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The Syntellect Hypothesis: Five Paradigms of the Mind's Evolution

The Syntellect Hypothesis: Five Paradigms of the Mind's Evolution

The Syntellect Hypothesis: Five Paradigms of the Mind's Evolution

The Syntellect Hypothesis: Five Paradigms of the Mind's Evolution

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Within the next few decades, we are about to make a huge evolutionary leap from Homo sapiens to Holo syntellectus. We are now entering a new era where evolution is no longer driven by natural processes. Rather, it is driven by human choices and now represents directed evolution. By mid-century, we will see the emergence of an entirely new species of post-biological human beings, augmented by technology and independent from the physical substrates, as well as a variety of cyberhumans, conscious AGI. The emergence of the unified civilizational mind, or the Syntellect, will be marked by the "Intelligence Supernova" in our corner of the Universe.

This book carries a weight of fresh ideas useful to AI researchers, cognitive scientists, and practitioners of the related fields, philosophers, transhumanist thinkers, as well as general readers interested in a wide variety of topics from digital physics to futurology. The book is a bold quest to reconcile science, theology and philosophy of mind. This book will prepare you to be a smarter human going forward into the Age of Superintelligence.

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"I have been a friend and fellow futurist with Alex Vikoulov for the past several years. He has consistently been providing thought-inspiring ideas and theories to the future intersection of our species and technology. His new book, The Syntellect Hypothesis, is a grand vision into several very plausible scenarios and recommended to all academics and armchair philosophers alike." -Alex Yamane, Torrance, CA, Serial Entrepreneur and Startup Consultant

"I have followed the works of Alex Vikoulov who is at the razor's edge of where we are headed, folks: the intersection of science and spirituality, mind and matter, psychology and psychedelia. Buckle up to have your mind blown and your life changed as Alex guides you into a future that is, at once, both the weirdest and most probable one possible." -Matt Swayne, State College, PA, Science Writer

"Regardless of anyone's opinion the Age of Convergence is upon us. Visionaries like Alex Vikoulov see what is already taking place as the seeds of not just a new world, but a new reality have sprouted. Humanity has much to look forward to as people and technology converge into not only a new paradigm or capability but also a more enhanced form of existence. Whether or not this meta-system transition from intellect to 'syntellect' will make us the dominant species of our universe or multiverse I cannot say, however while intellect connects us to each other, the Syntellect will lift us to a new cosmic level of awareness and interconnectedness. The Syntellect Hypothesis is an inspiration toward a brighter future and a manual to usher in this truly evolutionary leap!" -George Lazar, San Francisco, CA, Media Commentator

"We usually mean 'reality' as a conscious byproduct of perplexion that can repeat, reshape, simulate the game of life. The meaning instantly entangles us in the vast territorial frame, and we are the blade of grass in that territory. Alex takes his flight from this point by going against the centralized position of modern knowledge. His work replaces our traditional thoughts on 'intellect' by adding the new term 'syntellect'. It reminds what Korzybski once said, 'The map is not the territory'. Perhaps we need to accept the fusion of the latest science of quantum entanglement with this theological hypothesis that the author accomplished within his three-year venture of writing this book" -Kirno Sohochari, Philosopher

"Being an ardent follower of Alex Vikoulov's work and seeker of truth, I can attest that this is the most advanced book in Philosophy of Mind and the 'textbook' for the future" -Melroy Dsouza, Mumbai, India

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About the Author

Alex M. Vikoulov is a futurist, digital philosopher, neo-transcendentalist, transhumanist singularitarian, cosmist, scholar, evolutionary extrapolist, consciousness researcher, entrepreneur, media artist, painter and author. Currently resides in Burlingame, CA (San Francisco Bay Area).

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