The Years After You

The Years After You

by Emma Woolf

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An affair. Wife, mistress, the man in the middle. Laugh it off only to lie awake worrying later. Is this really happening? When it implodes, what then?

The assistant didn't mean to fall in love and become "the other woman." The wife was just venturing her first steps into life beyond the roles of mother and partner when her suspicions about another woman took root.

When the well-respected man sinks deeper into mental illness, each person's next move isn't a question of blame alone, but of the ethics of love—of unapologetic decisions and confronting the aftermath.

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ISBN-13: 9781948705479
Publisher: Amberjack Publishing
Publication date: 09/10/2019
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 924,260
File size: 1 MB

About the Author

Emma Woolf is a best-selling author and media personality with a growing platform as a speaker on topics including mental health, eating disorders, body positivity, meditation and well-being. She currently lives in London. She is a vocal advocate for a woman's right to hold her own autonomy, not to apologize for who she is or what kind of person society and media demand for her to be. Sharing her great-aunt's insightful understanding of human behavior and narrative creativity, Emma Woolf is a new important voice on the struggles of modern society and how we might find new, more holistic ways forward.

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The Years After You 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Shelley-S-Reviewer 3 months ago
I love books I can lose myself in for hours, books that touch my emotions, books that continue to stir my thoughts after I've lain them down. This is that type of book. My heart still aches as I write this not just for the characters in the book but for the broader issue of mental health and addiction awareness. The institution of marriage is re-purposed several times throughout the text in a way that challenges one's preconceived notions of what it means to be committed and love someone unconditionally. Emma Woolf created a story-line that not only reigns in the reader, but also creates complex protagonist who experience real life situations and unfortunate circumstances. A tight, well written, moving story in which the characters come to life in a compelling, realistic way. I couldn’t put it down.
TJReads 3 months ago
Read this book in one day via VoiceView with my Kindle, there was no missing anything when I started doing something while I was listening because there is not much that happens in the 4 to 5 hours it took to listen to. We go on and on hearing from Lily, her trials in her life of which she has solely created her own obstacles and doesn’t have the backbone to do the right thing. Going to have to say the word I don't like to use in reviews, unfortunately, this story doesn't ever take off. To say the least, I didn’t care for Lily, she was a spoiled young woman that never, in all of the story really regretted nor was sorry for her part in the happenings and she came out pretty well in the end. Then we have Pippen, well, she also didn’t ever fight for anything she believed in, you don’t just sit back and hope it will go away. And then we have Harry, a most despicable man that thought way too much of himself, he wasn’t a good father, certainly not a good husband and really, not a good man either. There was absolutely nothing to like about Harry. I didn’t want to stop reading this one because I just knew something of value was going to happen, we would have a crisis, or we would have a showdown or Lily would wake up and realize that life doesn’t always revolve around yourself. But no, nothing. Completely anticlimactic. Reading some of the previous reviews, I sometimes wonder if we all are reading the same book. Sorry, 2 stars for this one. I do thank Amberjack Publishing and NetGalley for the privilege of reading this for my unbiased review.
Michele-G 4 months ago
The Years After You tells the story of an extramarital affair from the viewpoint of each party - the wife, the husband and the mistress. Regardless of your opinion going in, it's easy to be pulled into each character's thoughts and feelings and in doing so, you find at least a little bit of empathy for their situation. Harry has fallen "out of love" with his wife, Pippa. This is made all the easier when he falls "in love" with his assistant, Lily. However, when it comes down to it, he doesn't want to disrupt his family - basically for his children. So, he stays in his marriage but it's haunting him that he can't be with Lily on an ongoing basis. Couple this with his deteriorating mental stability and Harry can't pull himself out of the quagmire that he's slipped into. I found myself feeling a full array of emotions for each of the three main characters that ranged from frustration to sadness. They each made mistakes that led to the breakdown in their relationships but it's easy to see that when you're looking at a situation from the outside. It's much more difficult to pick up on something like that when you are living it yourself. Overall, I felt like this book left me with a few lasting thoughts. First of all, you have to communicate and can't be nonchalant with your major life decisions. You should always err on the side of love and don't wait for tomorrow because it is never guaranteed. There is so much to life that is truly bittersweet and cannot be helped. When you are able to somewhat control things, then try to make wise choices and don't waste those opportunities. This is definitely a story that I will ponder for a while. Thank you to NetGalley and Amberjack Publishing for this ARC in exchange for my honest review.
jjthor 4 months ago
An interesting read! It was a faster read about the entanglements of life with Lilly,Pippa and of course the man in the picture Harry. When an affair comes to light all must deal with the fall out and make life decisions tha is best for each of them. Not my usual reading material but I quite enjoyed it. well written.
Anonymous 4 months ago
Tragic. Heartbreaking. Sublime. I loved the multiple view points, allowing the reader to gain so much insight into the motivations of the players and how this affair would forever alter the lives of so many. At first, I felt for Harry. He was a tragic figure, but as events unfolded, my pity turned to anger. Whether his choices were born from physical or emotional anguish, he became all-consumed with his escape from life, leaving a long trail of carnage in his wake. In the end, it seemed fitting as to how the repercussions of his questionable choices had altered those around him. Between Lily and Pippa, how deep are the wounds? What about the emotional burden that each must carry? It was an easy read with good pacing. Wow. Riveting story. Thank you to NetGalley and Amberjack Publishing for the ARC of The Years After You in exchange for an honest review.