The Truth about WWII: Justice Pal Speaks on the Tokyo Trials

The Truth about WWII: Justice Pal Speaks on the Tokyo Trials

by Ryuho Okawa

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Almost 70 years ago, the Allied nations in WWII held the International Military Tribunal for the Far East [a.k.a. the Tokyo Trials] from 1946 to 1948. In this event, the military and political leaders of Japan, a defeated nation, were judged to be war criminals. Out of the 11 justices and judges present, Radhabinod Pal from India was the only one summoned from a non-victorious nation and the sole expert in international law. Against all odds, Justice Pal makes the decision—all defendants to be not guilty. However, his decision had been denied as an opposition by the minority; defendants were ruled to be guilty and sentenced to either execution or lifetime imprisonment.

The Truth about WWII: Justice Pal speaks on the Tokyo Trials contains the spiritual message from Justice Pal. The book examines, in the court of spiritual history, whether the Tokyo Trials were impartial and whether Justice Pal’s decision was a mistake, considering the last 70 years of modern history.

Nowadays, we rarely encounter those in Allied nations who know about the Tokyo Trials and Justice Pal. By reading this book, you will come to see that its content on WWII is completely different from how people around the world understand WWII. At the present, the power relationship between major countries is changing dramatically; the world is becoming ever more chaotic. We hope that by providing you, the reader, with a completely new perspective, we will be able to build a new world order together.

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About the Author

Ryuho Okawa is a renowned spiritual leader and author in Japan with a simple goal: to help people find true happiness and create a better world. Okawa's books have sold more than 100 million copies worldwide and have been translated into 28 languages. His books share his principles for happiness, as well as insights and practiced methods for increasing our capacity for love and promoting our spiritual growth.

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