The Way We Are

The Way We Are

by Robert Paul Gwynne


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If you're feeling lost, unappreciated, or like you should have accomplished more in life, take a step back and appreciate yourself for the way you are.

That's the overriding message in this book by Robert Paul Gwynne, who was a certified public accountant for many years, an occult student for some fewer years, a Reiki practitioner, friend to others, a father to three, and stepfather to another three.

While he's navigated many turns and curves throughout life, he's lived an impossible dream-one made possible by being comfortable with who he is.

He emphasizes that there is no need to make changes in your life for the sake of change. People associate with and love you as you are-and even when you don't think it is-life often works out exactly as you've designed it.

Gain a greater appreciation for your potential, abilities, knowledge, and will to suceed with the insights and life lessons in The Way We Are.

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ISBN-13: 9781504315340
Publisher: Balboa Press AU
Publication date: 02/13/2019
Pages: 188
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.40(d)

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A Starting Point or Two

As you commence reading these words I would like you to know that they were written, by someone who considers himself to be an ordinary person.

I am male, and for the girls who are reading these first lines, I have it on good authority and opinion, that ordinary males just don't exist.

Maybe, we can discuss this one later!

So, who am I? Why do I consider myself ordinary?

Just as importantly, what is my story?

Not like questions, but as comments that may or might, require an answer of some sort.

It is generally acknowledged that males tend to be more left brained and practical as distinct from the females, who are more right brained and intuitive.

Now, there are possibly or likely to be some of you, who are assessing or preparing for a discussion on this overall and not very correct point of view.

So, I would ask you to be a little tolerant of my giving this maybe, or possibly incorrect statement.

BUT, for me, the mention of right brained intuition is totally relevant.

As a male of our species, I was (as a youngster of about 10 years of age) instructed by a well-meaning uncle to be the man of the family.

My father had just died, and my mother had arranged I visit an uncle, a master craftsman in woodworking, who previously had given me instruction in that trade.

I remember vaguely, the reason for the discussion, and why it had to take place.

In those long-ago days, left and right brain applications to life were rarely or never mentioned.

This was a left brained instruction if ever there was one.

It was basically – "be successful in life and look after your mother"

And, I took it on without further thought, as regards to the how, and/or why.

Until a few years ago, recently I suppose, I lived my life knowing I had no option, but to make positive, workable and very "no option", correct or right brain decisions.

At this point, in my life, I make no apologies to anyone for my pro-active ability to make decisions, and act in accordance with those decisions.

This personal attitude to life and living, is one reason for my professional success. But, at the same time, I am totally aware that this way of being has its own shortcomings.

Put this in another way, there is an ultimate personal payoff.

BUT - As this writing has other things to talk about, the payoff is, and has become, a very personal attribute. In that, on a personal level, those who know me, consider my shortcomings tolerable,

And come to me, as a friend, for a way of assisting their resolution problem.

There is another part of me, that does not believe he has done anything extraordinary in his life, and yet knows this is not a real truth, if it were viewed from all the perspectives of family members, personal friends, fellow students and professional clients.

Specifically, referencing my professional career over many, many years, clients and friends have achieved successes, way beyond their initial expectations.

You may ask: "Where do these people come in as part of the scene?"

As a professional Public Accountant, and CPA of very many years, an occult student for some fewer years, a Reiki Practitioner, friend to others, a father to three, and step-father to another three, I acknowledge and know and appreciate, that people play a very important part in my life.

I am not specifically referring to financial success, but something like a very personal, we might say outrageous, life and living success, that at the start, seemed to be an impossible dream.

Dear reader, there are many stories that make up the contents of the previous paragraphs.

I request again, your indulgences.

Keep reading, I am certain that in one, or maybe all of the following chapters, you will find answers. Answers that can or will, somewhat fit.

YOUR personal perspective on YOUR life, and LIVING, and WAY OF BEING.

Thus, for me, all things are an important part of this My Story.

Each and every person we meet in our lives, will (regardless of our allowing it or not), have an impact on who and what we are, as we live, and as we as individuals, impact on those who choose to keep our company.

At some point in our lives, maybe as younger people, maybe as we grow older, or maybe at an appropriate, or inappropriate and suitably reflective mood; "WE GET IT"!

We get, what in this day and age could be termed a "LIGHT BULB MOMENT".

For me, a particular "thought" or more like a realisation, occurred some 20 years ago, which at the time certainly did not appear to me as anything important, but more like "I Wonder".

Please bear with me as I work through what is to my mind, important stuff from the past and subsequent occurrences.

Before I define "the thought" in greater detail. The unfolding of that "thought" has its own importance.

It also had, and still has, wider implications than "the thought" itself.

As I was to discover over time.

I have referred to that point in time, to many people as an acknowledgement.

To me, at the time, it was only a point of observation.

When it happened, it was somewhat meaningless.

My left brained activity dropped the essence of the "thought" because the thought had no practical use.

