The Witch's Book of Power

The Witch's Book of Power


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ISBN-13: 9780738748191
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publication date: 07/03/2016
Pages: 360
Sales rank: 421,039
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 8.90(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

Devin Hunter has been initiated in several occult traditions. Additionally, he's the founder of his own spiritual tradition called Sacred Fires and is the cofounder of the Black Rose Tradition of Witchcraft. He has been serving clients all over the world for almost two decades through his work as a professional psychic-medium and occultist and through his store, The Mystic Dream, in Walnut Creek, California. Devin hosts an AV Club–favorited podcast and publishes the magazine Modern Witch.

Table of Contents

Dedication & Acknowledgments xv
Foreword by Christopher Penczak xix
Introduction 1

Part One: Personal Power
Chapter One: The Witch Power 11
The Most Important Lesson About Witches 12
Where Witch Power Comes From 13
The Myth of the Witch Power 14
How Witch Power Manifests 16
The Witch Power in You 17
Psychic Abilities of the Witch 17
Revealing the Witch Power Within 19

Chapter Two: Frequencies of Power 23
The Frequency of a Witch 24
Home Frequency 27
Tuning In 29
Creating Intentional Presets 30
The Home Frequency Preset 31
When to Adjust Your Frequency 33
Practical Steps to Frequency Adjustment 34
Building the Altar of the Self 39
The Water Cleansing Rites 42
Frequency in a Nutshell 44

Chapter Three: The Primal Soul 47
Three Souls 48
The Primal Soul 49
The Frequency of the Primal Soul 50
The Totemic Form of the Primal Soul 52
The Medicine of the Primal Soul 53
Snake Charming Ritual 54
Basic Care and Feeding 55
Communion with the Serpent 56
Tree of Knowledge Trance 57
Primal Soul Recap 60

Chapter Four: The Ego Soul 63
The Frequency of the Ego Soul 65
The Totemic Form of the Ego Soul 66
The Medicine of the Ego Soul 67
Weaving Astral Threads 71
The Cut-and-Clear Spell 75
Basic Care and Feeding 76
The Amber Spider 77
Ego Soul Recap 79

Chapter Five: The Holy One and Alignment 81
The Frequency of the Holy Soul 83
The Totemic Form of the Holy Soul 84
The Song the Owl God Sang Himself 85
The Medicine of the Holy Soul 89
Meeting the Owl 89
Owl Pellets 90
Basic Care and Feeding 92
Holy Soul Recap 93
Alignment 94

Chapter Six: The Pentacle and Crown of Sovereignty 97
The Points 99
Balance 99
Power 104
Respect 107
Awareness 111
Divinity 116
Manifesting the Pentacle of Sovereignty 119
Running the Pentacle of Sovereignty 120
Manifesting the Crown of Sovereignty 122

Part Two: Cosmic Power
Chapter Seven: Star Power 129
The Four Elemental Bands 130
The Twelve Frequencies of the Zodiac 130
Fire Frequencies 131
The Aries Frequency 131
Aries Presets 133
The Leo Frequency 137
Leo Presets 139
The Sagittarius Frequency 143
Sagittarius Presets 144
The Earth Frequencies 148
The Taurus Frequency 149
Taurus Presets 150
The Virgo Frequency 154
Virgo Presets 156
The Capricorn Frequency 160
Capricorn Presets 162
The Air Frequencies 166
The Gemini Frequency 167
Gemini Presets 168
The Libra Frequency 172
Libra Presets 174
The Aquarius Frequency 179
Aquarius Presets 180
The Water Frequencies 184
The Cancer Frequency 185
Cancer Presets 186
The Scorpio Frequency 190
Scorpio Presets 191
The Pisces Frequency 196
Pisces Presets 197

Chapter Eight: Planetary Power 203
Creating Your Planetary Profile 205
Planetary Presets 208
The Big Three and the Three Souls 209
The Sun 210
The Moon 211
The Ascendant (Rising) 212
Mercury 212
Mars 213
Venus 214
Jupiter 215
Saturn 215
Uranus 216
Neptune 216
Pluto 217
The Ruling Planet 218
Elemental Presets219
Personal Planetary Power 222
Personal Cosmic Sigil of Power 224

Part Three: Allies in Power
Chapter Nine: The Star Goddess and Ecstasy 235
The Star Goddess 236
The Charge of the Star Goddess 237
Adding Ecstasy 239
Ten Steps for Immediate Ecstasy 240
Beginning Ecstatic Practices 242
Ecstatic Breath Work 243
Posture 243
Taking Breath 244
Stillness and Silence 245
Intermediate-to-Advanced Breath Work 245
Taking It to the Next Level 247
Darkness Meditation 249
Movement 251

Chapter Ten: Diana, Dianus, and Aradia 255
The Nature of the Divine 255
The Gods of Witchcraft 257
Diana, the Queen of the Witches 258
Invocation of Diana Triforma 262
Tuning in to the Frequency of Diana 262
The Minor Esbat Ritual of Diana 264
Dianus, The King of Witches 267
Invocation of Dianus Triformis 269
Tuning in to the Frequency of Dianus 269
Monthly Energy Dedication Ritual 271
Aradia, The Teacher of Ways 273
Invocation of Aradia 276
Tuning in to the Frequency of Aradia 277
Final Thoughts on the Gods 280

Chapter Eleven: The Allies of the Witch 283
Tuning in to the Frequencies of Your Allies 284
How Allies Will Communicate 287
The Allies 289
Angels 289
The First Sphere 290
The Second Sphere 291
The Third Sphere 291
Offerings for Angels 294
Demons 294
Offerings to Demons 296
The Dead 296
The Beloved Dead 296
Mighty Dead 297
Disincarnate 297
Offerings to the Dead 297
Fae 297
Offerings to the Fae 299
Familiars 299
Offerings for Familiar Spirits 301
Spirits of Place or Land Spirits 301
Offerings to Spirits of Place 302
Spirit Guides 303
Offerings to Spirit Guides 304

Conclusion 307
Bibliography & Recommended Reading 311
Index 315

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