The Visible Ghost: Seen by All Living Beings . . . All the Time
The Visible Ghost: Seen by All Living Beings . . . All the Time

The Visible Ghost: Seen by All Living Beings . . . All the Time

by Dante P. Chelossi Jr.

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The Visible Ghost tells a tale of a scientist who has an accident inside his laboratory and dies. To his astonishment, and that of everyone else around him, he becomes a ghost who is visible for all to see with their eyes . . . all the time. He does not have the ability to become invisible. Another fascinating detail about him in his ghost form is that his appearance is 100 percent solid, like any living being around him. If someone were to stand next to him, they could have a conversation with him and not in any way ever suspect that he is, in fact, a ghost, because of how solid in form he appears to be. Being a scientist, this ghost is extremely intrigued, even in death, about being a ghost. He decides to investigate and document everything possible about being a ghost for others to understand before he disappears . . . which can be at any moment. At the very least, he has proven to the world that ghosts do, in fact, exist.

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ISBN-13: 9781490785936
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Publication date: 11/21/2017
Pages: 322
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.72(d)

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The Livermore valley, located in the "Bay Area" of San Francisco, California has a scientific research facility called "Lawrence Livermore labs."

The year is 2016 and the whole world is in complete turmoil.

So what else is new?

People that work at Lawrence Livermore labs commonly refer to the place as "the labs."

A vast majority of employees who work at "the labs" are scientist's, or workers that help the scientist's on science projects.

Almost all of these projects are either rated as "Top Secret" or in some cases so secret as to not even have a rating at all.

These are generally known as simply "Black Projects."

The black projects have a separate secret funding from the government that not even the U.S. Congress knows about.

There is a particular science team ... led by a scientist by the name of Eugene Harrison who is in charge of a scientific project that falls into the black project category.

Eugene Harrison is a molecular scientist.

One of his other specialties is "Quantum Physics."

He was chosen by the U.S. Government to work on this very secret black project because of his expertise in these two science fields.

Eugene is married more to his work than his actual wife of 17 years ... Amanda.

Since Eugene started working on this secret government project at the labs a little over a year and a half, he has hardly spent any time at his lovely townhouse home not far from where he is employed.

Of course, it is only natural that Amanda has suffered from a serious case of loneliness.

As is the case with many people who feel lonely, it is of no surprise that Amanda has been having an affair with a man that she met while working out at the gym where she has a membership.

At first, for Amanda, the affair was only meant to be a "fling" to release her sexual tension that was built up from the long periods of being alone and not experiencing sex with her husband Eugene.

But ... to her surprise, the "fling" graduated into a full fledged secret relationship that did indeed relieve her of her loneliness and pent-up sexual desires.

As all of this with Amanda was going on, her husband Eugene went about his normal routine ... unsuspecting ... carrying on with the black project at the labs, and very rarely making his way home.

His mind was very deep into this particular scientific challenge.

Eugene had three people who worked with him as his helpers.

They were all actually very accomplished in their own fields of science, but for this particular project they worked under the direct supervision of Eugene and were hardly ever able to contribute anything from their knowledge of the science's that they had dedicated their lives to up to this point.

Here and there, a moment in time inside of the lab where they all worked with Eugene, they might question some of the experiment's and techniques that he was doing, and occasionally give an opinion.

With Eugene, almost 100% of the time, these opinions were simply ignored or dismissed.

Eugene did not trust their opinions at all.

He had a conceit of superiority towards them.

Because of this mistrust of their opinions, there was an underlying feeling unanimously amongst these three helpers that bordered on hatred and desires to quit working with Eugene.

On the other hand, what kept them working in the lab was the overwhelming feelings of utter amazement that occupied their minds as they witnessed some extraordinary events never seen by anyone outside of their assigned lab.

There was also a feeling of pride because of the scientific event's that they were lucky enough to be a part of ... very secretly.

So there was this balance of feelings that they all carried with them every day as they continued their work in the lab with Eugene.

There was a tolerance that was non-stop with these people that was totally necessary in order for Eugene to have a chance at completing this important project.

Maybe, just maybe, someday their names might be mentioned if this project turned-out to be a success.

If this experiment turned-out to actually be successful, and have an impact upon the people throughout the world, then eventually their names might in fact be mentioned, and with that, certainly their career's would be affected one way or the other.

Only time in the future would be witness to this heady possibility.

So ... today was just another day in the lab with Eugene.

Everyday working in the lab with Eugene, the team would have to follow precise instructions for usually 8 to 10 hours with very few breaks for eating or resting.

