The Wonderful World of Aquaponics: The Complete Guide on Aquaponics & How to Build a Home Aquaponics System in Your Backyard

The Wonderful World of Aquaponics: The Complete Guide on Aquaponics & How to Build a Home Aquaponics System in Your Backyard

by Rowena C. Graham
4.1 11

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The Wonderful World of Aquaponics: The Complete Guide on Aquaponics & How to Build a Home Aquaponics System in Your Backyard by Rowena C. Graham

Would You Like To Learn How To Grow A Clean And Steady Source of Vitamins, Minerals And Fiber In 48 Hours?

Welcome to the wonderful world of aquaponics. Aquaponics is a method of cultivating freshwater fish, organic vegetables, and even organic fruits in just one closed system. Unlike traditional aquaculture, aquaponics does not require continual drainage and water replacement because a biological filter helps maintain the clarity of the water.

"The Wonderful World of Aquaponics" has been written in simple, easy-to-understand, layman's term. With this book you will learn everything there is to know about aquaponics. You will know how this amazing self-sufficient system works, how to design your own aquaponic system, what supplyies you need, what type of fish to use, how to produce organic and healthy produce with aquaponics, and step by step instructions on how to set up your aquaponic system in your backyard.

Here are just some of the things covered in "The Wonderful World of Aquaponics" book:

- How to create you very own aquaponic system at home...

- 3 little known, yet simple facts about the technology of aquaponics...

- Exactly how a solar pond works...

- 2 simple keys (that are right in front of your eyes) to use plastic containers in an aquaponic system...

- WARNING: 3 things you should never do when it creating an aquaponic system...

- You'll discover in just a few short minutes the all about the various aquaponic systems...

- How to choose and care for the plants in your aquaponic system...

- 6 time tested and proven strategies to keeping your aquaponic system in balance...

- 7 everyday but often overlooked tips and tricks for picking and caring for the fish in your aquaponic system...

- A pennies on the dollar approach to creating your own aquaponic system...

- How to care for your system on a daily basis...

- A troubleshooting guide in case you run into trouble with your aquaponics system...

- An FAQ chapter answering most common questions you may have about aquaponics...

- And much more...

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The Wonderful World of Aquaponics - The Complete Guide on Aquaponics & How to Build a Home Aquaponics System in Your Backyard 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 11 reviews.
andreasimmons More than 1 year ago
I get more and more interested in sustainability and organic food every time I watch the news. It seems, constantly, I am hearing about breakouts of some food contaminant, or some horrific food additive nobody can pronounce (that they pump half of our food full of) making people sick. I'd love to buy all organic, but can't afford to. This guide teaches you how to raise fish and food together, without any commercial products if you choose. It even explains methods that don't use electricity, or require very little attention once set up. The information is basic enough for anybody to understand; but, it is detailed enough that somebody could jump right in after reading the book. This could also be a good starting point for somebody very serious about aquaponics. I also like that the book encourages this as a hobby for children, potential science fair project, or family activity. We desperately need to change the way we produce food if humans want to thrive on the Earth. It is a great thing for your family to not only feed them good foods now, but make the process fun and interesting. If every family had a system at home we would raise a whole generation that looked at their food and how they get it differently.
margaretdaniels More than 1 year ago
I am someone who is skeptical about sustainable growth fads, so I heard the words "aquaponics" and laughed it off, thinking it was something for "those environment people." Eventually my curiosity got the better of me, and I read this book to get a better idea of what aquaponics entails. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised by this book. I expected something technical and preachy, but instead it is a practical guide of do it yourself (ACTUALLY do it yourself, not "This is so complicated you need a plumber.") sustainable plant and fish harvesting. If you are interested in aquaponics at all, even if you are not planning to set up a system yourself, this book is an excellent in depth source. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It was easy to read and understand. It gave clear building instructions. I can't wait to start my own system.
neilmignol More than 1 year ago
We live in a time when everybody should be working to help the environment and careful of the chemicals and additives in the food we eat. Aquaponics can be a great way to do both of these things at once. Whether you're experienced with aquaponics or this is the first time you've heard the word, this book can help you. It's full of knowledge on the subject, teaching you in plain and simple terms how a solar pond works and how to build an aquaponics system in your home. There is a wealth of information here, clearly written by someone who is passionate about the subject, and it gives you all the knowledge you need to get started. Definitely worth a look.
chriswilling More than 1 year ago
Since it's the Earth Month I decided to look for something "Green" that I can do around the house. My son did some research and found something about aquaponic systems. After digging a little deeper, I found this book and decided to purchase it. This book is great for someone like me who has no idea about aquaponics or someone who is interested in building a simple system at home. The best part of the book is it starts from the absolute basics, telling you what aquaponics is exactly, what it is based on, and why it is so great. It explains everything in complete laymen's terms. Then it shows you how to implement the system. It has some diagrams which help a great deal. It also goes into details on getting the right materials, finding the perfect locations, what fish to use, what best vegetables to plant with the system, etc. More importantly, how to maintain the system & keep your fish & vegetables healthy. This is pretty much everything I need to know about aquaponcis & about building a system myself. Can't wait to try it out. This will be a great weekend projet for me & the boys!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
These past few years I started becoming really conscious of what I ate and how we produce food. As a result I came across this concept of aquaponics. I wasn't even sure what it was so I looked around for a book and found this one. I thought this guide was very beneficial as it described what aquaponics is and its process. I like that it goes beyond just what aquaponics is and describes how to build your own system and how to choose the fish and plants that would work best. I liked how the information presented in this book is easy to understand.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The complete guide on Aquaponics is exactly that. Being a newbie to this topic I wanted an all-encompassing guide that would allow me to explore the possibilities for my own home gardening system. This book provided me with a clear understanding of Aquaponics. I was able to explore the proper size for my system and all of the options that go along with running a system for my gardening needs. I even discovered that growing fish for food was a possibility that I had not even explored. As you move through the book there are key elements with expanded detail. An actual How to Build section is clear and easy to follow that even I, the novice, build my own system and maintain it. The details for maintenance and use are perfect but if you have problems the author has included a problem and solution section as well as a frequently asked questions book. If you are even considering Aquaponics this is a book worth purchasing and you will keep it at your fingertips as you explore the topic.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I don't know much about Aquaponics until I came across this book but I am always on the look out for things I can do to improve my eating. I really appreciated all of the information and the helpful diagrams in the book. Will definitely keep the book around in case I decide I can handle something like this.
Anonymous 7 months ago
Book was vague. The instructions for building a system did not have enough information. Illustrations were extremely poor
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is an easy to read guide for anyone interested in learning about aquaponics. Although most of this info can be found for free online, its nice to have a resource that that compiles a lot of useful tips and faqs. This guide is missing a lot of valuable information that a user will eventually have to learn thru trial and error, or from a different guide. Missing info includes: starting the system - cycling, optimal water to grow bed ratios, optimal plant to grow bed ratios, alternative scaling options. Certainly a good guide to start thinking about aquaponics, but not definitive.