABITS TO AVOID....................59
1. ARROGANCE/EGO....................59
2. ANGER....................63
3. JEALOUSY/ENVY....................65
4. DOUBT....................69
5. FEAR....................71
6. SELF HATE....................73
POSITIVE ENERGY: 6 HABITS TO AVOID....................79
1. SELF LOVE....................79
2. HEALTH....................84
3. RELATIONSHIPS....................86
4. MONEY....................89
5. WISDOM....................98
6. PEACE....................98
BECOMING A MASTER....................101
BONUS: POETRY....................111

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