Today, Eugene was going to attempt a preliminary experiment that could be considered dangerous by most people.

An experiment that actually never had been attempted before in any lab in the world at anytime in history.

Because of potential danger's that could possibly cause physical injuries, or possibly even death, Eugene would be the person to perform this first of it's kind experiment.

After explaining to his team what he was going to attempt to do, all of the member's were mutually relieved that they would not be in any danger as the experiment transpired.

One way or the other, they would be witnesses to either glorious success or horrific failure.

They were all given their specific instructions in setting up this experiment for Eugene in the lab, and after they were finished, they would all relocate to a safer area behind a Plexiglass partition to be observer's and witnesses as Eugene made an attempt to shock the world of science.

If this preliminary test went well, it would be tremendously extraordinary, but it would only be a precursor to the much larger final experiment that was yet to come.

After four and a half hours of setting up everything for this experiment for Eugene, they were finally finished, and all three waited behind the Plexiglass for their boss to start.

They all felt very nervous, scared, and excited at the same time because of the unknown results that were going to be witnessed within the hour.


Eugene entered the lab very casually.

He had an extreme feeling of excitement and a hope for success bathing through his entire body from head to toes.

Today would potentially be the day where he could come very close ... if successful, and be only a few short steps away from total unimaginable success that would truly shock the entire world.

Today could be the day where he might be able to prove to everyone in the scientific community that Quantum Physics was not a junk science full of theories that were doubted when compared to Einstein's proven theories.

It was hard enough to convince the many doubter's throughout the scientific world that some of his extreme theories were indeed provable, let alone to be actually in a position, in a controlled setting, to attempt to prove something that had only been read about in science fiction novels.

It was already understood that the entire world was made up of atoms and molecules for ... everything.

Eugene was hired by the government to find out if it was possible to be able to manipulate and control atoms and molecules.

Eugene, with the help of his team, had after many month's of meticulous and very laborious hands on work, physically and mentally, built a machine that would hopefully be able to test Eugene's theory of atom and molecule control.

Everyone was now staring at the machine in the center of the lab room that might be able to test this unbelievable theory of invisible manipulation.

Eugene stood a mere ten feet away from this machine.

Eugene glanced over at the three people behind the Plexiglass.

There was a microphone in front of them for direct communication with Eugene.

Not a single word was spoken between them.

They just silently stood there watching Eugene.

On a table nearby there was a pair of UV dark tinted sunglasses.

Eugene picked the sunglasses up and put them on to cover his eyes.

Eugene then motioned with his left hand towards the people behind the Plexiglass window.

They responded by also putting on their own pairs of UV sunglasses that matched the tint of what Eugene was wearing inside the lab.

Next, Eugene walked back to the wall and turned a dial that controlled the lighting in the room.

He slowly turned the dial and made the light in the room much dimmer.

The room finally was at a level of light that could be compared to sitting in a shaded area on a clear day.

Eugene now walked over to the machine and stood next to it and stared at it for a few more moments.

Finally ... he felt within his soul that it was the exact time to start the experiment with this machine.

There was a keyboard on the table next to this machine.

The machine had a metallic tube that protruded from the center and ran straight to a small metal box.

This box was actually a miniature microwave, but a thousand times more powerful than a conventional everyday microwave used commercially in a million places around the world as a common appliance.

At one end of the larger machine was a rotating disc that was engineered to retain two polar opposites beyond magnetic north ... at the same time.

In reality, the disc was actually two separate disc's that were so close to each other ... (one thousandth's of a millimeter) that the naked eye could only observe it as a single rotating disc.

On the other side of this machine there was another small tube that housed a very powerful green laser beam.

Once Eugene turned on this machine by using the keyboard for activation and control of power, this green laser beam would shoot through the tube straight through the rotating magnetically equal disc's and then immediately proceed onward to the small metal, very powerful microwave.

Inside of this microwave was a sterilized cube of 100% iron one inch squared.

The green laser beam would come into contact with this iron cube and hopefully disintegrate into invisible molecular particles that could be observed and manipulated by Eugene with the keyboard.

On the wall of the lab was a giant screen that showed the inside of the small powerful microwave where the iron cube particles awaited for Eugene to manipulate.

The hope was that Eugene would be able to manipulate the invisible iron particles and utilize the magnetic disc's to move these particles to another sterile metallic box directly next to the microwave.

There was a small flap on this box that could be compared to a "doggy door" commonly used by dogs to enter and exit a household.

Hopefully, the iron particles could be transferred from the microwave to the other box by using the green laser beam, but redirected by a silver coated mirror that opened up inside the microwave.

