The Year 1000: When Explorers Connected the World--and Globalization Began

The Year 1000: When Explorers Connected the World--and Globalization Began

The Year 1000: When Explorers Connected the World--and Globalization Began

The Year 1000: When Explorers Connected the World--and Globalization Began

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From celebrated Yale professor Valerie Hansen, a groundbreaking work of history showing that bold explorations and daring trade missions connected all of the world’s great societies for the first time at the end of the first millennium.

People often believe that the years immediately prior to AD 1000 were, with just a few exceptions, lacking in any major cultural developments or geopolitical encounters, that the Europeans hadn’t yet reached North America, and that the farthest feat of sea travel was the Vikings’ invasion of Britain. But how, then, to explain the presence of blonde-haired people in Maya temple murals at Chichén Itzá, Mexico? Could it be possible that the Vikings had found their way to the Americas during the height of the Maya empire?

Valerie Hansen, an award-winning historian, argues that the year 1000 was the world’s first point of major cultural exchange and exploration. Drawing on nearly thirty years of research, she presents a compelling account of first encounters between disparate societies, which sparked conflict and collaboration eerily reminiscent of our contemporary moment.

For readers of Jared Diamond’s Guns, Germs, and Steel and Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens, The Year 1000 is an intellectually daring, provocative account that will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about how the modern world came to be. It will also hold up a mirror to the hopes and fears we experience today.

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ISBN-13: 9781797103006
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Audio
Publication date: 04/14/2020
Edition description: Unabridged
Product dimensions: 5.70(w) x 5.50(h) x 1.10(d)

About the Author

Valerie Hansen is the Stanley Woodward Professor of History at Yale University, where she teaches Chinese and world history. An accomplished scholar and author, she traveled to nearly twenty countries to conduct research for The Year 1000. She is several acclaimed works, including The Silk Road: A New History and The Open Empire, and co-author of Voyages in World History.

Cynthia Farrell, an Earphones Award–winning narrator, is a singer and voice actor best known for her roll as Catalina in the video games Grand Theft Auto III and Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. She has also performed off Broadway and has released a number of records.

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Chapter One: The World in the Year 1000

Table of Contents

Author's Note xi

Prologue 1

1 The World in the Year 1000 9

2 Go West, Young Viking 27

3 The Pan-American Highways of 1000 53

4 European Slaves 81

5 The World's Richest Man 113

6 Central Asia Splits in Two 143

7 Surprising Journeys 171

8 The Most Globalized Place on Earth 199

Epilogue 227

Acknowledgments 237

Want to Learn More? 241

Notes 247

Illustration and Photograph Credits 289

Index 291

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