There's an Angel Under My Bed

There's an Angel Under My Bed

by Kenneth David Brubacher


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Exactly when do we stop seeing through the eyes of little children? When do we quit seeing and talking with our guardian angels? Let us explore the constant battle of our morality through the eyes of a child!

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ISBN-13: 9781524639204
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 09/19/2016
Pages: 30
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.02(h) x 0.08(d)

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There's An Angel Under My Bed

By Kenneth David Bruchaer


Copyright © 2016 Kenneth David Bruchaer
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5246-3920-4


Who are your talking to, Dear?

I am talking to one of my Angels. She lives under my bed. Mostly. Sometimes she comes out, but she is mostly under the bed.

What is she doing there?

She is a Guardian Angel and is under my bed because that is the best place to do the guarding. Those against whom she guards normally come up from below, and because I sleep on the top of the bed, she can best protect me from under the bed.

Her name is Prettunia, and is my Night Angel. I have Pay Angels too. They are my outside Angels and look after me when I go out. Their names are Marvin and Chuck.

They are big and strong. But my Night Angel is Prettunia.


Yes. Prettunia. She is very pretty and sings nicely as well. She is a replacement for my former Night Angel who was having some trouble with her nerves and is now in therapy. Her previous assignment was guarding a truck driver, but it did not go well. Seems like the truck driver played his music much too loudly and could not hear the warnings of danger from his Angel. He is in Truck Driver Heaven now. The Choirs of Angels who serve in Truck Driver Heaven are all specially trained volunteers. Truck drivers are pretty much only happy when they are listening to hurlin' music, and, as there is not a whole pile of hurlin' flying around heaven, these choirs need to have special training.

* * *

Truckers' heaven is right next to politicians' heaven. That's not a very big part of heaven. It is much the same size as lawyers' heaven.

Mother: So how do these angels get to be here as Guardian Angels anyway?

Daughter: Oh yes mummy, that is a very good question indeed. The first thing that they have to learn to do is fight the dragons.

Mother: Fight what dragons?

They are former angels who listened to the bad device of the most beautiful and fairest of all the creations of the Almighty. His name was Lucifer and he was second-in-command only to the Creator, but became proud and wanted to take over the company of heaven and become chairman of the board.

* * *

It was a hostile takeover and Lucifer thought he had enough shareholders and votes to control the company. But as it turned out, the shares he voted were just common shares, not the preferred controlling shares, and the Chairman of the Board, the Almighty, mustered legions of the controlling shareholders and rejected the hostile takeover.

And, what's more, he stripped the hostile forces of their shares and demoted their leader, Lucifer, loveliest of all his creations, and cast him and his followers out of heaven onto what is here known as Earth. The Almighty also changed the shape of Lucifer from being the most beautiful of all of his creations to something much more cruel, dark, and misshapen. Lucifer's name after that was also known as Satan. The followers of Lucifer, like the Angels, are spirit beings that you cannot see with ordinary eyes. The Angels and dragons wage war that most people cannot see. They do not sleep, and are always watching out.

The servants of the Almighty are the forces for good. The dragons are the fighters of the chief dragon, Satan, for evil. This battle goes on all the time. You just cannot directly see it, or even feel it

* * *

Mother: I can see a light under your bed, dear. Can I see your Angel?

Oh, I don't think so Mommy. Only we young children can see our Angels. Bigger people very quickly are distracted by lots of big splash and noisy matters, and don't take the time to sit and sing and talk to their Angels anymore. So the Angels mostly just - well - fade.

Just a minute, Mommy ... just a minute ... Prettunia says that she will talk with you! She says this has never happened before! Normally Angels are not allowed to do this, but it seems that she likes you and asked for special permission because she explained that you are so kind to me! Here she is now!

Angel: Hello Mother of the house.

Hi Prettunia! How are you?

I am just fine, thank you very much for asking. Your daughter is lovely and so well behaved and it is a pleasure to be one of her Guardian Angels

* * *

So how does it feel like to come down from heaven and take your work here at our house?

Might well you ask! It is a very big change indeed! We must go through serious training, not only in how to fight dragons, but also is how people on earth in general behave. For example, they have to teach us about how to deal with space and gravity. We don't have those in heaven but you do, so they build a special area for us to practice kicking around a ball which does not float and then we learn how to do a thing called running after it instead of flying. Really weird!

People are a whole lot different from us. For example, you eat and drink and sleep, but we don't do that. We don't have bodies needing that sort of stuff. I cannot imagine what is must to be like to go to sleep! Just shut down, close your eyes, count a few sheep (the Almighty has a soft spot for sheep) so sheep-sleep is a very big thing, and voila! Comatose! Let the cares wander off to dreams, and awake refreshed! Seriously cool! We can't do that. But while you are sleeping and defenseless, we are hard at work dealing with the dragons whose sworn duty is to trash you.


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