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The Ultimate Puppy Training Book

The Ultimate Puppy Training Book

by James Austin Vanderbilt
The Ultimate Puppy Training Book

The Ultimate Puppy Training Book

by James Austin Vanderbilt



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How to train a happy and well-rounded pup, without becoming overwhelmed or frustrated, in a force-free way (positive reinforcement), even if you've failed or have lost patients in the past.


            Have you ever wondered what goes through a dog's mind when you're giving a command or when they sit and gaze at you as you massage their head? I can remember as far back as four years old how much I wanted a dog. I'd always ask my parents for a one, hoping one day I would arrive home to find my very own furry pawed pup waiting for me.


When I was six old my parents surprised me with a Jack Russell Terrier pup; so small and cute. His entire body was white, his right ear black, and a brown spot over his right eye. I was surprised and instantly in-love. I named this bundle of pure energy – Jack. It was here I discovered how much I truly loved these intelligent animals – training them the best way I could for a 6-year-old. Jack followed me everywhere and when the day came to an end, he'd sleep with me at the foot of my bed.

Jack was super intelligent and clever, however many times he did what he wanted to do. I discovered later that the JRT is equipped with an extremely strong will. In retrospect I could see how Jack certainly had this quality infused in his spirit. He was an all-around great pup but there were moments when he was mischievous and cunning.


Funny story and testament to his intellect. One night my parents had some friends over for a little soirée. After everyone settled-in, Jack grabbed a ball and left to the living room. Jacob - our neighbor, took Jack's cue and tossed the ball. In that moment, Jack pounced on the couch grabbed the candy bar next to Jacob and ran towards the ball as if his priority was to play fetch. Jacob had no clue what occurred and was shocked that a dog could calculate such a ruse the way Jack did.

It was moments like this that made me realize Jack needed additional training. No one wants a pup that is frequently misbehaving, tearing up furniture, shoes, rugs or going through the garbage.


In an article published in the New York Post of 2000 pet owners, 42% polled that household messes, bad behaviors and messy antics are the #1 reason for giving away their pets. Other key factors are attributed to boredom or just needing physical or mental stimulation according to Dr. Lisa Lippman, lead veterinarian at Fuzzy Pet Health.


Luckily for us, puppy training is well-researched and pretty predictable in some aspects, so if you keep up with the latest news, you won't have to worry about unexpected surprises like drool in your shoes.


In The Ultimate Puppy Training Book, you'll discover:

  • How to potty train your puppy in less than a week using a force- free approach
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes in puppy training
  • Why the human-dog relationship is so important
  • How to select the perfect puppy for you and your family
  • Why its important to bring your dog to social events
  • How to implement positive reinforcement and praise, even if your pup has a messy moment
  • Dog training tips that may also work on your significant other – hehe


and much more…


Let's ensure you don't become the owner of a rash and out-of-control pup, simply scroll up and click the "Buy now with 1-Click button" to get your book instantly!

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