Once the iron particles, still invisible, redirected to this other box, the iron particles would travel through the flap and become trapped, and relocated inside.

Once these iron particles became trapped, and after a measurement was completed by Eugene by utilizing the keyboard.

He would then verify that 100% of all of the disintegrated iron particles were indeed trapped within the box, and then try and manipulate these iron particles back into it's original cubed shape.

Two separate video camera's from different angles were on the "record" mode setting.

Eugene started to hit the keys on the keyboard.

Going slower than normal so no mistake would be made by accidentally hitting the wrong key in the wrong sequence.

Eugene typed on the keyboard for several minutes, stopping every now and then to look at the large screen on the wall and also at his team of helper's behind the Plexiglass.

Finally, Eugene reached the point in the sequence where all he had to do was hit the "command" key.

He stopped once again ... looked-up to his team, and silently nodded to all three of them.

All three of them nodded back at him in confirmation.

At the very instant, and as quick as a person could blink their eyes, when Eugene pressed the command button on the control keyboard, the entire room flashed a blinding color of green.

The color of green was exactly the same tint as the green laser beam that had just been engaged.

This blinding green light lasted for almost a full four seconds.

After this four seconds ended, the room went back to how it was before Eugene had engaged the green laser beam.

Now ... what appeared in the room was a scary sight.

Eugene was sprawled out on the floor a few feet from where he had been just sitting.

There did nor appear to be any movement coming from Eugene on the floor.

Elsewhere, behind the Plexiglass, the three people who had been observers were waving their arms and screaming in almost perfect unison.

They were all screaming the same thing ... they could not see with their eyes.

They were all blinded!!

Even though they had all been wearing special UV sunglasses to protect their eyes, they still frantically complained about their eyesight's being lost.

So ... obviously, they were not able to see Eugene laying motionless on the ground inside of the test area of the lab only a few yards away from them. Their immediate concerns were more for themselves and their blindness at the moment.

They were not even thinking about if Eugene was alright, or how the experiment might have turned out.

Even after a long five minutes, there was still no movement from Eugene.

One of the three members of Eugene's team finally got a hold of her senses enough to realize that somehow, she needed to contact someone for help.

She rose to her feet and turned behind her and took a few short steps toward to where the wall was.

Once she felt the surface of the wall, she slid her hands and feet at the same time to her left.

She slowly moved for about eight feet and then her hands felt a phone on the wall.

She desperately grabbed the phone and quickly put it to her ear.

Next, she felt the buttons on the phone base.

She lightly felt buttons one by one until she was sure that she knew where the "zero" ... or "operator" button was located.

She pressed this button and hoped that she was correct.

Luckily ... she was correct.

The phone started to ring in her ear.

After the second ring, a voice answered.

"Hello, this is the base operator, may I help you?" The blinded woman practically screamed in the phone receiver at the operator on the other end.

"This is an emergency, I need help right away!!"

"There is an emergency here at laboratory 2525."

"There has been a terrible accident, and I need for you to send over some medical personnel to help me and my coworker's."

"There are four of us here who are in dire need of medical attention right now!!"

"Please hurry!!"

The operator tried to ask what the medical emergency was, but was rudely cut-off with a generic often heard statement around the base ... "it is confidential, and I cannot talk about it."

"Just please get the medical people here ... now!!"

The operator assured the frantic woman that she would immediately dispatch medical personnel to her location, and they should be there within a few minutes.

Within five minutes there were three ambulances parked outside of the building along with a fire department truck, where laboratory 2525 was located.

The EMT's quickly attended to the three people who still could not see with their eyes.

Other EMT's carefully put Eugene on a gurney and started an immediate transport to a hospital that was located off base.

Eugene was alive, but his vital signs were plummeting in the direction of possible death.

The EMT's worked on Eugene in the back of the ambulance while the driver sped quickly towards the hospital.

They tried all of the medical techniques that they could to prevent Eugene from dying before they could get him to the hospital.

All of a sudden, Eugene's heart stopped!!

The heart beat monitoring machine now indicated what is called ... "flat-line" across the screen.

Quickly, the EMT's tried every procedure possible to get Eugene's heart to start beating again.

They tried desperately for several minutes, but still had no response at all from Eugene.

The ambulance was now only a few blocks away from the hospital with it's emergency siren blaring loudly.

The hospital emergency personnel were contacted about Eugene's dire condition, and were already standing by the ambulance loading zone just outside the emergency room entrance doors.

Less then a minute went by, and the ambulance pulled into the loading zone.

The emergency medical personnel quickly transferred Eugene to a room inside of the hospital.


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