Let's face it! Life works! You get on with what you have to do, as part of your daily activities, or your working life, and/or your family life.

There is mostly little, of importance, that will immediately change the current circumstances of your life, and the way you are presently living it.

Home is home, work is work, pleasure is pleasure, and enjoyment is enjoyment – siblings are children - and so on.

But is this correct?

In the way we might, or could live our lives if something were to change, or?

Is it possible that the above, and many other daily living things, such as your children, housework, entertainment, sleep, travel, and so on, could be part of our very personal each other, and at the same time, be part of something else?

If we have a partner to share these things with, they too become part of a second by second existence, and/or so do our friends, close or otherwise, our workmates, our sporting team, and others who see us, and as we see them, from their own particular perspective.

All become part of and are an extension of our second by second personal meaningful existence.


For most of us, regardless of where we're at, or what we're doing, the thought process is part of our life and living At an unlikely moment in time "THE THOUGHT" occurs.

I am not referring to a thought of something that should be done, a thought of something to do later on that day, or in the future or even maybe something that might have been done sometime in the past.

That kind of thought is I believe, how we all live our lives.

I am talking of a thought that has nothing to do with what is going on, or what might eventuate at the moment the thought comes into existence.

Remember always, that the thought took less than a second to come into existence and depart somewhere else.

Except that the "guts" of that instant fleeting thought stays in your mind, complete - very complete.

In the instant it occurred, it remains.

Or, it is there, having its own, complete and separate type of existence.

The subsequent effort to make a change, because of that one single thought, to move out of an existing comfort zone where we were at that thought moment!

Most times, is not possible.

The thought will still have no reason for its existence, it came from nowhere, but it will be, and is, retained by your memory. It can be perceived. It exists and is there.

And is most often, regarded by most of us, as an unsafe way to live our lives.

The mingling of our created, daily living items and requirements, is the current creation of our present personal world - such as it is.

Change for change's sake is not an option, for or to, most of us. And, most times, we all tend to believe, any change is not an option.

Also, people might wonder as to the why, and can become suspicious about just what is going on or happening to; someone who unexpectedly appears to have changed, or is changing course.

Life and living, continues.

Each of our personal actions defines where we are, and who we are, on that second by second existence that makes up our meaningful day.

We all, from time to time, come across what could be called "New Age Ideas" or of "Life Changing" modalities.

I must stress, that I am in no way going to imply that the various methods of self- improvement as promoted by those various organisations should be ignored.

Similarly, there are various religious, and philanthropic organisations, and new age churches promoting life activity learning.

Each of these organisations or religious philosophies, may have something to offer you!

All these approaches to life and living have much to offer each and every one of us.

That is, if we wish to take part, knowing there is something to learn, and we have the time, energy and money.

On a personal level, one activity I took part in, has had a lasting effect on my perspective on life and living.

But then again other activities at their completion have left me enthused and ready for new things.

Looking back, I find that I do not remember any of these "change your life" activities as such. Maybe they did, and maybe they didn't, make a difference in my ultimate way of "being" as a human.

I believe, all of us are aware, that for most of us, our lessons in life are our way of living, and nothing is going to change our ultimate perspective on this.

Do not think for a moment, that I am impertinent enough to suggest your life and its daily pattern have the possibility of being meaningless and unimportant.

There are so many of you out there, who do live meaningful lives, not only for your families and friends, but for your community, and maybe the world in general.

You are, and you are: - "OKAY, THE WAY YOU ARE."

There is no obligation or reason to change or be different from who you are at this time, or ever for that matter.

Especially, if you know and believe you are content and happy, with the way things are.

Even so, I sometimes wonder what I am about, in my day to day travels through life and living.

There are days when from a very personal observation I appear to achieve little, and other days when lots seems to get done.

In the evening, I might hear on TV a report of a person, who in my opinion has done remarkable things, someone who has what appears to be a very full life of assisting others, someone in their community, or in a third world country.

Do the activities of these wonderful givers of time and energy, make me a lesser person?

I could answer yes, those actions can.

But only, if I, personally decide, in my own mind, that this is to be!

Thus, with reference to any other person by way of conversation of any sort, I am not able and ultimately will not change my personal thought pattern to be someone or something different.

Deep down, you know you could do the remarkable things you read and hear about.

Is it appropriate, for you and yours, your friends and acquaintances, partners and others to whom you relate, to do these things or something that is to you equally more important?

Possibly yes! Maybe no!

If any thought is to be acted on, we will Always consider the possibility that we are comfortable in our present daily living, existence and way of being.

So, we might sometimes wonder what we could do---.

To create some sort of change in our community and what might be the resultant implications.

We might just go out and deliberately do something different, just to make a difference somewhere or somehow.

We might possibly assist in a community activity, just for the sake of seeing what might happen.

I know of a number of people who have considered the possibility of becoming councillors for their local council.

