The Universe Within: Essence of Hinduism

The Universe Within: Essence of Hinduism

by Partha Rajagopal

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The Universe is not separate from us. We have the capability to realize it from within. It can be done using what we have and our own human experience. We live in a world of sense based existence. We need reference frames to orient ourselves. We rely on points of origin and dimensions to understand everything around us. From this view, we feel distinctly separate from the Universe. In a relativistic referential system that we have adopted over the past few thousand years, we sense extremes and our existence seems to be defined by these extremes. We move between nights and days, differentiate between hot and cold, prefer good over evil, know the past and anticipate the future, go between likes and dislikes and so on. These extremes seem very real to us due to our conditioning in the reference based system of existence. We tend to look outward for answers to many unknowns that are yet to be known. Ancient systems like the ones that have survived in India have a different approach. There are innumerable systems in India, collectively known as Hinduism (which is a geographical term rather than a religious one). Though they differ in their paths, they all share a fundamental principle. This principle is based on approaching everything in a simple way, going inward, realizing the gap between the extremes, entering the gap, balancing out the extremes and finding the link with the Universe that now seems to pervade through everyone. The book narrates how everything is viewed from the street level and goes beyond the street into the inner homes and the temples of humans. As the inner sanctum is approached, one realizes that he or she is the temple itself and the Universe within.

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About the Author

Dr. Partha Rajagopal has three decades of experience in the Engineering field. He has a PhD and has worked in the hitech industry for close to two decades. He also has deep roots in the spiritual traditions of India. Using his experience in the modern world, he has been able to understand the core messages of the spiritual teachers of India. The modern world is moving in the direction of integrating the values from different parts of the world. Through his works, the author intends to contribute to the developing spiritual advancement in the world. Dr. Rajagopal is also an accomplished pencil artist and a healer.

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