The Shortest Distance Between Love & Hate

The Shortest Distance Between Love & Hate

by Sandy Hall


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A teen girl starting at a new school is torn between long-held loyalties and a bright new love in this irresistible new YA contemporary romance from the author of A Little Something Different.

Paisley is really looking forward to college. She is ready to take charge of her destiny and embrace some new experiences! Finding a hot guy to make out with at her first ever college party seems like a great start...until her best friend informs her that mystery guy is actually Carter Schmitt, Paisley's sworn enemy who basically ruined their lives in middle school.

So much for new people and exciting new experiences. Oh well. Paisley will just pretend he doesn't exist. Of course that would be easier if Carter, AKA her super-hot-sworn-enemy, hadn't ended up in three of her classes AND the same work study. Is it too late to rethink this college thing?

Sandy Hall, author of A Little Something Different and A Prom to Remember, is heading back to college in this sweet and quirky contemporary romance.

Praise for Sandy Hall:
"If you need a cute romance to end your summer with, read this. It’s sweet. It’s adorable. It’s full of emotions. It’s one of the best romances I’ve ever read, and I’ll be reading this one again multiple times." —Here's to Happy Endings on Been Here All Along

“Romance with a twist.” —Booklist on A Little Something Different

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ISBN-13: 9781250119124
Publisher: Feiwel & Friends
Publication date: 07/09/2019
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 328,754
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.10(h) x 1.20(d)
Age Range: 13 - 18 Years

About the Author

Sandy Hall is the author of A Little Something Different, A Prom to Remember, Signs Point to Yes and Been Here All Along. She is a teen librarian from New Jersey, where she was born and raised, and has a BA in communication and a master's degree in library and information science from Rutgers University. When she isn’t writing or teen librarian-ing, she enjoys reading, marathoning TV shows, and taking long scrolls through Tumblr.

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The Shortest Distance Between Love & Hate 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
TheMoonWhoListens 2 days ago
”This is like Cinderella minus the glass slipper.” ”He’s my Cinderella.” FORMAT READ: eBook (Kindle) SIMILAR VIBES: Jennifer E. Smith or Kasie West books READ FOR: cute & giggly story *All my reviews are spoiler-free unless stated otherwise* The beginning and the end are honestly the strongest parts. I’m happy I started and ended this book on good notes. This book is about two college freshmen who actually knew each other in middle school but have not seen each other since. They parted with some not-so-pleasant memories and the story begins when they meet again at a party. The beginning of the book was what really made me intrigued and sucked me into their story. I’m gonna start by saying that this is not my favorite in terms or writing style and plot that but I did enjoy this book on a sort of basic level. A lot of things were just happening. There were parts when it’s just pages full of dialogue and no description of anything. Scenes just weirdly ended and started. That disturbed me a bit but it is an enemies to lovers trope (and I LOVE those). In terms of the enemies to lovers trope, I think that this was very well paced that it satisfied my need for that cliche. okay… I REALLY enjoyed the two characters’ quarrels AT FIRST even though it was petty. There was a point when it became a bit much for my taste. This came to me at a time I was looking for a Contemporary Romance to read so I enjoyed it more than I would have. Even if there were so many things I found petty and childish… but they kind of started to make sense the more I read through the story so… it’s fine it’s fine… but they were still petty and childish.. Though!!! There were themes in the book that I did like
Lisa_Loves_Literature 6 days ago
I picked this up and was immediately sucked in and loving it! There was so much fun with the back and forth between Paisley and Carter. Now, I feel like Paisley really got to taking it too far, but then there were times that I think Carter took his side too seriously or emotionally. I like that in the end, when it really counted, Paisley came out and told the truth about things that were her fault and helped Carter out. I get where he was upset with what was going on in his life, but his whole "hating excuses" thing as a reason for why he did so many things was a little irritating. Both of them had a lot of issues to deal with, and made a lot of bad decisions. But you know what, to me, that made it so realistic for how people really are. I'd say this was a good book, I didn't adore it as much as A Prom to Remember, but it definitely kept me reading and turning pages just to see who would finally give in and figure out how to deal with the situation properly.
magicalreads7 9 days ago
**I received an ARC for a blog tour. These are my honest opinions, and in no way was I compensated for this review.** he Shortest Distance Between Love & Hate caught my attention because it's a college-set YA, which is honestly something we need more of. After reading it, I felt that it was fairly realistic for someone's freshman year. The characters were very well-developed! Both Paisley and Carter are going through their own things, and their points of view read differently. I liked being in both of their heads and meeting their respective friends. The side characters were also fairly developed, namely Henry. The romance was actually pretty cute! This is marketed as a hate-to-love (as in, the title), but honestly, I wouldn't really say that. Is it hate-to-love if the hate is only one-sided? (More on that later.) When they finally got together though, I thought they were really cute together. Unfortunately, I only really got into the book halfway through the book once the pranks were over because Paisley's pranks went wayyy too far. Getting Carter a strike on his record at work? Granted it was his first one, but it's obviously a work study job and you don't mess with someone's financial aid. She also does something to slightly sabotage his grade, but she later fixes it. No matter how many amends Paisley makes later though, I found myself horrified by her actions in the moment. I did think the writing was enjoyable otherwise. I've never been able to get through any of this author's other books, personally, but I liked this one enough to finish it. The Shortest Distance Between Love & Hate is a good read, one that'll have you laughing out loud at moments. The two main characters have good chemistry, and the writing is nice. I wouldn't necessarily call it a hate-to-love book, but it is a YA contemporary set in college, so there's that.
KourtniReads 9 days ago
I’m always looking for quick and fun contemporary romance reads just because they’re usually really light-hearted and something I can get through even if I haven’t been reading a lot. I also love a good enemies-to-lover trope so you can probably see why I wanted to read Hall’s latest. Let me start by saying that I can absolutely see some readers not liking Carter and Paisley together as I myself had some mixed feelings on them at times. They have moments where they are mean to each other and downright immature. And while a lot of us will agree that this is an essential part of an enemies-to-lover romance, in a contemporary setting it just seems… off at times. I tend to read enemies-to-lovers mostly in fantasy books where the two are against each other on the sides of some competition or something which I think suits the trope a bit better. Because when you’re faced with it in a contemporary setting, it’s hard – at least for me – not to see the behaviors as abusive or toxic. With that said, the character growth is done really well in my opinion. Yes, Carter and Paisley are mean to each other and sit there pranking each other. But as things start to spiral and have real consequences, they begin to realize that they’re being immature and risking too much over things in the past that don’t really matter much anymore. While there were times where I honestly was taken aback at how they treated each other, I did really enjoy seeing the two of them mature and realize that there were better ways for them to be handling the situation. The characters themselves were really likable. Paisley was kind of a lot at times, but I loved her regardless. Man, can she hold a grudge. Carter has grown a lot since he was a mean middle school kid and he’s honestly kind of a sweetheart which I loved. There are also some side characters that are really great and well-rounded despite not having a huge role. One of Paisley’s best friends, Henry, especially stuck out to me. Overall, The Shortest Distance Between Love and Hate was a fun and enjoyable read for me. I can definitely see some readers not liking Paisley and Carter together but I thought they were cute – when they weren’t sabotaging each other, of course. Who would I recommend to? Readers looking for a quick contemporary romance, perhaps for a day on the beach or who really like enemies-to-lovers romances. Who should stay away? People looking for something super thought-provoking or people who are picky about their romantic pairings as I can definitely see a lot of people not liking Carter and Paisley together. I volunteered the read and honestly review a copy provided to me by the publisher.