Ignoring the cost of undertaking this venture, some serious thought may have taken place.

Of all the conversations with many, over the years, only one younger person actually went out and became a councillor.

He was disappointed at restrictions which did not allow him, or that council, to undertake ALL the things he considered important for his community.

For each of us, certainly as we become older, the thought comes and is then considered: "Will one really, in the long term, make a difference?"

Does this become: "A difference to what, and/or, a difference to whom?"

Our present existence, in this personal world of ours, is the result of our past actions and activities.

If you were to find in the long term, nothing has changed, a reflective thought will confirm you are doing things the way you always did.


The change thought, might not be appropriate or worthy of any effort, on reflection.

It is important to understand that; as you read this, you are complete.

There is nothing wrong, bad, good, right, that is possibly remotely appropriate to change you from the persona that makes up your current existence, your life and your way of living.

There are some of you who will say to yourselves as you read the last paragraph, "But what about the thieves, arsonists, con-men (and women) and so on?"

Do you view (as you read the previous statement) their existence from your own personal moral perspective?

Is it possible that they, from their own personal perspective consider their lives complete?

We all know, maybe only in a subtle way, that we are loved or liked for who and what we are by our family, friends and acquaintances.

And, there are others we come into contact with, who will never be a part of our lives.

There are those of you, who have in the past, attempted to become someone different, maybe for the sake of a perceived special relationship, and have discovered that in being someone else, or someone you really are not, you are being untrue to your real self, or your subtle, mental, vital self: "Your true personality".

Thus, we either become confused, or the untrue relationship based on untrue actions abruptly ceases.

Sitting alongside this is the knowledge that some relationships, that were regarded as being "for life" at the time, no longer exist.

Each of us has moved on in some way, to another place.

Not like a distance, but as "a way of being" that we, or our friends, or family, find has no enduring interest.

Do not mourn these transient relationships.

They are/were important at the time they existed.

Know also, that you and they had the opportunity to learn something from each other at the time.

This is a subtle thing, the existence of which has become part of the person you now are, and possibly always were, from a very early age.

Each and every one of us lives our present life, out of our past experiences.

What we are at this point in time, is a result of our activities undertaken from birth to the present.

Do not mourn ignored opportunities, or those things not done, that might have made a difference in your own or someone else's life.

The past is the past and cannot be changed.

We always, on a continuing basis, have the opportunity to look to the future, if that is our wish.

And to go back to where I started, this might be where that "thought" dropped in. And we repeat the conversation of the previous pages over and over again.

I repeat what I have previously stated.

You are OKAY as you are.

There is no need to make changes in your life for the sake of change.

People associate with, and love you, as you are, and associate with you also because you are who you are.

They are comfortable with predictable you, and you, as you are reading this, will intuitively realise your life is working out as it has been designed by yourself.

All is well in your world!

Your world is as you have designed it!

I hear some of you saying, "All is not well in my world."

I repeat: "Your world is as you have designed it!"

There is always that, "what if, thought that exists" in the human thought process that continues to drop into our lives.

Thought and thinking will continue, to come about as we work through our daily living existence.

Thoughts are ignored, or considered and acted on, or are put to one side as something to maybe do in the future – and this includes "THAT THOUGHT"

Know that all is well, and as it should be with you.

This is, "YOUR WORLD", your world of existence.

Your world, the one you have created.

Your world, the one you are continuously recreating.

If these previous words do not sit well with you, I ask you to read on.

You have got this far.

You will not be fair to yourself, let alone those you love, respect, and those who associate with you, with love and respect, if you were to put this book down now.

There is so much that might be explained as I compose these document pages.

Life and our existence is about our own personal creativity, and the knowing of, and acceptance of, the fact that we are all capable and loved individuals.

With or without our very personal realisation(s), we create and keep recreating ourselves and, our present living environmental world around us, our physical existence. WE do this on a daily continual basis.

And those thoughts, or "that thought", continue to drop in.

We can and do watch how others in our world create and recreate their world.

The others in this or their world, could be children, adults, even our own or other's pets, or the plants and flowers we co-exist with.


Excerpted from "The Way We Are"
by .
Copyright © 2019 Robert Paul Gwynne.
Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents

A Starting Point or Two, 1,
How Do We Show Up In Life, 16,
Learning To Listen, 40,
Interlude and Philosophy, 52,
The Impetuosity of Youth, 60,
Interlude, 69,
Our Younger Generation, 71,
Relationships, 77,
Morals Morality and Integrity, 86,
Tolerance, 98,
Changing your World, 106,
Pets In Our Lives, 114,
Knowing, 120,
Business As Usual, 125,
Choices – One or Many?, 131,
Opportunity Satisfaction Ego, 138,
Meditation, 146,
Thoughts & Thinking, 149,
Success Comes From Where, 156,
Volunteering, 161,
You Are The Leader, 166,
Growing Older, 172,

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