There's Got to Be a Better Way: An Overachiever's Guide to Discovering Joy

There's Got to Be a Better Way: An Overachiever's Guide to Discovering Joy

There's Got to Be a Better Way: An Overachiever's Guide to Discovering Joy

There's Got to Be a Better Way: An Overachiever's Guide to Discovering Joy


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Despite your constant efforts to find the mythical unicorn of work/life balance and experience the joy you thought would come with success, do you still find yourself burning out doing the same thing, trying to get it right, and feeling dissatisfied?

There's Got to Be a Better Way is a refreshingly entertaining memoir offering overachievers everywhere inspiration to imagine a better way to live your life. These stories of love, laughter, and loss will inspire you to:

  1. Connect more deeply with who you truly are. 

  2. Love the sound of your inner voice.
  3. Feel empowered to do life differently and FINALLY discover the happiness you have always been searching for. 

After reading There's Got to Be a Better Way, you'll understand there is no overachieving your way to happiness. Instead, it might require getting on a surfboard, listening to a horse, or doing SOMETHING you never before thought possible (or practical, for that matter) to find your better way.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780578403991
Publisher: Awaken Village Press
Publication date: 12/05/2018
Pages: 294
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.66(d)

About the Author

KAREN PERY, MA, CPCC, is a certified executive coach with a focus on leadership development. Creating and leading fun and immersive retreats, programs, and experiences since 1987, she can be found teaching leaders to find their better way through surfing in Hawaii, getting feedback from horses in Santa Barbara wine country, and via her blogs, newsletters, and private sessions. Karen and Rafe Pery split their time between Los Angeles and Santa Ynez, California with their teenagers Jake and Ellie, dogs Ruby and Zuma, a small flock of chickens, a herd of rescued horses, and two donkeys. Discover more at

Table of Contents

  1. Windows to My Soul
  2. This Is Not an Instruction Manual
  3. Leadership: A Love Letter
  4. Inner Child Again
  5. Sensitive (A)
  6. Trauma Brain
  7. Researching Life
  8. Tips for Being Powerful and Sensitive
  9. Weird Is Good
  10. A Letter From My Future Self
  11. Working Girl
  12. A List of Things Captured in a Moment
  13. Karen the College Applicant
  14. Majoring in Life
  15. Failure Is an Option
  16. Reality Bites
  17. Intuition, Take the Wheel
  18. Baby Steps
  19. Work 10, Life 3
  20. Intuition Looks Like This to Me
  21. Preparing to Fall in Love Again
  22. Thank You, Oprah.
  23. I’m Free
  24. Dating 101
  25. It Was a Dark and Stormy Night…
  26. Horse Reflections: A Conversation Between Rafe and Karen
  27. The One
  28. It All Happened So Fast
  29. The Crash of 2002
  30. Inside Outside, Upside Down
  31. Excellent Adventures: A Conversation Between Rafe and Karen
  32. All About My Mother
  33. I Invented Motherhood
  34. Motherhood Reinvented
  35. The Right Way to Parent
  36. Begin Again
  37. Sweet Little Girl
  38. Accomplishment Junkie
  39. More than “Just a Mom”
  40. The Unsung Hero
  41. Miss Independent
  42. “Wiggle Your Butt!”
  43. Martyr Mom Is in the House
  44. Coming Together and Falling Apart
  45. Mirror, Mirror
  46. Whoa!
  47. How to Take Care of Me, by Me
  48. Coaching: A Conversation Between Rafe and Karen
  49. No One Told Me
  50. An Optimist for Everyone Else
  51. Unwritten
  52. Unwritten (continued)
  53. Lost in Translation
  54. Equine Empowerment
  55. Deserving
  56. The Fog
  57. Unlikely Pair
  58. This Is What It Looks like…When I Am Falling Apart
  59. Accomplishment Junkie, Part 2
  60. Fleur de Sel Caramel, My Mare, My Mirror
  61. Hopes & Dreams
  62. Excellent Adventures: A Conversation Between Rafe and Karen (continued)
  63. I’ll Do Anything
  64. What I Know About the Past, Present, and Future
  65. The Look
  66. The Birth of Into the Fire
  67. The Size of My World
  68. Excellent Adventures: A Conversation Between Rafe and Karen (continued)
  69. Wonder Twins
  70. Help Wanted
  71. Choosing Love Over Fear
  72. Con(fidence) Woman
  73. #32 on My Bucket List: Learn to Surf
  74. When One Door Closes…
  75. Stay Stoked
  76. The List, Part 2
  77. Good Luck, Gidget.
  78. Lowenstein
  79. The Spiritual Mechanic
  80. Dying Inside?
  81. Dying Inside: A Conversation Between Rafe and Karen
  82. Trauma Brain, Part 2
  83. Born to Love
  84. Waves Break
  85. Wake Up Wednesday
  86. No Requests Are Off Limits
  87. Zuma Means Abundance
  88. Life Lessons from a Sephora Makeover
  89. Let’s Color and Go in the Ocean
  90. Trauma Brain, Part 3
  91. Home
  92. My Village: Acknowledgments

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